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  1. French summary (Synthèse en Français) :
  2. I'm really hype. Can't wait a playable version.
  3. +1 For a Medical Upgrade @CodingKitteh : Really goods ideas. For me, it's pretty boring to restart the same basics research at each games. Also, once you have all the recipes you can just destroy the machines.
  4. Here's some tips : - Feed Hatch with pollutated dirt. - One or Two coal generator are sufficient for an early base. Complete your energy generation with the wheels. - Don't use fridges they're useless and use a lot of energy. Simply place your food in a Ration Box place in a CO2 room, it wil sterilize your food. - Find as soon as possible the Natural Gaz Geysers as well you will have infinite electricity.
  5. No it was for you, here's an example : You just need to include 5-6 Hydrogen Generator in the room to optimize the pump. As Risu said, it's more interesting like that, it force us to find some assembly. Also, since the Hydrogen is the lighter gaz, it's easy to concentrate it on the top of the base.
  6. Hello, Since the Agricultural Upgrade, I encounter a display with the Kcal, see that : Before the screen below, my Kcal was 75,005 Kcal and it brutally downed at 2,000 kcal before come back at 75,005 Kcal. Death Rat's Nest.sav
  7. Hello, I think it would be interesting to add the priority system to the Jobs because now, the only way to highly priorize an action is to unactivacte the others. Here's an example :
  8. You have many set up that allow to canalize the Hydrogen, just search on the forum.
  9. Multitool graphic bug

    I've still have this graphical bug with the Agriculture Upgrade.
  10. I've updated my article about the new features : Si vous êtes Français, j'ai fait un résumé en FR avec des images du nouveau contenu :
  11. Stiffled means it lacks of oxygen. I'm prettry sure your room O2 concentration is under 1000 g, around 300-500g I guess. Infuse a lot of oxygen and your plants will grow up pretty fast.
  12. For thoses who missed, here's an abstrack of the new features : Si vous êtes Français, j'ai fait un résumé en FR avec des images du nouveau contenu :