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  1. dairy powers

  2. I love your chester.
  3. Anyone interested in making a thumbnail for Starbound for my youtube channel, please? :3

    1. Mobbstar


      lol if you take photoedits of existing images sure XD

      (my "art" doesn't meet the quality requirements, not even if you commission me)

  4. Hey guys, I'm in the Roguelands 1.0 trailer :D 


    1. Mr.P


      And well deserved might I add ^^

      Considering the amount of Community interaction Shaun had during the Roguelands development this might be the best type of trailer I could have made to show that.

  5. I've enjoyed every Klei game I've played. I'm so glad that Klei is such a rock-solid success and that you guys can seemingly so effortlessly put out great game after great game. Here's to the next Don't Starve!
  6. boobies. boobies are on my mind. also, georgia. 

    1. GiddyGuy


      This booby?


  7. Anyone want a 33%-off steam coupon for Day of the Tentacle? I already own it.

  8. holy crap, that's the most complicated unlock ever.
  9. Alright, guys. I've decided that Enter the Gungeon is my favorite new game.

    1. ImDaMisterL


      I need it 0-0

    2. GiddyGuy


      Can't wait to watch you die and make noob mistakes! :D 

    3. Mr.P


      Hehe another one falls to the Curse of being unable to stop playing Gungeon.

      Lets see how long it takes you to beat the Final Boss compared to me ^^.

  10. OK, so I understand why you took the battle music off when coconuts hit you in the head, but do we REALLY know for SURE if the coconuts aren't doing it as a form of aggression?
  11. Then I misread that angry person's post saying skins should be free. That's what I get!
  12. I guess I sorta glossed over the whole apparent fact that Klei was going to charge for skins. But hey, I don't care. A lot of good information here in this thread. Thanks.
  13. So far, I'd also recommend citadel servers. I had problems here and there, but they were fixed relatively quickly.