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  1. I can probably make a mod of this, for this set piece to replace the normal one. Wouldn't be too hard, just need to find the names of the tasks that spawn them in.
  2. Woodie actually gains 5 log-points when eating 1 twig, making 2 twigs = 1 log. I like eating twigs because they are easier to get than logs, you don't lose any log points when harvesting them. If you do carry 40 twigs, it is the same amount of log points as 20 logs.
  3. Maybe if they could find a way to communicate with our world, they could get a portal back from the DST world
  4. from woodie's prefab lua -- Give Woodie a beard so he gets some insulation from winter cold -- (Value is Wilson's level 2 beard.) inst:AddComponent("beard") inst.components.beard.canshavetest = CanShaveTest inst.components.beard.onreset = OnResetBeard inst.components.beard:EnableGrowth(false) and the follower loyalty bonus is with the component called "polite"
  5. so if you're in the caves, you don't transform when it's a full moon?
  6. You've been accepted as an extra player on our server! You can choose anyone you so desire. Have fun starving together <3

  7. I could join. Main Maxwell. 128 hours in game, hundreds more modding + watching videos. Atlantic time zone. Good base builder and I usually play it safe when it comes to fights, making traps and so on. Send me a DM
  8. Simple enough, I thought inst:ListenForEvent("onpickedfn", OnPicked) would be called whenever a flower is picked, because in the flower's prefab there is inst.components.pickable.onpickedfn = onpickedfn, but my OnPicked function never gets run. I know because there is a print statement immediately in the function. Is there another event to listen for, or something else I can do to know when a flower gets picked?
  9. This mod changes colour cubes http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=580602983&searchtext= Edit: Never mind, that is outdated and crashes the game.
  10. Well, there can be maybe 3 Quests for the story, the King recruiting you, you do X for the King, you do a final quest. In between these quests though, there are a number of smaller radiant quests. So for example: This is how I imagine all Quest Givers to be, with a few Main-Quest-Line quests, and radiant quests in between.
  11. It's basically all I do...
  12. Every character has ears, but they are just attached to the headbase But yes this would be an amazing tool if anybody is skilled enough to make it!
  13. Introducing: Wisniowski the Sleepyhead! A self portrait character mod! Enjoy
  14. would you mind sharing with me the code you ended up with? I'm not sure what variable to put for "some_variable_that_makes_the_character_not_talk". And this would go into the character's prefab, or modmain?
  15. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=882610849&searchtext= here's one for the sanity sounds too if those were bothering you