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  1. The devs said there's a lot of content that gets made but not added (Bee Queen was drawn over a year before getting put in, they said, iirc?) so who knows. It seems like it won't get in for ANR, but it's not like that's the end for DST.
  2. I'm interested in Shadow Gown. Willing to trade a few items at once for it (since I don't quite have equal-value; Shadow Chassis, some survivor distinguisheds, spiffy backpacks, etc), just want to keep my Tuxedo. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=126546112&token=r8gjLqZp
  3. They're finishing off the last update for the ANR pack, so I imagine once it's confirmed to not be buggy they'll be pushing it out of beta. That's just my guess, though.
  4. 1st. Honestly, this is what Endless is for. I know this does also mean Florid Postern revival is around, but that's not sooo bad as it inflicts twice the penalty of a telltale heart. But yeah, a dedicated server running on Survival is a recipe for a mess as you said, imo. Alsooooo, even when the timer is longer, there's -still- the fact that the lone dead player is likely to click the "Reset Now" button. 2nd. Completely agree. Even if they're not logged on at the time, they should still get the ban. The last three are harder to answer... starting in winter/summer is a problem and I agree -something- should probably be given, but, mph. The one about trapping new players is probably about right, though; I'm not sure how -exactly- it'd work (No build zone is easy; prevent anything from being spawned there at all, though? The only thing I can imagine is a destructo-wave when a new player spawns in, but that carries it's own problems) And the final one about newbie players messing up the game, well, I really don't think there's much Klei can do about that. How are they supposed to govern what kinds of fire can and can't touch certain things? So now half your base is fire-immune... sometimes? For dealing with griefers, you have already have server rollback options to go before the griefing happened, but for newbies there's really nothing to do. Inefficient food use, not carrying any weight, dying easily and in general being a burden aren't things Klei can do anything about. They also already heavily nerfed wildfires and added in resources regenerating to avoid wildfires destroying the world- and the wildfire can be turned down in settings already if you want it even less. ...also, it'd be a really unpopular mode (so people wouldn't even want to use it!) if it gave everything EVEN MORE HEALTH than they already have. I know you said "no mods" but florid postern revival removal for #1 (so it's basically survival without regeneration mishaps- you're still gonna have people click the Reset Now button if you just make the timer longer) and the chest-locking thing in the final one (along with the already-present wildfire custom option) are answers to your questions that I -highly- doubt will ever be officially ingame. Yeah, that means you or someone you know needs to make the server, but that's how things go sometimes. ...but I do agree on 2/3/4 even if I'm not entirely sure how they'd implement a solution to 4.
  5. Maybe you live in a place that doesn't do daylight savings time? That was pretty recently. (I kinda wish we didn't do daylight savings, so...)
  6. I dunno if I'd want to burn -that- much nightmare fuel just to get some sanity >.> Although I think it's still possible to make good Willow sanity stations by using a flingo near a pile of flammable things? Do hay walls still aggressively alight in DST? (Probably not...) I know fire spreading was nerfed a lot, and I'm not quite sure what the flingo does and doesn't activate for in "emergency mode". If there's something it won't activate for in it's other mode that has like 20~30 second burn time, you could burn a few of those, and turn the flingo on before it's destroyed.
  7. The fairness I saw about monster meat into meatballs is that you still need 3 fillers to go with it; you can use one monster meat in any meaty recipe, but ONLY one. And I figured, that's fair enough. It would hella bump up the value/importance of the other meat items if it was disallowed from meat recipes (not just meatballs; honey ham, meaty stew!) which could be interesting, but, that's something for mods. Monstermeat werepigging is pretty strong but you do have to do some fighting (granted, being able to mostly get 'em during the transformation is what -really- makes it strong...) but pigs are a "limited" resource so, I guess that's fine too. Monster meat in the birdcage is the real offender, but when Klei realized you could do that they tried to patch it out and there was enough complaining they undid it; for that you just have to resort to mods. (Someone made one for me in the mod section, but I never did upload it to the workshop... hrm. It felt like it'd be awkward since I didn't make it, but it's probably better to have it up somewhere for people to use?) Well, and monster meat with ice (now there's some cheese...), but there's also a good mod on workshop for removing ice as a valid filler in all non-ice-requiring recipes.
