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  1. Mod sorunu

    From Google Translate: I'm not sure what he's saying though.
  2. @FashionablyRin If you're using the Extended Sample Character template, then you have the common_postinit and master_postinit functions in the scripts/prefabs/esctemplate.lua file. The former runs for both the client and server BEFORE any of the components are added and the latter runs only for the server AFTER all the components are loaded (see scripts/player_common.lua for the exact code).
  3. Sorry about that. I should've put a disclaimer that I hadn't tested it. This one I did test (attached file). It probably has a __MACOSX folder in it but you can ignore that since it does nothing on Windows. scripts.zip local common_postinit = function(inst) inst.MiniMapEntity:SetIcon( "esctemplate.tex" ) inst:AddTag("pickyeater") end local master_postinit = function(inst) inst.soundsname = "willow" inst.components.health:SetMaxHealth(150) inst.components.hunger:SetMax(150) inst.components.sanity:SetMax(200) inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 1 inst.components.hunger.hungerrate = 1 * TUNING.WILSON_HUNGER_RATE inst.OnLoad = onload inst.OnNewSpawn = onload inst.components.eater.PrefersToEat = function(self, inst) --V2C: fruitcake hack. see how long this code stays untouched - _-" return not (inst.prefab == "winter_food4" and self.inst:HasTag("player")) and self:TestFood(inst, self.preferseating) and not (self.inst:HasTag("pickyeater") and ((inst.components.perishable:IsStale() or inst.components.perishable:IsSpoiled()) or inst.prefab == "monstermeat" or inst.prefab == "cookedmonstermeat" or inst.prefab == "monsterlasagna" or inst.prefab == "monstermeat_dried" or (inst:HasTag("edible_MEAT") and inst:HasTag("cookable")))) end end
  4. I got the dash working. It had a few weird issues that I didn't notice when I first wrote this thread...and I apparently was really close to having it done correctly at that point. For the record, this is how I did it in the end: -- In modmain.lua local function RPCTeleport(player, x, y, z) player.Physics:Teleport(x, y, z) end AddModRPCHandler(modname, "RPCTeleport", RPCTeleport) local function OnDashed(inst, data) local x, y, z = data.pt:Get() SendModRPCToServer(MOD_RPC[modname]["RPCTeleport"], x, y, z) end AddPlayerPostInit(function(inst) if not TheWorld.ismastersim then inst:ListenForEvent("dashed", OnDashed) end end) -- In dasher.lua self.inst:PushEvent("dashed", { ["pt"] = pt }) It's not said directly, but it would appear that RPCs silently fail (with regards to the in-game console) if you send them a custom data type (Vector3 in this case). A big thank you to ZupaleX for all your help. Now I just have to figure out how to make it work for nightvision.
  5. I did do this before I posted the thread. The problem was that I was getting nothing printed in the server logs that even indicated that the RPC had been run at all. Here is in-game: http://prntscr.com/fwksw8 Here is the server log after disconnecting: [00:00:21]: New incoming connection|56980 <13598583758756611349> [00:00:21]: Client connected from [LAN]|56980 <13598583758756611349> [00:00:21]: ValidateGameSessionToken pgs-usc^KU_2DNgIYVr^DontStarveTogether^pKP3figVY24xDabhgZExC8/GO4nwxeQugbq5WjWAlSA= for <13598583758756611349> [00:00:21]: Client authenticated: (KU_2DNgIYVr) 保登 心愛 [00:00:21]: [Steam] Authenticated host '76561198057306696' [00:00:22]: [Shard] Read save location file for (KU_2DNgIYVr) [00:00:33]: Resuming user: session/6DA1AAC62AB5194B/A7G8QNL4K9VL/0000000027 [00:00:33]: Spawning player at: [Load] (83.00, 0.00, -73.51) [00:00:33]: Sim