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  1. Oh, this hasn't been archived yet, cool. So, I've been busy enough this semester to not have much time for drawing or even hanging around here much, but I guess I've built up a few drawings. First, here's some improvements on stuff I've posted previously: And here's some new stuff, both from Assault Android Cactus, because I've been playing that game recently. Shiitake dodging a mass of bullets with I-frames: And a fandroid: I can make no promises of future activity!
  2. If it makes you feel better, 128 is a power of 2 (27), so 127* is the highest number you can get with 7 bits. *It's 27 - 1 because one of the combinations of bits is for 0.
  3. 125 is 5 cubed, so I guess that is a pretty nice number.
  4. I think I'm done with this. I was having fun with it at first, but it got pretty complicated and unnecessarily messy. Oh, maybe I should explain this. Originally, it was supposed to Crocomire, from Super Metroid, as Melting, from Nuclear Throne. Er, for those not familiar with both games, Crocomire is the boss who melts down to a skeleton in the lava, and Melting is the mutant whose flesh appears to be melting off. There didn't wind up being much Nuclear Throne in this drawing, aside from the autoshotgun. Also, my classes have started again, so I have less time to draw.
  5. I like mushroom.
  6. Okay, I meant to have finished this already, but it's turning out to be more work than I anticipated. This is still definitely a work in progress as I continue to mess around with lighting.
  7. Yup. Pit People's an early access game by The Behemoth (Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater). Maybe you could have already guessed who made it based on the above description. For gameplay, it's a more fast-paced turn-based hexagonal strategy game. Also, here's a sketch: I'll try to explain it more when I have a finished version.
  8. Okay yeah I definitely drew her older than that. I guess I've always thought she was early teens at the youngest, even though I have nothing to base that on. On a different note, something I actually really like about my recent Wendy drawing is the background colors. Like, I wouldn't have expected using green and orange together to work, but they blend together surprisingly well. I suppose it's self-indulgent to talk about something I like about my own drawing, but... I dunno, maybe it's interesting to others. To justify this post's existence, here's another drawing! It's a gorgon from Pit People. Version with lame background (instead of transparency):
  9. Yeah, I have no idea how old Wendy is actually supposed to be. I also don't know how to intentionally draw different ages either, so... I guess it works out?
  10. Uh, well... Bord is the mascot of PJ DiCesare's Twitch channel. They were playing some Battletoads game, and someone punched a bird enemy so hard it came back as an invincible ally. And it was named Bord because it was a glitched out bird. Or so the story goes, anyway. I just decided to make it into an absurd weapon: the Bord Sword. I do not advise attacking with this sword, holding the sword, attempting to pull the sword from the stone, or standing within 10 feet of the sword. The inscription is intentionally gibberish. Er. That's a really lame explanation. So here's a new drawing. What? Something Don't Starve related? Well, that's because it's a redraw of one of the first complete things I drew on my tablet: Improvement? The atmosphere seems pretty different.
  11. Hm, maybe I should post this silly thing here, even though it's kind of an in-joke and even then it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  12. That's Morbelle, whom I've tried to draw in full armor a few times already. Morbelle Rose... I think that will be her full name, because she married into a high-class necromancer family.
  13. Here's a thing, I guess.
  14. Okay, I could probably keep messing with this forever, but that'd drive me crazy. Er. So here's the finalized(?) version:
  15. I haven't decided if this is done or not. I'll see how it looks tomorrow when I'm less tired.