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  1. All was well in the community, it was a sunny day just like the days past. We were preparing for the long winter, storing massive amounts of food in our cellars, and for once we were starting to reclaim some aspects of civilized society, even erecting a massive wooden wall to block out intruders and planting a massive farm of berries, freshly fertilized. We would be a hunter gatherer society no longer. Suddenly, it began to rain. Harmless as rain may seem, it was not the rain we were afraid of, but the the terrible things it brings. "WE NEED A LIGHTNING ROD, OR THIS WHOLE PLACE WILL GO UP IN FLAMES" I screamed as I sprinted towards the farm. However, it was too late, As I was placing the lightning rod, I was struck by lightning. In the blink of an eye, a wave of fire the size of our entire base consumed everything we knew and loved. Our first night after the great fire of day 47 was mournfull. We all knew that there were virtually no more bushes in the entire world, and any other resources in the world would be scarce. As added measure, we started to see our first snowflakes.
  2. I second this idea. Wilson should have an aptitude for alchemy, since he really has no other perks.
  3. I think there should be two dryers, one alchemy tier, and the other science machine tier. Alchemy tier:(dehumidifier) fueled like a campfire, has an inventory inside it. Items are quickly dried. Provides a small amount of light. Science machine tier: A clothes line (or a drying rack), made with sticks and rope. smaller inventory, dries slowly, requires no fuel.
  4. What if the washer wasn't for clothing, but for sanity. I think the washer should fill a charge when it rains, and then clean the character when used restoring sanity, but soaking them in the process. I don't know where a dryer would come in, but I like the aesthetics of a clothes line.
  5. I was thinking, what could be the backstory behind some of the characters in don't starve, I'd written some of this like 5 years ago, but I'm posting it now. So what if there was a dreamworld that you can enter temporarily by cooking a mandrake and it will be this vast shattered place that resembles the world they came from. So basically, as you explore you may learn the story of each of the characters. So what i think is that each of them were lured into the shadow realm by Maxwell. Wilson: You find his old laboratory and upon further exploration of it you find evidence of the terrible things he did in the name of science (Details could be found in a log he has of his experiments, feel free to add extremely creepy pictures). His research showed that he was trying to find a way to harness the power of the shadow realm, teleportation, distilling pure nightmare fuel, fabricating living shadows. He put all of his research into a book titled "Codex Umbra". His final experiment went horribly wrong, and unleashed a powerful evil upon the world. Willow: You slowly find burnt bits of wood scattered around until you eventually find this giant burnt down city with a little teddy bear. Upon exploration of the city you find this was her home where she lived with her family and she burnt down the entire city killing everyone. <--This could be done by peiceing together a burnt newspaper. (maxwell is a firefighter on one of the newspapers) Wendy: She had an unbreakable bond with her sister, so unbreakable, not even death could separate them. In the dream scape, Wendy's ghost guides you through the world showing you different important spots, and telling you about them. While she is telling you about how you were playing in the woods, a giant black hand (like the ones that take out camp fires) swipes Abigail away, leaving you alone in a suddenly dark forest. You follow some giant foot prints leading to a well with a flower sitting on the edge. the flower Abigail had in her hair. Wolfgang: He was a brutal wrestler that would often brutally injure people, he also killed his wife. you can find out how brutal of a wrestler he was by peiceing together a newspaper found in one of the shattered cities, but finding out he killed his wife should be difficult. To find out about his wife, you must first find out about how brutal he was in the wrestling ring, and you may find this wrestling Matt with a picture of his wife on it. When you get this it will be with some clues to the location of where he murdered his wife <-- maybe back stage. Anyways, he strangled his wife because his wife wasn't beautiful or something like that. (maxwell is his manager) Woodie: Worked as a logger deep in the forest chopping down trees. He noticed an ominous feeling of being watched one day while cutting down trees during dusk. Then a giant tree uprooted itself and knocked him unconscious. He later woke up as a massive beaver in an endless forest, with an insatiable need for eating trees. One day, it suddenly turned day, and he returned to normal with an axe, but he had no idea where he was, or how he got there, or how to get back to civilization. This story is told through a trail in the woods with a massive treant chasing you. At the end of the trail, you see woodie in beaver form crouched over a dead person. He leaps at you and kills you. Wx-78: In a junk yard, created by young Wilson. "When I started on him, he was just a convoluted art project, I would add pieces to him every day. He started to become my only friend in the world. One day, on a rainy day, I was telling WX-78 about my issues with life, and then suddenly lightning struck him. Sparks flew everywhere, and my ears were ringing and I was completely blinded. But squinting I could see WX-78 glowing brightly... standing... staring straight at me. He went to move towards me, but I quickly ran away." (Wilsons journal found in the junk yard) WX mainly spent the rest of his life scavenging the junkyard for gears to try to maintain himself. He eventually leaves the junk yard, and enters a town. This is when he develops a hate for humans, because the humans throw rocks at him. He returns to the junk yard and begins piecing together a female robot in an attempt to make a friend for himself. Later, as he's animating his companion, humans enter the junkyard in search of junk. He immediately hides in a pile of junk not realizing that he left his creation out. The humans attempt to salvage the spare parts from the companion, he goes berserk, and kills both of the humans. This was too late however, as the humans had already killed the companion, interrupting the animation. (maxwell can be seen driving their car that pulled up to the junk yard) This is told in a junk yard through several flashbacks, maybe told by some talking robot Wickerbottom: Wickerbottom was a school librarian, who also happened to be a famous author. She was known to be notoriously strict for people talking in her library. Students rumored that she once killed a student that wouldn't stop talking and that she never left the library. There is a flashback of her younger days as a happy school librarian, who would help students find their perfect book, and