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  1. I think we can all agree that Chef doesn't have much love in the game, it's a given that Klei will create more food recipes, heck, they did Don't Starve a game full of food recipes and about food so I know this is coming eventualy but as it is now I feel chef is weak, all my dupes have Gastrophobia with a few having Yokel as bad traits cuz I can just run the place planting mealwood, no need for cooking and there's not many recipes anyways. But how about create food bonuses so Chef becomes way more important? Like food that can boost dupe's movement speed, mining speed, building speed or protect agains disease, heat or cold or even make then hold their breath longer? That would be nice! Love ya'll!
  2. Berries? What berries? I only farm Mealwood..
  3. Just a though but wouldn't be great if we could set a priority to Planter Boxes so when whatever you're farming there is ready to be harvest the dupes would just do it on auto? Like say if I set priority 9 and then as soon as it's ready to harvest they go and fetch it, just a idea! (I'm so addicted to this..)
  4. Hmm.. Not a bad idea but I think 1 per dupe is too much, maybe 0.5 per dupe.
  5. Well, I usualy have a water pump to put water into a "water box", another pump from that box to all water consuming machinary, one more pump from the "contamined water box" to the filter, the filter I just said, 3 distillery for water and algae production (Tho' I updated the game to the new Themal Update and I don't see any Slime around.. But before that's what I had), 5 Electrolyzers to pump Hydrogen to 2 Hydrogen Generators from a Air Pump, 4 Algae Deoxydizers with another Air Pump to pump air around the base, a Air Scrubber under the Coal Generator to turn the CO² into O² and a Refrigerato.. Guess I'll take your advice and see what happens, will make a room with 4 L. Batteries and a bunch of Hamster Wheels, will have to increase my dupe population, I'm used to run with 6~10 and will place something to cool off those batteries so they don't explode or something. Appreciated!
  6. Sup, you beautiful dupes! I need assistance from a problem I'm having.. My record is surviving 41 cycles and in all the runs I had I always had that problem, power management! The Hamster Wheel generates too little power and makes dupes busy in it so I usualy just use it on the beggining (And I assume everyone else), the Coal Generator is nice and it seens like a good way to keep energy high BUT evenrualy I run low on Coal so.. Yeah.. and I never managed to make the Hydrogen Generator generate enough energy to keep everything alive, specially because it needs a Air Pump that needs power and if I don't have power to begin with, well.. So I'm asking you guys help, any tips? Am I doing things wrong?
  7. I had the idea when I was drawing my character and realized no dupe use glasses Thanks for the feedback tho', hope they implement that, who knows? Like you said it isn't game changing but it's a nice touch.
  8. Since it's in Alpha I don't have a clue so I need a help, do I need to download updates manually or they'll update automaticly on steam? Are we on CL#208689 right now? Thanks!
  9. Acessories: Juts to add a new layer of personality to the characters, how about make them have acessories according to their profession (or just for vanity sake)? Like a chef with a chef hat or a Scientist with glasses, would love to see that Space Suit: Mining out of the base can be kinda difficult depending of the gases in there so why not create some kinda pod where there's a space suit inside so you can take it out to have some oxygen on the trip? Just a few suggestions, now that I'm done, I'm off to play some more! Love ya'll, devs!
  10. Oh, didn't know that! Thanks for the tip! But still, I feel that should be necessary.. It's not everytime I found one of these guys..
  11. Just a suggestion based in a bad experience I had, here's the story, was running a 6 duplicates base and had 3 coal burners generating power to 2 large batteries, everything was fine, had my slime farm, water purification system, oxygen was going great until all the sudden everything shut down.. I ran out of coal and there wasn't any coal left so I decided to put some hamster wheels there but it just didn't cut it, it couldn't power the whole thing and it let 2 of my dupes busy forever, needless to say, that run went from great to terrible pretty fast.. So how about create a way where we can farm wood and burn this wood so we can have natural coal? Just giving my feedback, I'M IN LOVE WHIT THIS GAME!!!
  12. You're cheating.. You character doesn't need to breath.. Or eat.. Or anything really..
  13. Let's have fun! Draw yourself (or your OC, whatever) as he would be in the game! I'll start! Tho' my style quite don't fit the game (and I am also kinda rusty) I am proud of this!