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  1. When you try to get into the developers minds you will get lost. If you are very lucky they will just show you the exit and hand you a potato cup.
  2. Ban Dat Shadow for the offense of minor necroing.
  3. forum game

    Star fox is actually an arctic fox and that is why they have white fur.
  4. forum game

    Geni has an uncle who is a jinn.
  5. forum game

    I heard that Xedlord has a hot chocolate and didnt share
  6. forum game

    I heard watermelen started a rumour about a mod and got banned.
  7. forum game

    I heard that fox hangs out in the sky at night- with the others of their kind... stars...
  8. urgent

    My country had already taken steps into hell by doing ISP blocking for certain sites making them forbidden. Nanny state.
  9. forum game

    I heard Dragon actually draws with their left hand
  10. forum game

    I heard that starthefox actually prefers green scarves
  11. forum game

    I heard Dragonmage has seen space. Much SPACE!
  12. Nobody knows how far it goes
  13. forum game

    I heard Star likes Comic Sans
  14. And people wonder why fireworks are illegal in Australia. (They can only be bought and set off by professionals at official events)