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  1. They are still working on the game... But one day they will stop adding new stuff! That's the way the world works
  2. This happens to me if i don't play for a few days.
  3. Isnt that the player health bar?
  4. Am i missing something?
  5. I'm calling it now... we are going to get Shadow Giants!
  6. The hole is called a Cave Hole... just fyi
  7. The page haha. Its like you can see inside it
  8. I just had to load the page up to hear him... It also seems to be a little buggy...
  9. Yea they are still around! The sets seem to be rare tho. As for the igloos the map will generate 1 to 3 on default settings.
  10. My worlds always seem to start with saplings and slowly over time twiggy trees pop up.
  11. Woodie is one of my favs in dst! In ds he is crap tho...
  12. they should have map icons! I don't understand why they don't.