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  1. Oh yeah, it'd be really convenient in the ruins! That's a great point. Other than that the main use would be spawning nightmares for you and buddies to fight without needing to go insane first.
  2. Ice Cube is a pretty good total summer solution before you get stronger gear without drawbacks (e.g. enough materials to freely use blue amulets for temperature, or eyebrellas) because by itself it can completely stop any worry of freezing due to it actively cooling you down (instead of just making it take longer to overheat- it's like a thermal stone that doesn't stop being cold!), and it's not hard to make at all if you gather the ice before it's all melted. If you have an ice box it's very easy to maintain. No worries about making expendable endothermic fires or overheating at annoying times. The wetness can be annoying if it gets too high, though. Because of the wetness and walking speed, you -would- probably be replacing it once you could, maybe even as soon as you managed a floral shirt. Frests aren't bad either since you can't have floral shirts ahead of time, and you very well may not have 3 papyrus per person to make them when summer hits; first summer is liable to have many frests and umbrellas, or an ice cube. I'm not a backpack addict so I find the Rain Coat a pretty decent item. There's a lot you can't do if your hand slot is tied up with an umbrella. It's pretty good if you have a wigfrid on the team to provide easy helmets for head armor, too. Rain Hat isn't quite as useful, but is the -only- good option if you want to keep the chest slot free (backpacks? non-wigfrid armors?) in addition to your hands.
  3. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I remember reading them saying that things you already destroyed before the update won't come back. They retrofitted what they could, but it only goes so far. I think it's pretty awesome that they were able to retrofit all the content in a mostly-correct manner in the first place.
  4. Being able to multi-character on purpose is an interesting suggestion that I hadn't thought of before. Regardless, I think the main point of Wilderness was for PvP-styled servers. It can also work for public servers in general that aren't focused on having all the players co-op, since players will revive without needing the support of others (if you weren't able to work up to having personal revival methods, which takes awhile). Even in Endless, the postern would incur a nasty HP penalty. But yeah, the main point is it's quite friendly for a PvP-focused server.
  5. Duelists can help you fight, but the problem is just that they mostly only help you fight things a good player shouldn't have trouble fighting anyway- stuff you can put in traps instead, or that you theoretically should be able to kite. Werepigs is really the only thing that comes to mind that you can't fight a better way, but if you can't kite you could use them against tallbirds I suppose, and they might be able to get the drop on koalaphants so you don't have to pin them down first. And yes, for going insane, but you don't really use them so much as just the fact that your sanity goes down if they're present... HP is really low, but they regen health really fast too, so they stay alive if they aren't mobbed or put against something that one-shots them. They actually do a pretty good job holding off hounds before your waves get too large (at which point you should have a better countermeasure in place anyway). ...actually, they might be pretty good for fighting MacTusk, as those can be a pain with only 1~2 people; especially if duelists non-aggro nature makes them good at getting hitting mactusks. The blowdart doesn't even do half their hp (also giving them time to regen), and they perform decently against hounds (not to mention you can kill the two ice hounds pretty fast with duelists helping)
  6. You can probably use them to solo farm werepigs from monster meat a lot easier? I haven't personally tried, but you get so long during their transformation to beat on them, having the duelists throwing in several extra hits... hmm. As long as you're using a decent weapon (hambat/tentacle spike, maybe even a shadow sword since maxwell) it'd probably make things manageable. I recall them being hard to kite since -they- kite, so you can't just do it by getting gud like most fights. But I haven't fought one in awhile.
  7. It adds more pages.
  8. They're still actively teasing about stuff happening in DST in the future, so... it's definitely a bit early to ask a question like this.
  9. Yeah, I haven't seen it. Probably for the best, more green gems are pretty useful to have around. Butterfly is confirmed, by the way. I've seen someone have that and solve the puzzle with it.
  10. No, he also had a slot that called for a butterfly. The flower slot uses petals. Glad to hear it worked!
  11. ...huh. I double checked it and it all should be correct. Are you using full chunks of thulecite and not just little shards? An entire butterfly and not just wings? You already confirmed your puzzle buddy was there. If it still doesn't work I dunno what to say other than maybe the puzzle glitched and it isn't correctly updated in your steamid info stuff? :S There's been some glitchiness with the site.
  12. Wait, evil petals? Just use normal petals.
  13. I... I don't know what you're trying to say. :S
  14. Combined with the other thread, it's complete now!