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  1. Let's take a closer look at the Mural quotes. Here's the Wiki page on them: This would seem to suggest the Fuel forcibly took over the race, rather than the substance merely being introduced to them. Perhaps their shed exoskeletons were turned into art and statues, maybe as a way to remember their old selves - or as a reminder of the pathetic existence they had escaped.
  2. I find it extraordinarily unlikely that the Ancients would fill their city to the brim with sculptures of random creatures that they in no way represent. The mural examination quotes state that the original Ancients resembled insects or carapaced beings, which is what the statues would seem to show. The Fuelweaver is likely possessed by one of the Ancients, but there's no evidence it shares their appearance.
  3. Well, it can be repaired with Nightmare Fuel, which you get a TON of from the Fuelweaver fight anyways. Plus NF is pretty easy to get once you have your sanity under control, so I think it's decently balanced.
  4. * Dmitri hits metallic gun with blunt sphere * Cuts gun in half No wonder Adam looks so surprised.
  5. I had the same train of thought, thought I used Cleric Beast while fighting him
  6. The already on-edge Meri is sent into complete panic attack mode as the gigantic seagull monstrosity appears over the island, looming over the weakened group. As the beast leans down to the smaller child person - undoubtedly to devour the helpless human - he flops and flails across the beach to block its path. He frills up his tendrils like a cat trying to look bigger and hisses angrily.
  7. The game is done for real! Play it here:
  8. is what i eat whenever you effortlessly move to another new art style
  9. I've got this game thing finished (no music yet), hoping to get confirmation that it at least works for people. Unlike that last project we won't talk about again ever. the Void v1.0.exe?dl=0
  10. It's probably more a mix of tears and mac n cheese, considering his mouth is part of his eyes.
  11. Meri nods to Nadas, and takes the remaining injured off Jaw's back, setting them down carefully on the ground.
  12. Thanks! I tried not to deviate from the original design too much, but I did want to give it a bit more difference than just "big depths worm".
  13. Well, this is terrible timing to finish and post this.