unpaused [00:01:15]: [Steam] SendUserDisconnect for '76561198057306696' [00:01:15]: [Shard] (KU_2DNgIYVr) disconnected from [SHDMASTER](1) [00:01:15]: [IPC] Received shutdown signal. [00:01:15]: Serializing user: session/6DA1AAC62AB5194B/A7G8QNL4K9VL/0000000028 [00:01:15]: Serializing world: session/6DA1AAC62AB5194B/0000000028 [00:01:15]: Truncating to snapshot #28... [00:01:15]: - session/6DA1AAC62AB5194B/0000000022 [00:01:15]: - session/6DA1AAC62AB5194B/A7G8QNL4K9VL/0000000022 [00:01:15]: 2 file(s) removed [00:01:15]: unloading prefabs for mod MOD_workshop-375850593 [00:01:15]: unloading prefabs for mod MOD_workshop-709198071 [00:01:15]: unloading prefabs for mod MOD_workshop-347079953 [00:01:15]: unloading prefabs for mod MOD_workshop-666155465 [00:01:15]: unloading prefabs for mod MOD_sendai [00:01:15]: unloading prefabs for mod MOD_workshop-356930882 [00:01:15]: unloading prefabs for mod MOD_workshop-898070061 [00:01:15]: unloading prefabs for mod MOD_workshop-378160973 [00:01:16]: [Shard] Stopping shard mode [00:01:16]: Collecting garbage... [00:01:16]: lua_gc took 0.21 seconds [00:01:16]: ~ShardLuaProxy() [00:01:16]: ~ItemServerLuaProxy() [00:01:16]: ~InventoryLuaProxy() [00:01:16]: ~NetworkLuaProxy() [00:01:16]: ~SimLuaProxy() [00:01:17]: lua_close took 0.47 seconds [00:01:17]: Manager - ORPHANED UNKNOWN RESOURCES: [00:01:17]: shaders/ui_yuv.ksh - 1 [00:01:17]: CurlRequestManager::ClientThread::Main() complete [00:01:17]: HttpClient2 discarded 0 callbacks. [00:01:17]: Shutting down I only included from the connection to the end. Here are the lines I have in the files atm: local function RPCTeleport(player, pt, caster) print("SERVER RECEIVED THE RPC WITH VALUES:") print(player) print(pt) print(caster) caster.Physics:Teleport(pt:Get()) print("SERVER EXECUTED THE TELEPORT") end AddModRPCHandler(modname, "RPCTeleport", RPCTeleport) local function OnDashed(inst, data) print("SENDING RPC TO SERVER WITH DATA:") print(inst) print(data.pt) print(data.caster) SendModRPCToServer(MOD_RPC[modname]["RPCTeleport"], data.pt, data.caster) print("RPC SENT TO SERVER") end EDIT: I popped open the client_log.txt file after expecting it to look the same and instead found a line that's different. I can't find the error anywhere in the networkclientrpc.lua file though (or in any other file for that case). [00:00:50]: SENDING RPC TO SERVER WITH DATA: [00:00:50]: 100035 - sendai [00:00:50]: (80.24, 0.00, -66.70) [00:00:50]: 100035 - sendai [00:00:50]: Invalid RPC data type <--- This right here [00:00:50]: RPC SENT TO SERVER
  6. Hyperactive actions

    If you look at the function that does the work, it does the check for tool effectiveness before the check for the worker effectiveness, which is why you can't use it as a player unless you're slapping stuff barehanded. If your hunch doesn't work out, you could set the tool effectiveness by listening for the "equipped" and "unequipped" events (so you can't just drop the thing after putting it on once and have other people with boosted tools). function Tool:GetEffectiveness(action) return self.actions[action] or 0 end -- So use something like this in your onequip (this is for an axe, for example) local function onequipped(inst, data) inst.components.tool:SetAction(ACTIONS.CHOP, 2) end EDIT: Actually, I think I'm still missing the point, so nevermind me unless I got it right :/
  7. I'll check that out right now. EDIT: It looks like it's all done via the stategraph. I originally skipped over that option because I don't have an action that utilizes any of the 5 (ie. SCENE, USEITEM, POINT, EQUIPPED or INVENTORY), so I don't think I can add to the actions table.
