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  1. Hello, I've encountered a big memory crash that closed the game and I've obtained a Windows Message about memory using. Now, if I click on my save I go to the new game page. MaJ : now when I'm clicking on "Load a game", the game crash. No Wilson's Sky Cycle 311.sav No Wilson's Sky Cycle 310.sav
  2. Here's my strat' : 1. I make few Storages Compactors with no ressource attribution. 2. On the first one, I attribute the Weezeworth Seed only, on 9 priority. 3. Once my Dups put some seeds on the storage, I uncheck the seed to drop it on the ground. And I order to destroy the storage. 4. I wait few cycles until it grows as plant. 5. I renew the same procedure to the new storage.
  3. That's a good job but it's really too theoretic : 14 algae terrariums [...] 1 bio distiller for the algae Impossible, the distiller is too slow to feed 14 of algea terrariums. Even 1 for 1 it's not enough. Also, since the new patch, Algea is more rare and the Electrolyser is more efficient. 1 pump (240W) + 1 purifier (120W) Purifier is not a viable long-term solution since the sand is really rare on the map. And you don't integrate the news problems from the last patch : overheating, spoiling food, etc.
  4. Hello, Before the patch if you put some morbs in a close room, they continually produced some polluted oxygen. With the Thermal Upgrade, Morbs stops to emit polluted oxygen once the room has reached a certain pressure. For my test, the oxygen concentration is blocked at 2777,8 g and the Morbs emit nothing since a long time.
  5. Take a screenshot, it will be easier to help you.
  6. Geysers at the next patch will resolve the problem of the steam generation.
  7. I've just made an english version :
  8. Joueurs Français? J'ai fait une synthèse dans notre langue du stream avec captures d'écran et explications, ça se passe ici : English translation : French players? I've made a synthesis of the stream in our langage with some screenshots and commentaries, here's the link. Here's an english version :
  9. Nope, ONI is grealty more complex than Don't Starve.
  10. Yep but with the help of the Console so it's only a theoretical base.
  11. I've some questions : your Thermo Regulator have no Outake pipe? The vacuum room is obligatory?
  12. Could you post the same screenshot with the "Gaz Plumbing Overlay" please? I'd like to do the same thing instead of my contaminated oxygen source will be from a closed room with a lot of morb.
  13. I went Cycle 700+ with using the Contamined Oxygen, it's just an exploit bug since the diseases are not totaly implemented. Try to create and survive a base with pure Oxygen, it will be more challenging and help you for the future to survive. However, you can purify contamined oxygen by cooling it at extreme temperature, see the chinese video.