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  1. Well, my 1/4 of the meteor was the "deal with it later" method. I just don;t see the mass balance working with true balance. You will fight too much methane or too much polluted water.
  2. I just mopped probably 1,000,000+ kg of polluted water; about 25% of the meteor. I love mopping. (I did feel dirty when I mopped liquid CO2 though; that just seemed wrong)
  3. I agree moping was borderline broken. I am just saying we will need better tools than in the game now to manage mass balance issues as the new bottle emptier will break the "safety option" that exists today.
  4. I stay away from any dripping water designs as I do not want to exploit known bugs
  5. I don't bother with can feed your dupes mush bars and they don't seem to care. Buns is fine too. Berries. Just never bothered with peppers. But that is my point, now you HAVE to do peppers to dispose of polluted water.....
  6. So about the new bottle emptier mechanic.... My current 2,000 cycle base has the bottom 1/4 of the meteor filled with polluted water. I have excess polluted water production because fresh water is unlimited. 4 lav/4 showers produces enough polluted water for my fertilizers so the power gens produce net polluted water. Now, your dupes have a mini portable "voids" for liquids so you can always mop up the excess polluted water (which I may have to do as I run out of space to put it). (You could even void gases if you condensed them like CO2 or O2 or chlorine removal mechanic). BUT...with bottle emptier, you lose this. So now you have to convert all that polluted water. You can do more fertilizers but then you have excess methane. You can burn that but that produces more polluted water. I am not sure which one wins but at best you are forced to produce way excess power to dispose of the polluted water. At worst, you will drown in water or methane. Now if there was a way to make sand sustainable, I guess you could have a closed water loop but I am concerned the bottle emptier will make mass balance much harder.
  7. So you are saying the pump electrical consumption is a function of how much it pumps? I did not know that. I had assumed it was a fixed 120W.
  8. Too much heat

    I am not aware of any bugs/exploits in effect. No dripping water. It is a single pump on level switch inside the geyer's enclosure which is full absylitte tile on outside. H2 is in closed loop pump. -35C outgoing and 23C incoming at 500g/s H2 flow (single pump). H2 room is -35C too. It is possible I am overpressuing the room and not getting full geyer output, room says it is 1500kg pressure so not sure that is the case. I had set it up with an additional 5 weeze in the passive mode in H2 chamber above the room but turned them off and did not see a big change in temps. Has been stable in mid-40's for hundreds of cycles.
  9. There is no opportunity cost. Water is free (geyser) and pump is already pumping to scrubbers so the water to the plants is free (unlike a regulator for cooling).
  10. Too much heat

    5 weeze in H2 room and single pump to circulate to radiator cooler in geyser keep it at 40C. For full passive, put the 5 weeze in H2 room right above the geyser. H2 room is around -40C and return is around +23C. Key is to have radiator in liquid for high heat transfer
  11. close cold biome is good to get to wheat quickly
  12. All my water is on a single pump (showers, lavs, scrubbers, plants) so it is free power.
  13. This is why I just run them at 20C once I have seeds. 75% without much energy seems like nice place to be
  14. How do you like to charge the H2 into the loop? When I use a pump in a closed loop, I end up filled and it stops flow. I do not see any space the in the H2 room for a pump so how did you charge?
  15. Q=m*Cp*dT so I get your point. How cold are you running outlet of regulators? My weeze cooled H2 is about -30C