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  1. Would you say it's still worth having batteries in a bank on HW or just have them after the Transformer? Does this mean you're starting a new colony?
  2. I noticed when i had a layer of CO2 in the geyser, that it was about 10-15C higher than the polluted air. I am fine with the water being a little warmer, it's more about keeping it under control so it doesn't overheat the base. Thanks.
  3. Is there a gas that won't go cold enough to freeze the water?
  4. Why do you even need the gas pump and vents?
  5. This is what i was wondering. Looks like a debug mode because you can't place wire inside natural tiles. That's probably the issue.
  6. At the bottom right below the priority icon, there's a list of numbers 1-9.
  7. I tried your system and it works really well. The room has polluted oxygen inside and with 3 Wheezewort it keeps the temperature dropping. Not sure how low it will end up but this is a really easy solution to the Steam temperature! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Each Electrolyzer doesn't produce enough Hydrogen to cover the cost of running it afaik.
  9. A "blob" of 10kg isn't moved every second if there isn't output for 10kg. If water was getting deleted, there wouldn't be any backing up at all.
  10. No ****. How does that help control any machines automatically?
  11. I'd like some kind of pipe monitor to report the pressure or temperature of the contents.
  12. Ah damn i think i should tap my geyser sooner rather than later. I hope they fix this overpressure. It shouldn't be over 5k per tile at the most.
  13. Can you cool water by submerging a vase+wheezewort?
  14. I mean. The problem is clear as day. Maybe use your eyes.
  15. Try rebuilding your wire bridge and Transformer.