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  1. I got mine cause I joked how I never got one despite being on these forums for more than 4 years by now. And basicly saying I never was notable enought for one. Well and here I am ha.
  2. Hmm ohh damn right Forums are a thing ^^"
    To busy doing stuff on Discord as well as live just getting in the way.

    But I ain't dead just not as active here right now. Best bet to catch me is likely the Oxygen not Included discord. Either that or Steam really.

    And before I probably vanish for a few proper weeks again a lil something


    Time. Well. Spend.

  3. Happy Birthday Mez. I wish I had more than just the simple words RN but maybe I do something a bit later (whenever I get the time between work and personal responsibilities). So maybe nothing in the next day or two but maybe over the WE.
  4. I think there is only one reply appropriate for that
  5. That's all I have to say.
  6. This this has been discussed on the OnI Discord so most credit goes to there. But there was the idea that the Printing Pod instead of just spitting out a dupe after X amount of time instead should do so after we fed it enought suitable material to do so. The idea being that instead of us having to wait we would need to solve the logistical way of aquiring new dupes instead by seeking for the materials to make new ones. It would also help more early on by making it so people don't expand to much with new dupes thus leading to a slower grow for the newer players (what I mean is a lot of people seem to expand to much on dupes to early leading to problems maintaning the colony).
  7. 24 4

  8. Huh haven't made one of these in a while.

    Yeah not dead just kinda busy but for that have some music to compensate.


    1. Arlesienne


      This is cute!

  9. 10/10 would play as a cactus again.
  10. While concern is obvious understandable we should also consider that Klei at this point isn't the small little indie studio it used to be. I mean damn they recently bought out another studio if that doesn't show how much they've grown over the years than I don't know. As for the curse of these types of games. Most of that comes from developers not really expecting how much of a huge task these games are. And most studios don't expect them to be this huge what in turn leads to them abbandoning the project because even though they try really hard to make it work it's sometimes a lack of experience that leads to the downfall of those games. Why I have so much trust in OnI and Klei. I this a massive task? Yes most certaintly. But Klei has show so many times that they have the passion to get these games to work and make them as best as possible. At the moment OnI may stand at a very early build. But even the first week of release showed how much effort there is in the project. We got daily bugfix updates and communication as usual is very good. Really if there's one company I can see that can make a game like this work and feel finished it's Klei.
  11. Again I went a bit overboard since this is just the second colony I worked on. But even then I barely notice the oxygen drain from meal lice in the grand scheme of things so ehh. But again this isn't just for the current foods we got but rather an idea to consider to make cooking even more viable in the long run. Due to the way the current stress system works having just one or two more ways to help reducing it greatly helps running colonies for a lot longer.
  12. This was my last colony before I had to scrap it due to stress and energy reasons. Didn't need the Mealwood plants next to my research center so mostly the lower area was what sufficed for all my food needs. And as said I tend to rush farming tech ASAP so I got planters with mealwood going by cycle 3 or 4.
  13. So I was thinking a bit and currently I really see no reason to cook any of the other meals we got since raw meal lice seems to keep my colony feed for the most part. So an idea would be that higher quality food could also relieve some stress when eaten. Ontop of later on giving us recipes that may even be focused on helping with dupe stress management (think of stuff like maybe Icecream low in calories for food but will relieve a lot of stress when dupes eat it). This would incentivize us to make better foods as time goes on and raise the living qualities of our colony.
  14. Watch out L I'm coming for your position (^:
  15. Some of that could obviously be on the developer branch that we don't have. Probably a lot of features that still got hick-ups that they need to iron out before they push them to the main branch. As for the HUD maybe they found the new one looked better? Who knows. Only time will tell what these things are but I already want to get my hands on them to tinker around.