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  1. they should have map icons! I don't understand why they don't.
  2. It's Maxwell's name that is crossed out. Because well Charlie is queen now!
  3. Idk lol im just saying that having the option would be nice.
  4. Well there are many ways to fix the problems you come up with. 1, the game could check to see how many players are near the boss when it spawns or the fight starts 2, Monsters wouldn't change hp. They would spawn with it. so say there are 2 players on and a spider spawns with 50hp. A new player joins making the player count go up to 3. The spider would still have 50hp but any new spiders that spawn would have 75hp I don't think normal monsters should have more health anyway because most of the time its 1v1 I see what you mean but they could just make it so you set the health of bosses. much like you can set the spawn rate of thing now. I feel like the normal monsters health is fine how it id now. Its the bosses! Having a options to set the health would be great and open the game up to so many people.
  5. I have said this before so many times... I feel like monsters/bosses in the game should get harder the more people there are in game. This way people can solo bosses but it will be just as hard for a group of six people. On another note when someone suggests something please don't just say "there is a mod for that". Mods are unstable and often abandoned and some people just don't want to use them. Edit: I know I'm going to get some much hate for this... :/
  6. I could be wrong but i think they were going to let you fix them but for some reason the never added it.
  7. wow i may have to pop into a public server now. It would be nice to come back the next day and see how far they have come.
  8. They did it becasue you need the torch to do the new puzzle.
  9. You have to do the puzzle again to get the loyal one... i don't know why you would if you have the timeless. They are both the same...
  10. The torch is timeless for the people who did it last year.
  11. Did you do the puzzle back when it first came out?
  12. Yea its locked be hide bee queen or Klaus...
  13. Could this be the land on the other side of the gateway? Another thing that backs this up is the green birds! There are no green birds in ds lore.
  14. I need a buddy with steam or kik to talk with EDIT: Dont need one now!