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  1. i find it to be quite wonderful! i never had volunteers! TECHNICALLY I DID WITH ALL OF YOU BUT UH yeah!
  2. The little bots were way too small to be able to read the note, so they couldn't solve the mystery by themselves. --- "Wouldja rather eat five boxes of uncooked spaghetti, or drink ten glasses of marinara sauce? We'll find out soon if ya don't hurry your butts up! i got popcorn prepared and everything, and i'm willing to share a little! And i even got a special little activity for you who coooooome~"
  3. I was lookin' through my pages again and it turns out, i think, that i didnt upload this SHOOT doing single picture posts make me fill filthier than a hog dog going around making videos about ravioli and living the life of an average dude so here's a manifestation of my feelings still working on the eye physics with this guy dont know if the whole "Piano eye" thing would be a thing feels like overdoing the whole piano thing and it looked kinda ugly and his appendages he uses to operate tools and grab onto objects are weird but that was mentioned before before-hand
  4. Barley didn't know what a gift horse was, but it sounded like a wicked cool birthday present. He wouldn't have this thought though, because nobody said the term out loud, neither did they say anything about a gift horse. I guess the first thing would be pretty normal not to happen. Why would anybody just say "Out loud"? And why would that make Barley think about gift horses? The world works in mysterious ways, but unfortunately, these mysterious ways did not happen because, as I have said before, nobody said the term out loud, and no mention of gift horse was made. "Oh, yeah. I'm very responsible! Though it's probably a good idea to check if the doors can be locked. Then again, maybe the person who made these weird houses has a key..."
  5. Yeppy deppy!
  6. At the end of the long and foul smelling hallway there was, and you wouldn't believe this, a door. A door that would lead to the outside world. A way to escape. This was it. The entire journey was over. All they had to do was step through the door. Not really though. If you're reading this, you're a very patient person, and you gain my respect. That being said, if anybody tries to go through the imaginary escape door, they will break their nose. It's a big technological advanced door. It got an A+ in science at advanced door school. There were cameras, big metal plates, random heart monitors, a couple of levers, a little machine gun holstered up near the ceiling, and doo dads, oh the doo dads, and even a cup holder. There was a little note in it. If anybody would to pick up the note and read it, it would have a message spelling out "In order to open the door, please say Noodles. Please note, that if you do not have any chance of escaping this room unless you say Spaghetti, so please say Pasta , or you may find yourself in a predicament where you'd be wishing that you had said it, it being the word, which is Ravioli." It's a good guess that either that a really stupid person was put in charge of writing this note, or it's a puzzle, that is, if it was a puzzle, it'd be a really easy one.
  7. very quick update first order of business i listened to a bunch of earthbound music and then i redrew this guy and this happened there is many difference should i just replace that guy, ditch the redraw, or include them both as like, siblings or something. because earthbound music is good second order of affairs i need opinions what should i work on next, because i'd like to try and have a base, a thing to build up on, before i try to frost the cake before it's in the oven is that a metaphor i made it up just now give me a metaphor reward i want one
  8. befoBarley was wondering when the first hinges were ever created when he remembered he's actually supposed to exist and, y'know, do stuff. "Ah, yes! Yes I'm coming!" He quickly scuttled, a word he just remembered existed, over to Mena.
  9. What taco establishments do you have
  10. I dunno really, I'm still tweaking around with that one. I don't know if the eyes and the nose were a step in the right direction though. I think I might remove those. here's a little sketch of development for you just because you're interested and it makes me feel all swell maybe even making his eyebrow things his eyes would be good, i dunno
  11. @DragonMage156 I will sponsor you on a trip to Taco Bell
  12. Put it on my Tab let trying out the tablet again. it's a huge improvement from what I've done before, which all the tricks I've learned, but i definitely need to keep on trying it out. Depending on the curve and line tools is embarrassing yo. I wanna be a real artist!
  13. Kate's arm eventually found itself a fancy snanzy all new wet sobbing mess, accidentally bopping it on the head. It snapped Noctimus out of his tear filled trance for a bit, as it caught him a bit off guard, but it did remind him about Kate. He stopped crying for a moment to shuffle over to her.
  14. [every one of the people who were supposed to be there] "NO NO NO! You can't go through here! You're not allowed!" the message repeated.