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  1. Maybe it should be removed if it's not the case anymore. So people will not search for this stat thinking it's very useful.
  2. I would like being able to improve the cot in something better in later game, maybe using the reed material (i forgot the name)
  3. There is an issue with Windows 10 if i'm not wrong, is it your case ?
  4. Eep : Yes, but testing all the situations isn't possible, for a dev or a QA. Especially some things work fine when testing and suddently not in real conditions. I really doubt that Klei is relying on player exclusively to test their game. But problems could still happen. Bugs are still part of an Early Access, as they are part of a normal game. In Early Access, game is changing, evolving. This change create bugs, it's unavoidable. But it's also what give us the opportunity to give feedbacks and suggestions about the game with a higher chance to be listened. I wouldn't trade this for stability, because i would lose what make the Early Access unique. Instability but possibility to help the game becoming better is the essence of Early Access. Stability is for release of a game. So since it's pretty clear that Early Access implies this instability, and since we agree with this every time we are playing, it's important to be relax about bugs, instead of saying that devs aren't testing their own game.
  5. It happened to me to do this kind of thing but it is strange that it leads to this kind of bug. Anyway, glad that you figured out, good luck with your mod
  6. Some cheesing will go away, like some bugs did when they were fixed in the past.
  7. So i'm modding mostly for DST, rather than DS, but i would say it depend mostly of three things - how much do you copy paste - how specific the code you are copying is - how much of the code of the mod you are doing is personal If you do most of the job, if you don't copy too much of a code, and if the code you copy isn't too specific, it's ok for me, because it's also how you learn to code, by seeing how someone does something. But for example, if someone does a mod adding a new weapon that make the enemy groggy and make the user lost hunger on use, and you use this code to make the same kind of weapon, but for your character, this is problematic because what is making his mod unique is now lost. Copying should never end to make the original mod less attractive or useless. Copying should never be the main part of your mod. And you should bring enough of something personal so your mod, even with part of another mod, feel unique enough so people can want to use both of them at the same time, for example. Of course, this is just my point of view about it, and others people could of course disagree and have others points of view.
  8. Yes, but unless you want to craft them in Oxygen Not Included, your suggestion isn't at the right place. Edit : thanks to the moderator who moved the topic. So the idea could be fine for RoG but not very useful for classic DS since there is no heat. Still a little rain protection i guess.
  9. Maybe i misunderstood what you were saying, but since i don't know the code of this mod i can't explain how to do the same thing, and i'm not sure that it will be easier to do as he did. Anyway, i can't help you more, so i hope someone will be able to.
  10. No, you have to make a copy of the fire_projectile, and use this copy. Also, even if geralt's mod could look simple, it's possible that it required a lot of work to do the projectile he is using, i'm sure it's not just "on the press of a key mod" in term of coding.
  11. Hi, I want to make that some events happen only one year out of two. For example, let say i want to try to create season variation, having first winter being classic, second with the variation, third being classic... How can i do this ? Since game could have various seasons and days in each seasons i'm a little confused about how to do this in a way that will adapt to every player playstyle. So for the moment my idea would be to, at every season change, add a number to the specific season count. And after that, checking if the number is even or odd to decide if the effect of the variation will happen (is it possible ?). But i'm a little confused about how to do this concretely (component ? something else), how to check the result in another component, and if there is no logic fail in the idea. Thanks for any help.
  12. Feedback are allowed, criticism are allowed, i'm not just sure that saying that something is And speaking about Is the best way to do a constructive criticism. You could say that you don't like the gas sim, that your knowledge let you think that there is a better way to manage it, and that you would like it to be redone entirely, it's a criticism, and it's perfectly fine.
  13. Because saying that dev are either lying, being incompetent or just have a big ego and can't take good decision for the game isn't "bovine excrement" ?
  14. Yes, this is strange and look like a bug. I don't know how you can fix it other than spawning them with console if they are missing.
  15. I build farm tile for the wheat plant that grow in cold area. Don't know what kind of irrigation it need and if i need water to be cold, so this way i'm sure i will not destroy my ice biome, and anyway, they give enough seeds to replant them even with "ok" harvest, so i don't bother with hydroponics.