  8. The problem is that I can't figure out how to get the server to also update the player's location. In the components/dasher.lua file, I have a function Dasher:Dash. This function with the OnDashed function should teleport the player a short distance in the direction of movement. As it is right now, the code applies client-side so you appear to warp but any further movement rubberbands back to the original location. That is to say, you end up where you started performing the dash. As for how I've tried it, I added these lines to my modmain.lua file originally: local function RPCTeleport(pt, caster) caster.Physics:Teleport(pt:Get()) end AddModRPCHandler(modname, "RPCTeleport", RPCTeleport) local function OnDashed(data) SendModRPCToServer(MOD_RPC[modname]["RPCTeleport"], data.pt, data.caster) end AddPrefabPostInit(function(inst) if not TheWorld.ismastersim then inst:ListenForEvent("dashed", OnDashed) end end) This was supposed to be triggered by the line in components/dasher.lua: self.inst:PushEvent("dashed", { pt = pt, caster = caster })
  9. Overwrite ACTIONS.FEEDPLAYER somewhere in your mod. ACTIONS.FEEDPLAYER.fn = function(act) if act.target ~= nil and act.target:IsValid() and act.target.sg:HasStateTag("idle") and not (act.target.sg:HasStateTag("busy") or act.target.sg:HasStateTag("attacking") or act.target.sg:HasStateTag("sleeping") or act.target:HasTag("playerghost")) and act.target.components.eater ~= nil and act.invobject.components.edible ~= nil and act.target.components.eater:CanEat(act.invobject) and (TheNet:GetPVPEnabled() or not (act.invobject:HasTag("badfood") or act.invobject:HasTag("spoiled"))) then if act.target.components.eater:PrefersToEat(act.invobject) or (act.doer.HasTag("pickyeater") and (not (act.target.components.perishable:IsStale() or act.target.components.perishable:IsSpoiled())) or act.target.prefab ~= "monstermeat") then local food = act.invobject.components.inventoryitem:RemoveFromOwner() if food ~= nil then act.target:AddChild(food) food:RemoveFromScene() food.components.inventoryitem:HibernateLivingItem() food.persists = false act.target.sg:GoToState( (act.target:HasTag("beaver") and "beavereat") or (food.components.edible.foodtype == FOODTYPE.MEAT and "eat") or "quickeat", {feed=food,feeder=act.doer} ) return true end else act.target:PushEvent("wonteatfood", { food = act.invobject }) return true -- the action still "succeeded", there's just no result on this end end end end This is what was changed about the above: if act.target.components.eater:PrefersToEat(act.invobject) or (act.doer.HasTag("pickyeater") and (not (act.target.components.perishable:IsStale() or act.target.components.perishable:IsSpoiled())) or act.target.prefab ~= "monstermeat") then Add the relevant tag to your mod (you can change this, I just chose "pickyeater" arbitrarily). inst:AddTag("pickyeater") This should go in your common_postinit if you're using Dleiwolf's Extended Sample Character template. If not, it should go in whatever function is your fourth argument to MakePlayerCharacter. To make it so you can't eat raw meat, add this: inst.components.eater:SetDiet({ FOODGROUP.OMNI }, { FOODTYPE.MEAT, FOODTYPE.VEGGIES, FOODTYPE.INSECTS, FOODTYPE.SEEDS, FOODTYPE.GOODIES }) To your master_postinit (or fifth argument to MakePlayerCharacter). Alternatively, I think you can overwrite Eater:PrefersToEat. I'm not really sure unless I actually test it.
  10. Hyperactive actions

    Give your character a custom stategraph using stategraphs/SGwilson.lua as a start and change all the relevant actions to "give" which has almost no time. ActionHandler(ACTIONS.CHOP, function(inst) if inst:HasTag("beaver") then return not inst.sg:HasStateTag("gnawing") and "gnaw" or nil end return not inst.sg:HasStateTag("prechop") and (inst.sg:HasStateTag("chopping") and "chop" or "chop_start") or nil end), To ActionHandler(ACTIONS.CHOP, "give"), For example. I don't think it gets any shorter than that.
  11. I wrote a mod, tested it and it worked. Then I realized I forgot to test it on a remote server (so I was acting as host rather than a remote client). Queue remote server testing via a world with caves and lots of things broke. After a lot of delving into networkclientrpc.lua and trying to rip off blinkstaff.lua + staff.lua to no avail, I figured I'd save myself the headache and come ask just what I'm missing which should be obvious. This is the planning sheet for how the character is supposed to work. Right now, I have the Night Battle Idiot part more-or-less working as intended. Ninja's dash/teleport is broken on the server side (it rubberbands you back to your original location but you teleport on the client side). Sleeping in the day works as intended. Nightvision doesn't work on either side even though I think the client is also running the inst.components.playervision:ForceNightVision stuff. As for stuff I've tried, mostly in regards to the dash: Running an RPC in the modmain.lua file that used a ListenForEvent in AddPostPrefabInit to start it off via a PushEvent("dashed"). As far as I could tell, the server was getting the command but it wasn't doing anything. The command in the RPC was caster.Physics:Teleport(pt:Get()), with both passed via the event. Moving the AddComponent("dasher") stuff around through the different initialization function (ie. common_postinit and master_postinit). I thought about separating the visual parts from the working parts and splitting those between the client and server but I'm not getting an error on either side so I don't think that's the issue. Adding TheWorld.ismastersim checks around the place. Mostly pointless but I had to try. The functionality is in a component mostly to make it easily to "drag, drop and go" for other modders. I hope that making the mod functionalities into components will inspire people to use my components in their own mods to make some cool things (which would also hopefully be of the same genre so I can play more KanColle characters). If possible, I'd like to maintain it as a component but it's fine if that's impossible. scripts.zip