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  1. (back in time) JoeW - Not Kevin
  2. Streaming Monster Slayers on http://youtube.com/jbeetle/live . Come hang out!

  3. I don't disagree, but I do like that hamachi isn't required like many other indie games with multiplayer.
  4. How do you tag people in posts nowadays?

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    2. ImDaMisterL


      DISCLAIMER: Does not actually need the "<>" before/after the name.

    3. jbeetle


      Thanks. I tried that before in a post and it didn't work :S I see the popup now on this status when I try, but before it didn't work.

    4. ImDaMisterL


      Yeah, it can be a bit buggy at times

  5. From what I've read in the past about this issue, it can be because your server is using Klei's "punch through" process (sort of forcing a port forward) rather than having it legitimately port forwarded. It makes it easier for personal servers to show up in the server list (and for others to join), but also isn't able to guess the ping accurately enough to display. Maybe @ImDaMisterL knows someone who can better explain it.
  6. Klei's philosophy has always been that if you buy the beta you've also bought the full game when it's out. Really it's the same game as far as Steam is concerned.
  7. To the victor goes the spoils. Thanks, MenaAthena. And thanks everyone else for your art.
  8. looks great. I'd like it to be closer and to the side, but I think I can just do that in photoshop myself. So, I'll give anyone else until tomorrow to say anything and if not, I'm giving it to Athena.
  9. I like it. I don't suppose you have the skill to make a duplicant sorta up close in front with some funny expression? He's kinda iconic imo.
  10. Yes, but I don't need it to have a jbeetle avatar or anything. The thumbnail just needs to pop on the YouTube searches page. I've attached the psd file I used. I don't necessarily need to use what I have. If you think something will catch the eye of the person browsing YouTube, more power to you! oxygennotincluded.psd
  11. Great idea. Keep making more of them!
  12. By the way, here is the one I'm currently using. I think I want to keep the text I made, but the background is just like everyone else's, so that's no good. (If I don't end up using anyone's art, I'll still give my favorite the key. Thanks.)
  13. I'd actually prefer something drawn over official assets, but still in the same art style. like that main duplicant but in a different pose. including what i said above, 1280x720 and the psd file preferred so i can edit it (change episode numbers, etc) @ElleDios That's actually really good - something I'd make. However, I want something more handcrafted, not using stock assets.