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  1. I would love you forever if you could make a mod like this. Being able to choose how many of one biome spawns, so like 3 oasis deserts, or just the whole world a desert. I love deserts. Being able to increase or decrease biome counts would be amazing though.
  2. @DarkXero Oops actually, been testing. The cave tab (and cavescience? it's kinda hard to know the difference between the two when they're bsaically the same thing) becomes available with any crafting machine. Science machine, alchemy engine, ancient pseudoscience, all of em. Not sure what could cause this. In case you wanted to poke through again, here's the latest version. Cave Content
  3. I've made a custom structure, placeholder name is "Cave Machine", and when built lets you access the "CaveTech" tech tree, along with the "CaveTab" crafting tab. I've followed guides, everything of the sort. I'll attach the entire mod to this thread, but here are the key lines of code. here is the error from the crash log, it doesn't reference any of my code or any of my files, so I am kinda stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cave Content
  4. Some of the crafting recipes need balance, like being instantly able to dry meats. A good conceptual character though
  5. Dunno if Glommer was there before, but I want it!
  6. just add inst:AddTag("mime") into your character's prefab, in the common_postinit function.
  7. This guide makes it seem pretty easy. As long as you remember to add in all the necessary stuff, like staticlayouts and set pieces, it should be good. and it'd be making a custom level, like world preset, obviously.
  8. That might actually work pretty well. What do you mean by this though?
  9. if i can learn enough about it, im up to the task. which file was that code from?
  10. well, if possible, the mod would have all new tasks, with only 1 biome (or room), so you could configure the size of that one biome directly.
  11. From what i know, there isn't. But I would love there to be. I've always imagined playing in a world that is mostly desert. I hope someone can make this mod one day!
  12. Thanks for all the info! I'd love to help out. I have a Gamepedia account set up and I'd be glad to join the discord too
  13. we can't create a brand new Don't Starve Together exclusive on Gamepedia. There already is a Don't Starve wiki on gamepedia. it's just a port of the wikia page though, so still a lot missing, but on a better site.
  14. wouldn't it be better to help edit the gamepedia pages?