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  1. Thank you all so much for the nice comments, and for being so understanding Until next time, you beautiful, lovely, amazing people!
  2. Sorry guys, but I will be ending the challenge here. I just feel that the challenge has become more of burden than a fun way to keep drawing every day, especially when I have to find time to do it on busy days or when I'm on vacation like right now. It was fun while it lasted though, and who knows, maybe I'll pick it up again sometime in the future! Anyways, thank you all for staying tuned and supporting me every day with this silly little challenge. See y'all next time!
  3. Webber #79 So I asked myself what if Webber was a monster from an 80's cliché horror movie...
  4. That's because he uses MTT-brand metal hair gel! I mean, I haven't seen many robots so... Maybe not that great? 1. All right all right, let's just go with Mein and say that he's holding a cigar. 2. I looove drawing robots too! I really should post more robot doodles...
  5. Webber #78 Webber is having a look at the newest in ninja robot technology!
  6. Webber #77 Webber floating around in his swim ring
  7. What exactly do you mean? Oh it's hella hot! He's just so "cool" with those shades that he doesn't feel a thing! Maybe it's just a virgin drink?
  8. Webber #76 I think Webber likes it here...
  9. Yep, it's called "siesta" and it's super weird... And thanks! Thanks! I'm sure Webber doesn't mind though Yep, it sure is darn doodly hot... But don't worry, I'll make sure to stay in the pool most of the time! Also I have tried churros, and hot damn, I gotta agree with you.
  10. Webber #75 Alright, I'm off on vacation again. This time the journey goes to Spain.
  11. Webber #74 There's so many cute lil' spooderboi sketches on this thread, so I thought I'd add a little chaos and destruction.
  12. Webber #73 Wouldn't it be much more practical if Webber had 6 arms?
  13. Yeah I like that Limbo/The Cave aesthetic too.
  14. Webber #72 Webber playing with his... Pet.
  15. Webber #71 Who knew that Webber was also a pro tagger?