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  1. Each Electrolyzer doesn't produce enough Hydrogen to cover the cost of running it afaik.
  2. A "blob" of 10kg isn't moved every second if there isn't output for 10kg. If water was getting deleted, there wouldn't be any backing up at all.
  3. No ****. How does that help control any machines automatically?
  4. I'd like some kind of pipe monitor to report the pressure or temperature of the contents.
  5. Ah damn i think i should tap my geyser sooner rather than later. I hope they fix this overpressure. It shouldn't be over 5k per tile at the most.
  6. Can you cool water by submerging a vase+wheezewort?
  7. I mean. The problem is clear as day. Maybe use your eyes.
  8. Try rebuilding your wire bridge and Transformer.
  9. Why are you inputting from top and bottom?
  10. Priority on air locks doesn't determine their path finding...
  11. Store slime out of your base or underwater. A single Air Deodoriser on entrances that connect to polluted oxygen is enough to keep it out.
  12. If you can condense polluted o2 into water, you can probably boil polluted water into o2. Probably want to look at this;
  13. Well yeah, the packets can still merge or split after they have had their pressure changed in the pipes. The valve doesn't set the pressure of the pipes after it, it changes the packet once. If you have issues setting the valve pressure, you have something blocking it which can be resolved.
  14. I tried using low to heavy and it kept Overloading the circuit. I had 4 Transformers on almost full load though. I am guessing you had a small power loop in the Transformer or something then, where maybe you accidentally connected the input and output for a moment and it never got fixed. I'm glad it was a simple fix.
  15. I'm all for helping people who need it. To me it just looks like you're being lazy when you could... you know... play the game. Sounds like you haven't even bothered trying a single thing.