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  1. i hate the game ,i hate the story , i hate the plot, i hate the setup and i hate all the prequels. they ruin disney and square. sora sucks.
  2. think is a new entity born from a husk due to some strange circumstance many years ago. don't make me remember the trauma that i have played that game.
  3. finally somebody have speaks with my language. i been waiting for a long time for someone have a different opinion on charlie and maxwell. and i to tired about fans blaming everything on maxwell, and charlie well, you know being a queen and everybody loves her. (her shadow hand is freaking annoying!!) surely they both are victims . i really hope the final update have bitter sweet conclusion to both of them and other survivors.
  4. yay. more dialogs more errors
  5. what if i tell you that skeleton was maxwell? lol, don't mind what i am said i just gibblish some nonsense.
  6. i have a feeling that skeleton knows about charlie.
  7. wanna play rough? say hello to my little friend!
  8. the title said it all, at first i start is a bit slower compare i seen others play ONI, as the game progress such as recruit 8 duplicants or build some stuffs it became lag . i wonder if others experience it? i was using DELL laptop, window 7 premium model: inspirion 1564. processor: Intel(R)Core (TM) i3 CPU M330@ 2.13GHz 2.13GHz installed memory(RAM) : 4.00GB (3.86 GB usable) system type: 64-bit operating system
  9. that's the accuracy of the pig king' indestructable body in game.
  10. put the picture in the spoiler next time.