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  1. Small traces of a certain gas type can be hard to see, but the more concentration of a different gas type will make itself visible without looking at the gas interface. Clean oxygen is blue Contaminated Oxygen will be dark green Carbon Dioxide is dark grey etc etc
  2. I mean ... I've yet to perform a hostile takeover on a section of a space station in ONI.
  3. Hi hello, I almost forgot how to draw the bishop. I probably fudged it up anyway oops. But hey, have some David Bowie (RIP)
  4. I definitely need a lot more algae to get this base even remotely upright. I had to jettison the basement (the 4 graves at the bottom) when it was sucking up too much power with little use. The electrolizers were not worth the hassle, at least not at the moment. (No advance filtration to really do much) Other than that, its functioning, more or less.
  5. Oh no, no backstory. This is all my idea. Basically, the dupes would be a part of a special post-apocalypse rebuilding effort, should there be one. Unfortunately, the people who devised this idea didn't think about the entire world itself being destroyed in the cataclysmic event. Not only that, but THIS particular Dupes machine was several hundred years too late. Only now did it decided to print dupes.
  6. Jokes on you lot, the artifacts would have to be their original planet, and the portal is simply a failed emergency recolonization protocol that was several generations too late.
  7. Good god, with only 3 surviving dupes? That's p hardcore.
  8. One day I'll figure out how to use the hydrogen generator.
  9. Move over, lemme show you some real memes.
  10. The suffering-ing is real
  11. Also, while unrelated to OP (but more towards the title), the way gasses behave really needs a reworking because it's just so difficult to get the flow and pressure going, forcing whole sections of the base uninhabitable because the gas pump refuses to suck in any Hydrogen.
  12. Notice the massive patch of hydrogen at the top. Really trying my best to fix that.
  13. A bit of automation in cleaning up the base would be great. No androids/Do-all robots, tho. We have the Dupes for that.
  14. I'm surprised no one has made a shaft specifically for piping yet. You'd think having a shaft specifically for regulating contaminated/water would be a p good idea.
  15. Another base filled with CO2. I really, REALLY need to just start the game and make a bee line for Percolation. Get me that sweet, sweet slimy algae.