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  1. Oops, I had this finished yesterday and neglected to post it. Once again, this features NikiNazu's character Mint and my fandroid Cornflakes. I trust you can figure out who's who based on their color schemes. All inspired by the androids and world of Assault Android Cactus of course. I think this is pretty self-explanatory. I know Mint worked as a barista and a little bit about her personality. When someone suggested that Mint and Cornflakes might be friends, this silly idea occurred to me. It wasn't supposed to turn into one of the biggest drawing projects I've done
  2. Not sure I understand the question. I'm drawing stick figures to get a rough idea of the proportions and poses, then doing a rough sketch without much detail, and then finally and more carefully drawing the final lines. That doesn't sound organic, but I'm reluctant to call it a template since I'm drawing everything from scratch. While I'm posting, here's the progress I guess.
  3. Can't see it? Maybe it's too large or something? Here's a smaller version. Hm, I think you're right. They're mostly, but not completely, hidden. I think I was hoping for plausible deniability on that one
  4. I'm starting small with a Tumblr. For now, I'm posting my old drawings there so that everything's in one place. There's some stuff that predates this thread! http://sporbyeouch.tumblr.com/ Sorry I haven't posted any drawings in a while. I started drawing something that's wound up being a bigger project than I expected. Basically, I wanted to have 2 characters face each other but show both their expressions, and I decided the best way to do this was to split it between 2 panels. Preview I guess: Featuring Nikinazu's android, Mint. More of an explanation when it's done I guess. And a sketchy in-progress version of the other panel. Anything jump out as seriously wrong before I go to far with this?
  5. Uuuhhh, yeah, totally! I definitely always remember that things cast shadows on the background and I certainly don't ever have to go back to drawings I thought I'd finished to add them! But, seriously, I'm not sure I would have bothered for this simple background had I remembered. Hm, you mean for this drawing specifically? Darkening the whole thing and focusing on light sources shown in the drawing (rather than an undefined off-screen light source which is vaguely up and right) would make for a more atmospheric drawing and might solve issues with the background by keeping it largely obscured in shadow... I see... but that might be a bigger undertaking that you think. It's supposed to be set inside a space station or ship, so a complete background would have to be more than just, say, a horizon and dark clouds. I'd have to design a room, which was more than I bargained for with this drawing. Weeelll, my biggest problem is most likely gonna be that few people will know or care that I'm drawing things, so...
  6. Hmmm, maybe I should reconsider or better define what I want out of this. Let's see... it would be nice to be able to point people to my art without sending them to the off-topic section of an unrelated forum. Pretty much anything would work for that I guess. But it might also be cool to have more people to provide feedback, because as I'm improving I'm gonna reach a point (and maybe I'm already there) were the mistakes I'm making aren't immediately obvious to me. Of course, just having more people see my drawings and stuff in general would be nice, but I can't ever expect to be very popular. I'll have to think about it. Anyway, here's a drawing...
  7. Well, don't get your hopes up. It's just this. Another made-up android whom I've decided to call Lichen. I think it took so long because I was trying a (somewhat) new pose, I was being indecisive about the elements I was designing, AND the rest is something well-defined that I haven't drawn before. Not sure if I like the result, but maybe I'll have more ideas for it later.
  8. Tumblr and DeviantArt were ones I was thinking of... I'll have to look at LiveJournal to see what it even is Good to know. I think she has a twitter. Lemme find it... Ah, here it is: https://twitter.com/NikiNazu Uh... I expect to finish a drawing tomorrow.
  9. I've been working on a few things, but this is all I've finished so far. It's sorta a redraw of this thing I posted here last fall: Better? In other news, a much more talented artist drew fanart of a character I made up! So that's super cool. I'm also starting to think that, as I'm trying to draw more frequently now, maybe a thread in the off-topic section of an unrelated forum is not the best place for displaying it. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what IS the best place, so...
  10. Yeah, it's been one of my favorite games, to the point where I'm reluctant to play other twin-stick shooters because I'm not sure what they'd do better. Hanging out in a Discord for it rekindled my interest semi-recently. Good to think I'm doing the game justice.
  11. Calliope, in some sort of western: And more androids. Holly, an actual character in the game: Getting dragged along by one of the most annoying robots. Older thing I'm not sure I like:
  12. Waaiit, isn't Alex Ahad one of the artists for Lab Zero? The team that made Skullgirls and is working on Indivisible? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  13. Nah, this is new stuff. Although I do have unfinished stuff i should probably either redraw or just complete... Oh, and I realized I didn't explicitly introduce Cornflakes, so just in case it wasn't clear: she's my made-up android in the style of the characters from Assault Android Cactus.
  14. Drew more Cornflakes. Pre-accident: Angry: Those are supposed to be bobby pin(s) in her hair by the way. I should probably give her something that's more easily identifiable as a hair clip, but I don't think I know enough about those to do a good job. Now that it's summer vacation, I'm hoping to draw more, hopefully with more variety. I'm trying to get better at drawing, like, humanoids and stuff.
  15. Wow, you've drawn so much! How am I gonna catch up on your art thread now?

    1. LiptonPee


      i'll never stop!

    2. Sporb


      Well, certainly don't stop on my account.