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  1. yay more peep peep vote peep 4 passenger also here's some nice shading practice along with a dreamcatcher line eye thing yis
  2. New computer, new bloody problems to deal with It's not really "new", so I guess that could explain some things I didn't get to draw much these past few weeks so theres few stuff here first is the mystical dragon sheep, combining the predator and prey into one magical shoe eater and here's how i want to smile vs how i smile note, I am actually a piece of toast, and not a stick figurish thing. Therefore, these are exaggerated versions of me if I were a stick figurish thing. Lovely.
  3. “I look like my dad. Not to mention it’s utterly terrifying to lose a limb. Unfortunately, even in my wildest dreams I’m not a doctor, so I wouldn’t really know if it’s good or bad.” says Dream Trevor, the lord of all Trevor dreams.
  4. Ah phooey, only one of you read it.
  5. Finally, some updates. Still subject to change Below is a large amount of text. If you want to understand what's going on in this weeks wacky new BE special you're gonna have to read it Ahh, spooky! Oh the horror! Now, I can get quite distracted making these, so I may not have included all that you should know. If you have any questions, please ask them below. Here we have the God of Vengeance. How'd he become a god? Nobody knows. He doesn't exactly have the face of a majestic god, now does he? Whatever the case, he's currently being made into a sort of main antagonist. Kinda. Besides all those dead people. Ghosts still exist, if you remember those things. Just a reminder. Those haven't been removed. Mystery is still afoot! It can't really move though, since it's just a foot. Like, you can't hop with just a foot I mean, you could crawl really slowly with toes but uh... Uh, that joke sucked uh its over now please comment you thoughts and concerns and favorite pizza toppings.
  6. Why do you have a "don't Starve" badge in your sidepanel?

    1. Youknowwho


      I uh


      I used to have one...

    2. minespatch


      It's back on your stamp area, so yeah.

  7. Per requested TO THE GROUND
  8. Goes to show ya what happens when you're too busy with some stranger invading your family's home and purchasing them for like 3 or so bucks
  9. Trevor sat up, yelled something about pineapples, then went right back to bed on the extremely comfortable floor. Atleast he wasn't dead, but man, what were the pineapples doing? --- Noctimus didn't like being eaten all that much. He stopped wailing loudly on how he missed his Ma and began to practice his favorite hobby, shaking in terror.
  10. You want it? It's yours, my friend. As long as you have enough rupees. I don't live in India though so I don't need any rupees @DragonMage156 simple lil red he has no arms what horrible accident has he been through? My strange taste of style, thats what @minespatch and heres this for you, hash slinging spatcher. the difference is that I textured everything and then realized i should of done the lines first oops
  11. Not so terrible now, am I? Behold! Something not terrible! More building upon the Timeline change. I'm gonna edit the polls a bit to get your opinion on that Secondly, a request! Oh man, I actually really love requests. Don't be afraid to ask! hopefully i didnt mess up so bad Made for @Paxtonnnn Style inspired by @Fortie <3<3<3
  12. "Tale as old as time, song as old as wine"

    So I don't know about you, but that's a pretty large gap. But what does it mean about the wine? The invention of wine? Or is there just a specific bottle of wine that just so happened to be brewed on this day that the song was made? And I mean the song was made for the movie, so while she's singing it the songs just been invented. Or is this like a thing in whoknowswhere where people just sing this specific song all the time. Or is it a metaphorical song for their love, because that wines still pretty young. 

    Can somebody please explain this I'm an uncultured swine

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    2. Fortie


      It's a mystery 

    3. Mobbstar


      Well, songs happen after the events, they're a popular way of telling tales. Wine as a concept is pretty old. It's well older than most human tales, at least! It's also an indirect comparison to how wine generally gets better when it gets older. Stories usually improve in the course of the years too, as more important and interesting parts are explained in greater detail. Rhymes and lyrical beauty often refine too. Of course, once the general population is too young to know the tale behind the story or song, the story itself might get a bit inaccurate. In fact, songs often do not accurately represent their tales even when most people have witnessed the inspiration, simply because people forget, and some people go as far as to lie for the sake of telling a more interesting story.

    4. minespatch


      Well, the wine part is related to how wine is curated over centuries to get a particular flavor. Hence why wine aficionado's take a particular liking to a  certain year it was curated to perfection.

  13. Possible updates, and silly faces that wasnt a clever title but you read it anyway hah I've been tinkering around with the idea of pushing back the timeline a bit on BE. Possibly in the range of the 1800s. It may require me altering quite a few things, such as outfits, technology, story, and the such, but I believe it may open the gates to a much better overall feel, and allow for a little more wiggle room. More magic elements, perhaps. that being said, It's still in a very work in progress state especially since i havent drawn anything for six days, interrupted by that darn puzzle, which i still havent solved. to let you calm down and not yelling at me for drawing something so horrid, I've messed around and created a bunch of faces
  14. Don't starve right now also pls help still
  15. So, uh guys I know you're all busy being a head and such but i have no idea what to do after this A little help?