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  1. Yep, I'm still alive. Hey!

  2. Been REALLY inactive, but I've been studying extra hard in school. Aiming for honors! *crosses fingers*

  3. Holy crap, what happened to the forums???

  4. "hmm, I haven't been on the Klei forums in a while. guess I'll sign on for a sec and see what's up." *signs on* *everyone is Lord_Battal* *battal puns* "Battalpocalypse" "join us" ... *signs out*
  5. 119 notifications. Geez.

  6. High school is great!! I made so many new friends and the work is pretty easy (for now) :D

  7. Starting my freshman year of high school tomorrow. My anxiety levels are as high as the Eiffel Tower :(

  8. I'm going to Cedar Point tomorrow! The only part of rollercoasters I'm scared about is the first drop (I hate heights) so I'm going to sing Hot Problems while going up the hill. :):):)

    1. Percival


      Speaking of rollercoasters, I did a challenge once where I had to keep a poker face the entire time I was on the ride.

      The picture they took on one of the rides was hilarious.

  9. But yeah, I can defiantly contribute story wise. Count me in!
  10. I just found this now?!?! But anyways this looks pretty cool. I can help with the story...and that's really it. RPG Maker isn't avaliable for Mac, and I don't have my Windows disc for Bootcamp anymore. EDIT: Actually, using CrossOver, I possibly could get it to run... My RPG Maker skills are kinda rusty, so I'll have to see if I can get it working.
  11. I like bronies.
  12. Potato chips. Name a type of chip.