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  1. Wilson is amazing.. His bread helps a lot on winter, have a full beard + a winter cap and that's all, you settled! Not only that but he can literaly create extra lives! If you're playing on survival mode that's an ability you can't neglect!
  2. Well the game is suppose to get harder and harder the more you advance.. I'm in my 100+ day in a Alone server too and usualy my method of dealing with the pricks is leading the pack to the beefalos and letting them do the job, works everytime.. You can also set a tooth trap carpet and just dance around there, that's how I deal with giants.
  3. OK I guess.. I don't invite random people to play with me anyway so not having the Old Bell is more like a loss.. Also griefers can do something else anyways.. Like getting Willow and lighting your base on fire, for example, and we don't see Klei removing Willow's lighter, do we? So yeah, bring it back!
  4. I wanna see how to do custom weapons.. I've been trying to make this sword for a while but I can't find a good tutorial on it.. Englisgh isn't my main language so sometimes I get confused with the words used as well.. It is dificult for me to follow through reading and the onl reason I manage to get this far was with a video tutorial and the help of a lot of people here in the forums..
  5. Thanks! I had to re-do the colony as that one was starting to have MANY THINGS breaking at once so I kinda copied the design of it but with the fixes but, for some reason, this new world is kinda low on raw metal, I already used every single copper I could and I'm now surviving out of gold amalgam but again, thanks for the complement ^^
  6. OK guys, I appreciate the help, I did some alterations and now everything is A-OK! THANKS!
  7. Oh boy.. Guess I'll have plenty of work to do now.. OK I get it, I'll split some stuff up.. Maybe do 4 separated grids, thanks for the help guys!
  8. It's quite hard for me to get this all.. Guess I'm dumb.. I tried spliting according to the machinery so, at firts, I had the bateries of the left supplying machines on the left and the ones in the right supplying the right ones but in the end it still happened.. so what if I add more bateries? Does it fix it?
  9. OK, this Circuit Overload thing is making me really mad.. Everytime I make a base this thing happens eventualy and I seriously have NO IDEA how to deal with it.. Can someone help? So in the picture below is how my circuit actualy is right now, at first I was dividing the bateries between machineries depending on position (Left machinery = Left batery) but I was still having this problem, I decided to link some stuff and I start linking and linking and linking and my wire system became this weird cobweb and yet I still suffer with Circuit Overload.. So, can someone, like, get this picture and draw me a solution and explain to me what I'm doing wrong here? Please?
  10. Too late to post mine? I'm kinda of a newbie on this thing yet, my record is just 120+ days usualy and this is a new one I'm putting togheter
  11. I learned a lot since when I did this thread ^^" I was being dumb anyways, I'm running a 20 Dupe base now, manage to survive until cycle 100+ and all.
  12. Earlier today I did a Thread asking if Puft were removed cuz I've been looking for a long while and couldn't find a single one, a user, AlexRou, informed me that they weren't removed and I might just be unlucky, well, I discovered the problem! I found 2 Pufts near my base, near enough for me to see them from the middle and, apparently, they're being killed by Geyser's scalding waters.. Can it be possible to make them immune to scalding waters? I needed them and now they're dead.. It also made me think "What if in the other run I had all the Pufts just died due to Geysers?" cuz I really looked in that run.. I went FAR! (Or at least don't spawn them near Geysers somehow?) Cuz it kinda feels like it's a flip of a coin, if I get lucky then there MIGHT be Pufts nearby and they MIGHT not be killed by Geysers..
  13. I think the most DUMB thing I feel about them is when one of them is Starving, I rush to make food and then instead of that Starving dupe go eat he goddam food some other dupe goes ahead and eats it, I feel there should be a priority based on how hungry they are and not just "first comes, first servers" like it is right now, Ithat dupe died BTW, I did 3 mushbars in the first day, 3 dupes ate it except that one, they went sleep, wake up, did 2 more and other 2 dupes ate instead.. Maybe I should had "Red Alert" the damm thing but whatever, if he's going to be THAT dumb better let him go..
  14. I had the idea when I was drawing my character and realized no dupe use glasses Thanks for the feedback tho', hope they implement that, who knows? Like you said it isn't game changing but it's a nice touch.
  15. Acessories: Juts to add a new layer of personality to the characters, how about make them have acessories according to their profession (or just for vanity sake)? Like a chef with a chef hat or a Scientist with glasses, would love to see that Space Suit: Mining out of the base can be kinda difficult depending of the gases in there so why not create some kinda pod where there's a space suit inside so you can take it out to have some oxygen on the trip? Just a few suggestions, now that I'm done, I'm off to play some more! Love ya'll, devs!