  8. Yeah, I can definitely agree with this. Inventory loss on kickban. One could argue it makes people falsely abusing kickban even worse, but you can't really play on a server the players are kicking you out of anyway I figure. Optional toggle if really necessary.
  9. Shadow fire or not spreading is a separate idea mainly with fighting in mind but they're entirely on-the-side afterthoughts (nor would it necessarily be as strong as it is in whatever mod you mean), the main and important idea here is just planting little normal ones on the ground; which isn't very strong. If anything it's worth wondering if it's particularly useful enough of an addition to care or not, honestly, as if it's just the basic minifire it's little more than a temporary light that you need to keep away from flammable objects. But I think it'd be good for nightworking, and taking a little edge off insanity freezing (without negating it; willow fires are temp 20, lighter is temp 5 and a burning twig is temp 70, with all other fires notably hotter). It's easier and much cheaper/spammable than having to drop logs out of your inventory. Twigs just don't burn long enough to do anything with, especially with the time it takes to take the stack, drop a single one, and light it up- s'more time to set up than it even burns for. You can burn trees or whatever but then it turns into this whole big project, trees generally aren't available, nor are they usually far enough to keep other things from burning, and you can't do much work if you're smothering other fires the whole time, etc. (As well, anyone can do this... and usually don't) The point is that throwing a little fire on the ground for light is super easy and then you can mine, chop, fight, etc, you just have to not set it DIRECTLY next to something that'll start a major fire. If the fire lasted long enough, then it could have a small amount of battle potential when used en masse, on enemies where their important drops won't be turned to ash. You can light anything by attacking with the lighter or a torch, but standing fires also deal burning damage like they do to players. This would be a minor use since generally it burns up the loot but it'd be there. But yeah. It's not really a question of it being op. Because if anything, planting down her what used to be her insanity fires is a pretty weak addition. Would it even be a power you used much, you think- assuming none of the side suggestions were used and it was just planting her basic minifires on the ground?
  10. Fighting Nightmares is already pretty trivial if you have 2~3 people (if everyone holds F, the nightmares should rarely get an attack off, if ever) so a character who, if given a lot of beard hair, can fight them solo better... still isn't really much of a thing. Like, it's nice and worth mentioning for sure (Thanks!), but it's also really easy to get the same results without being Willow (or crafting a lot of extra bernies), so uhm, don't go off on us o.o I don't want the thread to turn into a Willow power level discussion, though, there's enough of those; I wrote a paragraph why it's not a "dumb stereotype" but I deleted it for the thread's sake since... yeah, let's not.
  11. Okay so, Willow is underwhelming and part of why is her lighter is useless after a few days even with cooking having been added, common knowledge, etc. While it could use a buff to light radius and/or cheap refuel or no duration cost as Willow, it'd still prolly be dimmer than a torch and thus meh. What it really needs is an actual ability worth having. (If it had one, then it wouldn't be a big deal even if it's duration/light stayed the same; being a light source simply wouldn't be it's main purpose anymore, but a nice on-the-side ability.) So, what ability? Cooking was a thought in the right direction, but once you get a crock pot it's still really not relevant much... cooking green shrooms?? So, I thought; Willow's insanity ability to light fires anywhere is out, but why not bring the anywhere-fire back? Make it so Willow's Lighter has a right-click ability anywhere on the ground to "Ignite" the ground, setting down a fire just like her insanity ability used to randomly do- same power, but you can do it on command instead of WHOOPS. This would probably cost 3~5 Sanity, simply to offset the obvious sanity regen it would provide (otherwise have little to no sanity regen from the lil' ground fires), 1% durability on lighter, etc. This way Willow could plant down little temporary lights for working at night, have an offensive fire option other characters have to go to much more effort for in the fury of battle (dropping a single twig, swapping to torch, lighting it), etc. Bonus points (but not really critical- just an aside thought) if it's made more relevant by making it more effective