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  1. Looking for someone to do Metheus with. Please have Discord, doing it without it is very hectic, slow, and difficult. Add me at Sci3nce#7668 If you don't know what that is, here: https://discordapp.com/ Thank you!
  2. For sure. I guess I'll ask him to try again tomorrow, but I doubt it'll be any different.
  3. Nah, we've done it tenfold.
  4. Can't you get the Tragic Torch if you didn't have it earlier? I've tried helping two people now, and they both get stuck at the campfire part, where you have to make a skewer. Like, click the trap, the berry bushes, etc. It just doesn't work. We've tried clearing browser cache, refreshing, changing web browsers (Firefox and Chrome) and still get nothing. help
  5. Sorry, I should've notified everyone earlier that I found someone.
  6. If anything honestly, his balloons should have a small AoE sanity boost when he makes them.
  7. oh boy, another boss fight. my favorite.
  8. What you wished it would've been, what you think they should've added, an addition that you didn't like, etc. Kind of asking for a storm of people arguing, but I'm looking for opinions here.
  9. How about the Odd Skeleton thing is actually a giant boss fight? And also the heart is a boss fight. Let's make sure they also have one ability to use and around a million health each, and then they can drop a special item that is like, a light or something.
  10. Themed after DS ofc. Totally willing to pay as long as its a manageable price. Message me on Discord for any questions or statements. @Sci3nce#7668. (hope im using this forum right)
  11. Totally willing to pay as long as it's manageable. Send me any further questions/comments on Discord @Sci3nce#7668, please. (hopefully this is the right forum to do this stuff lol)