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  1. I love stargate. I may have to steal your signature. And to the others Re- Bill Nye. Yeah they got some stuff wrong but I dont know many other shows tackling the issues that he boldly went up to and said hey this is something we need to think about. So yeah he got some stuff wrong and there was some bits where I was like- hmmm but I still applaud that they decided to make the show and went straight for the hot button topics. And if its anything we know about Bill its that he is always open to learning more and doing better. Science for the win. Oh speaking of science The White rabbit project- another great show.
  2. Ban Jand because I haven't done that yet
  3. Hannibal, Firefly, Stargate universe (I only like cancelled shows....). Whose Line is it Anyway (UK version) MASH (Classic!) Doctor who Star Trek Bill Nye saves the world.
  4. Ban pyromailman for making me consider having to read over it all and decide if its breaking the rules or not
  5. So lets say you had complete autonomy- what would you change in the game? You say it isn't balanced and you are bored so what would you change or add to fix that? I mean Klei could have easily put in an Easy, Normal, Hard slider but instead they gave us world options so we can decide how we want the game to be- if we want loads of rabbits we can have them. If we want hound attacks off we can do that too. I find these options give me plenty of choice to mix up the world and game, keeping it interesting as I explore different game aspects.
  6. I am not really young either. Mind you I am Moderator not Klei.
  7. Have you ever played Jenga? You see a set up that you know is going to end in disaster? Sometimes moderating is a bit like that, you see a thread or post you know is going to lead to a whole lot of moderating and reminding people of the rules. Prevention beats clean up every time so yeah we can lock threads at our own discretion. I didn't do this one but I imagine that was the reason.
  8. Who summoned me?
  9. Oh...my potatocup... what have I been up to. How did I not see this? XD
  10. @nome Is hilarious, always around to help and lovely @Mobbstar Solves those riddles and challenges! Helpful and always polite and well behaved which to a moderator is a blessing. @LiptonPee Draws the things! Shares and is friendly, just generally fun and neat! @WaddleDee Who is sadly leaving . Super cute and kind, has been amazing and lovely. Just a real joy to have around!
  11. Welcome to the affirmation station thread. An affirmation is basically saying something nice, positive and true about a person. How to use this thread. Tag some people- give some affirmations If you got tagged then maybe tag the person who tagged you and return the compliment. So here we go! @JoeW Makes really awesome games and has set up a great community here on the forums @Asparagus Asparagus is the best person I have ever been shipped with- kind, funny and nice! @Etna Has a brilliant sense of humour and makes me laugh.
  12. Happened twice with two different guys
  13. I asked a guy out "You know I'm gay right?"
  14. Done. Injury not listed but here is the story. When I was in high school I used to do jewellery crafting instead of metal work. It was offered, so we made a jewellery box and a big belt sanding machine was there for us to clean up the edges. So I was doing that, then the corner hit something and went flying. My hand holding it went into the sander. The belt went in the opposite direction so spat my hand back out. I lost most of a fingernail on one finger and had a LOT of scratches. -I was also 3 jewellery pieces ahead of most. So I helped others. Someone was working on a twist spiral bracelet. Soldering the two ends together to make a loop. Someone interrupted me soldering my project- a tigers eye ring. I was putting on the surrounds for the gem. I answered their question then went back to it only to see the person walking off bump the bracelet which went flying- I caught it. It was red hot. I got the imprint of the bracelet on palm and all my fingers. Made a nice circle of burns. I dropped a soldering iron into my lap- I was wearing shorts and it was red hot. I nearly burnt my lady parts, I did burn my thighs and ankle as I jumped up.