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  1. If you have a bean enemy with a bunch of tentacles, lemme know.
  2. *flashbacks to hours of wasted animating*
  3. Honestly wasn't a huge fan of the old Golem concept, but that thing looks awesome.
  4. "Considering it seems to...automatically ingest fish while traveling, I...doubt that would satisfy it." Meri replies. "We will need a more unique food." "Or we could stop wasting time and give it the dog."
  5. Meri picks Otto up and drops him on the other side of the island. "Surely you understand that...the dog is not as valuable as I." He says to Niella, who crosses her arms (partially forgetting Silven is being held by one of them). "BUT it is cute." She argues.
  6. Meri takes a moment to regain his composure, brushing himself off with a claw. "I suggest....you give it the...'pupper'." "Noo, don't do that!!!" Niella replies, grabbing Silven and squirming over to Meri. "I like the dog thing."
  7. On the outside, Meri manages to stay cool, calm, and collected. An expression of annoyance is all that can be seen on his face. However, on the inside:
  8. I think it might be a good time to step back, relax, and realize that you're asking to be a moderator on a forum, not the next pope.
  9. tl;dr: no Also, no.
  10. I think it's unlikely the Guardian is Metheus, or any of the other ancients. Maxwell seems to know it personally, and since the Ancients were before his time it doesn't make sense he'd know one of them so well.
  11. I think you guys missed the joke
  12. (Yeah, go ahead and kill him off. I think I'm sorta dragging down the rp currently anyways.)
  13. Olives is too lazy to fight back, so instead of making a move he just relaxes as the monster charges him. Once it's practically on top of him, he casually hops on top of its head and sits there nonchalantly.