in combat than usual fire somehow (not lighting enemies on fire, but simply dealing damage)- or preferably keep that fire normal and instead have the combat ability provided by an alternative power to Ignite nightmare fuel for strong Shadowfire (a damaging stationary blaze that doesn't spread; also good for a long-lasting light if you -really- want to burn fuel for light), a perk that would also pair wonderfully with how Bernie makes Willow pretty good for farming Nightmare Fuel. But, these aren't as important. Really, just letting her plant down normal minifires on command like she used to do when insane would be something nice. I like this idea because it's simple and sweet (Willow's personal ground fires are even already in the game, unused!), it's effective but not terribly strong either, and plays perfectly into Willow's firesetting personality. What else would Willow love to do with her lighter but set fires everywhere? Edit:Before someone brings up her freezing-when-insane thing.. Willow's personal fire already provides fairly little heat (less than 1/3rd of burning a twig; seriously), BUT, planting a few would be enough heat to take the edge off insanity freezing (like freezing in mid-fall). This is actually a good thing, because her freezing is a major complaint; this would help a bit, whilst still leaving it as an issue. She still has to deal with nightmares at the same time, even with Bernie to help, after all... and you don't want to set Bernie on fire! (..I assume he's flammable.)
  12. Hmm, that's a neat suggestion. She actually sort of likes Night Lights too (at least more than other characters...) so easy fuel, apart from other obvious benefits, isn't half bad. And she can let the whole team do it since Bernies, so if you've got a Maxwell, or a Wolfgang for higher damage, etc. Still not a good character but it does help. Vaguely sets her on the verge???
  13. I do think Maxwell's really neat design-wise like that, and a fun character. I consider playing him occasionally. But yeah, halved max hp is brutal in DST, so it's something I have to think about. It's manageable, and if you can keep from dying much than you can consider it a non-issue and suddenly Maxy is a fine choice, but yeah. (And as the last poster just said... if you have a little lag, that makes him much harder to manage. He can't afford several extra hits until you've got lots of night armor and healing items.) But, if I actually liked playing Woodie design-wise I'd probably choose him instead powers-wise. Unfortunately his aesthetic clashes with my preferences too much, so along with Wolfgang he's one of the few characters that just feels incredibly unfitting for me to try to play :V I do wish Maxwell's duelists felt a little more useful, but I guess it's just a better of... like Abigail, they're useful against non-major fights (you just have to be covering for them a bit more actively than for Abby to keep 'em alive, and they don't have her mob control) but on the flipside they have a more tangible summon cost to make you wonder, "Do I really need to bother burning nightmare fuel to kill this?". I guess it depends how much you feel like farming fuel to keep puppet use going, since it's not -hard- if you have a few buddies.
  14. Oh yeah, it's true that Maxwell's minion's chop speed was nerfed at some point. 3 of them probably chop faster than human Woodie, sure... but a good chunk of the time when harvesting Woodie should be turned beaver, which greatly evens the playing field; especially if you're fine with ignoring stumps and just mass-burning them after. (In that case, beaver fells a tree every few moments. Stumps take as long to gnaw out as an entire tree and fill your meter as much, so they're sort of a waste of your transformation time.) At the very least the chop speed is comparable enough post-shadowchopper-nerf that the difference really doesn't matter; they both chop several times faster than other characters and the difference between 4x faster and 5x faster is negligible. It's a matter of "Maxwell also has miners and can use Wicker books" vs. "Woodie doesn't have HALF MAX HP, or need to occasionally farm fuel, in exchange for full moon curse." I think they're even on the sanity bit; Max rarely has to worry about it because it's entirely passive, but Woodie can quickly blast it up if something depletes it which Max can't do quite as well- using shadow gear against a boss for awhile or in the ruins can actually be a significant drain for him, although this isn't a big problem. And either can use their gimmick to drop their sanity like a stone, with no worries about getting it back up after.
  15. Worth mentioning time for the gifts can vary by quite a lot, though. You can get the first gift in 15 minutes but I've had it take an hour some times, too.