even published children's books. Then one day, a book was returned to the library that wasn't even from the library. This book was titled "Codex Umbra" Wilson. Confused, she brought the book to her study to read it. As soon as she opened the book, she was locked in a trance, unable to stop reading. The book was encoded in strange symbols, but she could still understand it through dark whispers in her head. Days past, until a student entered her study looking to return a book. Confused, he approached the book to close it. As soon as the book was closed, all of the shadows in the room attacked the boy, giving him a lasting fear of darkness and monsters. (wolfgang's past). The boy managed to stop wickerbottom from being consumed by the book, which she promptly threw in the garbage, but she still would never be able to sleep again, and she was still left extremely twisted and wicked. She later learned she could duplicate the symbols she read in the book, having similar powers. Her story is told in a dilapidated version of her school, through several history books. These are the only books not weathered from time. Wes: Wes, the son of the great Maxwell. He had a troubled life, his mother being gone, and his father being a famous magician. His story begins in a spooky house (Think of the uncle's house from series of unfortunate events). When you first enter this house, you'll notice that there are hundreds of balloons on the ceiling. There is a single red balloon that urges you to follow it to tell you the story of wes. Wes had a reasonably normal life, until his father quit his job as a buisness man to become a magician. His first day as a magician, is also the first day wes began having nightmares. To cope with these nightmares, Maxwell gave him a pile of balloons, and taught him to make balloon animals. His nightmares were getting worse, and he began to notice his balloons showing up in impossible places, and seeming to follow him wherever he went. On the day of his fathers disappearance, he was scared to go home. He avoided it for hours, but decided to go inside when it started raining. Upon entering the house, he was immediately surrounded by balloons. When he turned to the door, more balloons moved to block his exit. He tried pushing through, but they pushed back. The balloons begin encasing him, then the flashback ends. At the end of the dream, all of the balloons rush towards the player and kick them out of the dream. Maxwell: Maxwell the great, He used to be a failing business man, and when all hope was lost, he found a book in a garbage can while he was looking for things to scavenge. He read the book, and was instantly compelled to sell everything he had, and to become a magician. His first show started slow, but his ability to manipulate shadows, and create objects from thin air gained him great popularity. In no time, his shows were fully booked, and he was attempting more difficult stunts. He invited a beautiful girl named Charlie to be his assistant in his big show. His biggest show, he would attempt the most daring of stunts of all. He would create a shadow double of himself. This went horribly wrong, unleashing shadowy creatures on everyone in the crowd, and tearing both Maxwell and charlie into two, a shadow, and light form of themselves. Maxwell's shadow form remained in the real world, and banished all those in the crowd, including Maxwell's true form, and charlie to the shadow realm. Maxwell's shadow form then began to banish other souls to the shadow realm (the other characters). This story is told in a large theater with many torn posters. Upon learning the end of the story, the room suddenly darkens, leaving only a faint silhouette of the character, who is then killed by charlie ending the dream. These are all of the characters created during the initial wave of banishments, the other characters come later. I'll also write about them later. Edit: Tell me why I just wrote 1652 words about dont starve lore
  6. I haven't posted anything on these forums for a very long time, but im back for some reason. I think a cool and hip idea for shipwrecked would be to add whirlpools. These would spawn similarly to caves, and slowly suck the player towards them in the ocean. Upon entering the whirlpool, the character would be spit out upside down through a swirling pool into the area. The area would be like a cave, but underwater themed. Exiting the cave would involve the character jumping back into the pool, and being spit back out into nearby water. A little more outlandish, but perhaps the character could find an item in these caves (maybe turn them into a murfolk) that would allow them to walk under water into an aquatic themed biome mirroring the water parts of the world. This would probably be a ton of work though, and could be an expansion in itself. Maybe call it "The Abyssal Depths"
  7. Do you have any idea how large the tentacles attack range is?!!?!? it can literally hit you from 12 steps away, i doubt the attack and retreat pattern could really be used against them. But if this is a problem you could just have it so when you are out of a specified range it retreats back into the ground and begins to follow you again.
  8. Ignore this post, i was having a conflict between my tv and computer moniter.
  9. Personally, it takes a rediculas amount of pine cones to build a wall of trees, so I don't really believe that that would be a problem, secondly, chests really don't serve as walls very well considering a majority of mobs will push them out of the way. And I do agree that there should be a fence but I don't think it should be very expensive. But let me explain how I feel they should work. Mobs: Mobs will only try to destroy the fence if provoked to attack you. Damage: The fence will visibly show that it is damaged and will require wood planks/wood to repair Placement: This should be sort of click and drag to define the parameters of the fence and will have a moderately harsh limit
  10. I second this idea, im not even useing the steam version because my progress wouldnt be there.
  11. There are already wires by the way, and flint is way to valuable of a resource to use it on something like this.
  12. Does it still protect you from the monsters? and you should probably submit the bug in the bug tracker thingy.
  13. The monsters AI is a bit derpy, so they would need to practically rewrite how their AI works.
  14. So once i unlocked Wolfgang, i couldn't help but notice a locked character that i couldn't access. But i noticed something interesting about it, you could see a shadow of what was meant to be there. Now, correct me if im wrong but it kinda looks like a school teacher in my opinion. Im probably wrong, but if i am correct i think her special ability is that she can grow her finger nails which when cut can serve a purpose of sorts. Say down below what you think that character looks like.
  15. I dont really think they should travel in very dense packs, because its a bit difficult to fight back since you can only attack a single mob, or maybe weapons later can hit a nearby enemy aswell.