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  1. when i use storage with high priority, i sometimes don't want my dupes running to put stuff into storage for any small amounts. it would be great to say, don't put in less then 10 frost buns at a time, or gather 500 kg of phosphor before putting it to storage so they don't rush any small task and waste a lot of time running.
  2. Fixes: #4, make your fridges where you store food to a high priority, if its high enough, they will always move food to storage once its made. #5, actually you can, but its not displayed, but easiest is to store them in a cold area with no pollutant, or in an area with CO2, hydrogen or other inert gas. #11, if its a mechanical door, use power and set the directions they are allowed to pass trough it, or not pass. it only consumes power if someone goes trough the door. Added: #1, bottom does have magma at some places. but yeah, some stuff on top would be nice, but remember its not yet finished. #5, massage table pretty much serves this function, does use 240w though. #7, could be done with priority settings of your fridges, stuff from a lower priority storage will be moved to a higher priority storage. not sure: 11: i think its heavy wire you cant pass with gass bridge, i don't know why. i feel its weird. maybe a bug,
  3. i sometimes find myself wanting to control temperature in an area, and to do so i often use water or air pipes running trough it to cool or heat, when i do that i want more control over the temperature then just a simple on/off. example, i want to heat up an area for farming, i then use water pipes running trough it to heat, if i'm able to better control the water temperature i would be able to heat it up faster when im starting up or other unexpected events happens, a cascade regulator would then lower the input water temp to easy stabilize the temperature. a simple PI-regulator would do the trick imo.
  4. the pipe is blocked because the pipes are full of water, the scrubber have no CO2 to remove, so it consumes no water. its normal. edit: ops, missed that you have no vent on output on scrubber.
  5. Fog of war

    i agree, at least have it as a game options, like a hardcore mode. but... at the same time it would make it slow and somewhat tedious to build and dig, as you cant make large "batch" orders for like digging or building ladders.
  6. Why this game is lag?

    my own thoughts is if they could utilize multiple CPU cores better, i mean on my cpu, i only have 50% CPU usage, but the game still feels laggy. i dont know how well threaded the game is, but maybe they could make more threads to handle different aspects of the game. gas, water and temperature is things i think each could use their own threads to be calculated, but i'm no computer programmer so i have no idea how that would be solved.
  7. as far as i know, the binge eater is bugged. the description says 4k more kcal, not infinite, someone mentioned that you could stop one, once they eaten that 4k, if you toggle emergency mode.
  8. Heat Rising?

    nope, the air is stagnant, it only moves with pressure atm, hot and cold do transfer/move but the air itself don't move.
  9. I hope so as well, I think that the description of binge eater is that the eater would add 4k kJ to their daily eating, but they never stop eating, easily consuming the entire food stores. Even if it's like 2m kJ.
  10. actually, i think that is correct, its measured in KG. 1 mol of hydrogen = 1 gram, 1 mol Oxygen = 16 gram. so 2 mol hyrdogen = 2 gram, 1 mol oxygen = 16 gram. so 1:8 ration, same as electrolyzer has.
  11. hmm, i'm not so sure. if the heat had nowhere to go and there was no way for the heat to be removed, 2.5w of heat would start to be a problem. but then the duplicants themselfs should be a problem too as a person output something around 80w of heat iirc. if i understood correctly, a day is 600s, 2.5w would be 1.5kJ a day, and if we are heating just 1 kg of oxygen it would increase temp of that by about 1.5 degrees, add a few days and you would start to heat up the area its in, but it would be slow.
  12. actually, i managed to transform a liquid tepidizer from gold amalgam to gold... for some reason it started to heat up without beeing in water and REALLY overheated, i ended up with a solid chunk of gold.
  13. Game performance

    my report on sectioning is progressing. i have currently 40 dupes in 5 zones, Top left, Top Right, Mid left, Bottom Left and Bottom Right. but even so, in order for the game to run smooth, i now need to play on Medium speed. but if i remove the sectioning and let everyone use any doors i need to go down to normal speed to run smoothly. so sectioning the map do help preformance. but, my dupes have alot of travel time, 8000+ s per day. on a different colony with similar amount of dupes they only had 5 000+ S per day. so i guess the need for everyone to go to center to transfer items between sections add a lot of travel time. for me the optimal situation did seem to be around 20 dupes, then game runs smooth for me and work on projects did progress rather fast.
  14. Heat Pump

    what i'm thinking of more specific is farms, i want to cool my sleet wheat farms, but also heat my pepper plants. and instead of wasting energy on 2 tasks. better use small amount of energy to move a lot of energy from one place to other place. my reasoning for more pipes is that both gas and water pipes have rather bad thermal exchange to really use it well for a compressor. also, gas pipes atm cant handle liquids, and if you use a compressor you usually have 1 gaseus side and 1 liquid side. another thing i guess would be a Ammonia cooler. i also recall i saw coolers in a factory near where i lived where they used steam to transfer heat away, i don't recall how they work, but they did.
  15. i would like to have a possibility to easier transport heat around. my suggestion is to add a compressor, where you have a high pressure and low pressure side that allows you to transport heat around, just like it works in a fridge, freezer or AC. i think this should use metal pipes, for dealing with both low and high pressure and they need to be able to handle liquid and gas states and have high heat transfer, like a finned pipe?