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  1. The new boss looks great!
  2. You do know its March 21st... haha
  3. Last Thursday was the three week mark... lets hope we get the update this week. Or at least some info on whats going on.
  5. I know but i was just saying that if the worst happened and you lost all the plants in your world and caves. There are other ways to get grass and twigs
  6. Umm i have a world with over 400 days and i have only ever lost about 5 plants (grass and saplings) to disease. I am the only one playing and its on default settings. Doesn't the portal spawn new berries grass and saplings when there are none around it? Also you can get grass and twigs from tumbleweeds grass gekkos and twiggy trees.
  7. Just to add on to what the others said. The loot stash will spawn at the beginning of winter and despawn at the end of winter. It will respawn the next winter. If you have the winter feast event turned on the loot stash will spawn a few days into the game and never despawn. It will respawn 20 days after it was opened with the event on.
  8. I like this idea. Edit: I got one! Lumper Luminous Viper
  9. I didn't get much time to draw today so after practicing proportions. I drew a draft of something that has been sitting in my head for some time. This was just me trying to see how the body would look. Don't have a name for it yet tho...
  10. I didn't know you could do this. My guess would be becasue the stone is classed as clothing in the code or something like that.
  11. Hey guys, I'm having a really weird day today. I have so many ideas of things i want to draw but whenever i try to draw anything it just doesn't come out right and just feels wrong. Should i just keep on trying or leave it till tomorrow? Jamie
  12. soon! That's all we know right now!
  13. Thursday marked three weeks after the last update. The devs said the next update would come out within the next three weeks. I take it the update is taking longer then they wanted it to and i don't want it to be rushed out. So could one of the devs give us some info on whats happening, i don't like being in the dark. P.S please don't hate me
  14. Twitch chat didn't control the player. They voted on what "events" could happen. Like frog rain making the player go insane ect.