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  1. How much do you need to pull that off?
  2. Abyssalite dosn't really change temperature, its termal conductivity is so low that it's practically nonexistant.
  3. How did you get the tile into that state? Effective problem might be the same: material layer seems to be missing on that tile. Deconstruct and build anew should fix it.
  4. Make setups with 1 each of wheel, battery, massage table (connected with normal wire), set the wheel to pri9 and the table to pri8, max stress level on the table to your liking (I run mine with 40). This should make sure that the battery is charged in case you need the table, in case it's drained the setting will make sure that it'll be charged fully by the dupe prior to using the table. Regarding the 100% issue: I had a duplicant starve himself, as he was that busy to cry that he didn't eat...
  5. Your decor rating will be bad when you have clutter everywhere. Everywhere where you build heavy wire your decor will be bad. Hide the heavy wire (and generators/batteries) in enclosed rooms and build transformers to reach the areas your duplicants work with normal wire. Can't reproduce your dosn't work issues, most likely you're doing it wrong.
  6. Most likely the other side of the pipe isn't connected -or- connected to an output instead of an input (pipe bridge wrong direction) -or- the pipe is full and blocks the pump. Posting the save file could help.
  7. Looks like you played with debug mode and painted gas over the tile below the compactor, you might notice it's a bit lighter than the others.
  8. Old suggestion, would require a different approach to simulating fluid+gas.
  9. Applying this to polluted oxygen might deny them access to the core base, or more likely will for everyone but the best prepared players.
  10. Restart steam, update ONI to fixed version, press space to continue a loaded save.
  11. You don't have 'Ideal Temperature'. Possibly you have clean water inside the farm tiles that prevents the contaminated water from reaching them, try 'Empty Building' on the farm tiles. Also: posting the save with the problem makes it easier for others (users that try to help or developers on bughunt) to diagnose your problem.
  12. You cool steam below 100°C, thus is condenses to water => ceases to be a gas => has no business inside a gas vent/building. Not a bug.
  13. Read the topmost pinned bug in the tracker, then press space to continue. To get rid of the 'load old game when clicking new game' issue: close ONI, restart steam (or reboot your machine), ONI should update to a version without that problem.
  14. I think duplicants executing their stress behaviour (may it be breaking stuff, stuffing the stomach with food for some days, filling the base with vomit, ...) should reduce their current stress level by 10-20%. Alone to prevent endless loops, like the one duplicant I had that starved over repeatedly breaking a battery (as the others repaired it quickly every time since it was near a compactor with material and they were idle).
  15. Just make sure to not expose them to high temperature or they'll melt...