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  1. It's pretty easy to survive with the polluted oxygen, I have a 850+ cycles saves with this strategy. But try to do the same with a full pure oxygen base, it's really hard at this level. Sand is not the problem, you can clean your oxygen with a colding system.
  2. It's an asteroïd, magma can be anywhere.
  3. Hello, Since the last patch, I get this graphic bug : It only appear during the gathering. The Antigravity Laboratory Cycle 174.sav
  4. There's two steps before the release : Alpha test The priority is to bug fix the more bugs they can and adjust actual features. There are also some content patchs but it's not the priority. Early Access The priority is to add often new contents until the release, as Don't Starve or Invisible, inc. There will have also still bugs fix and adjustements. Release They probably continue to add some free contents patchs and bug fix. About the question : "shoud I buy the game now or wait?" During the Alpha Test and Early Access, the game gonna evoluate a lot and the features you liked can disapeared or changed. For example, the Thermal Updgrade change a lot the way to play and it can be confusing at the starting when you playing hundred of hours before. So if you don't like to start over and learn again new features at each contents patchs, you should wait. If it's ok for you, go ahead. I've played 150 hours and I still love the game. So for $20, it worth.
  5. Store your food in a CO2 area is more easy and don't need to be close to be sterile.
  6. Hello, Here's the points, for me, need to be improve or change : 1) The map is too small and lack of variety Since the new patch, the map is smaller than the old version. I can understand it's to improve the memory management in view of the old map was huge and use a lot of memories. I think, a map like that need a minimum of 16 Gb seeing that my Cycle 800+ was very laggy. However, now it's too quick the reveal all the map around 400 Cycles against 800-900 Cycles. Also, I've the feeling to have only three majors biomes : slime, ice and some abyssalite. The map really need more variety. 2) Machines : overheat and repair cost The machines overheat is really too fast and should link with the overload system. I know the water cooling system and others. The cost to repair a machine is really too high and it can exhaust all our resources mainly with the auto repair system. We have a lot of machines to make some heat but only two to produces some cold. 3) Gaz overlay have been too simplified The old one was not perfect but showed the different gaz type. 4) Outfit system I'm pretty sure it's a early version of the system but here's the problems I encounter : All the outfit drop off the same tile so it's really painfull to assignate them to each Dups. Allow to switch between outfit easily. Add durability.
  7. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/
  8. For the SuperComputer here's a solution : Use simply the ice biome, I did all my research without overheating.
  9. Hello, I've encountered a big memory crash that closed the game and I've obtained a Windows Message about memory using. Now, if I click on my save I go to the new game page. MaJ : now when I'm clicking on "Load a game", the game crash. No Wilson's Sky Cycle 311.sav No Wilson's Sky Cycle 310.sav
  10. Here's my strat' : 1. I make few Storages Compactors with no ressource attribution. 2. On the first one, I attribute the Weezeworth Seed only, on 9 priority. 3. Once my Dups put some seeds on the storage, I uncheck the seed to drop it on the ground. And I order to destroy the storage. 4. I wait few cycles until it grows as plant. 5. I renew the same procedure to the new storage.
  11. That's a good job but it's really too theoretic : 14 algae terrariums [...] 1 bio distiller for the algae Impossible, the distiller is too slow to feed 14 of algea terrariums. Even 1 for 1 it's not enough. Also, since the new patch, Algea is more rare and the Electrolyser is more efficient. 1 pump (240W) + 1 purifier (120W) Purifier is not a viable long-term solution since the sand is really rare on the map. And you don't integrate the news problems from the last patch : overheating, spoiling food, etc.
  12. Hello, Before the patch if you put some morbs in a close room, they continually produced some polluted oxygen. With the Thermal Upgrade, Morbs stops to emit polluted oxygen once the room has reached a certain pressure. For my test, the oxygen concentration is blocked at 2777,8 g and the Morbs emit nothing since a long time.
  13. Take a screenshot, it will be easier to help you.
  14. Geysers at the next patch will resolve the problem of the steam generation.