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  1. Word! Books are rotten treezombies and 100% evil!
  2. When waterdrops travel through polluted oxygen it converts sometimes to polluted water for me (the swirl/vortex animation must be there) then i mop it away. I used sand very rare because sand is rare ^^
  3. Around 2700 last time i played, but game is to laggy now. I wait for performance update. I have 95% of map uncovered. Game is to easy after startphase.
  4. Why this game is lag?

    " 1. Play small base" that would be very bad and gamekiller for me. I like big bases and what sense would it make to build those networks, when you have to stay small.. Biggest lag ingame i get, when i click on the priority button.
  5. Game should be not to easy. Pipes and wires are limiting space and i see it as gamemechanic now. Hard to plan ahead, but it's possible to build "LagGenerators" ^^
  6. I hope they make the game not to easy. For me ladders are ok, but when they drop bottles and they fall long way down, they should break! ^^
  7. You can configure the electric airlock, who can pass it and in which direction. Easy to restrict movement with that.
  8. Gnihihi, but that is, what makes ONI great for me and it`s so relaxing to watch, when it works. Interactive screensavermode
  9. wow your stuff looks clean and tidy ^^
  10. Please watch into this, easy to reproduce the bug. 8 scrollscreens away from my farm i get the idle notice, then i pause and scroll to my farm (please give quickmovebuttons (store x,y for fasttravel without scrollwars)). Watch the plant, my mousecursor is pointing at, it's harvest ready, but animation or similar is hanging. Unpausing and plants pop out. This breaks my game, when i not do that, down to food warning and starving..
  11. With that weird behavior i used Three microbe musher set to continious liceloaf priority 9 Planterboxes priority 9 and harvest prio 9 Two cooking stations for gristle berry prio 9 Now i use two mushers set to 8, planterboxes to 8 and harvest to 9, one cooking station to 8. It "feels" (sry) that i get the "swoosh" harvest ready, plant grow up animation less then before. There are now always single plants ready, not whole farm, when i watch.. ^^
  12. Set five cooks to cook and harvest only (jobs). When i am not watching my farms (looking at another space), my lazy cooks come to my screen (where i watch), they go idle (notice). Then i pause my game, scroll to my farms, unpause game, plants make the harvest ready sound and pop up. Notice idle is away and the lazy ones harvest.. When i not watch those lazy things harvest, my food reserves drop to 10%.. I have to watch my farms every cycle once (min). A bit funny that they come idle onto my screen (where i am screen coordinates x,y), because they had no order to go there (sometimes only one lazypazy is coming, feels like he is reminding me to watch my farms again and again and again.. Could make screens, when needed, watched it a dazillion times. Sometimes it feels that they like to work, where i am watching (for dig and build too) no difference about distance, temperature or oxygen. Edit/Screens When i use Alt+s to scroll the plants pop not up The screens i added show a lazy visitor and the long way he takes to travel onto my screen. Then the standard paused screen and an eyeblink later unpaused and plants are ready..
  13. Hi @ll, i spent a bit time with this funny game now and i really like it. Best interactive screensaver ever. No big bugs so far, some vents and machines needed to rebuild, biggest problem is for me that my funny slaves sometimes refuse to harvest food and that could be quick end of game, when i would have not so many reserves. I like to have reserves and no one of this cute slaves died so far. The game is not easy, but always fair, that temperaturestuff and gasmixture is fascinating and smart. The savegamesystem is a lifesaver many times. Good game, liked DST very much, but ONI i like much more. I have perhaps 2-4,32% of map to uncover and that leads me to a suggestion. Warpportal to a fresh map, make it expensive 50k Gold to open new worlds, but to manage more then one slimeworld at once. No onewaytravel/restart, expand micromanagement (not enough) ^^ Fast Screenjumperthings POI. I have to scroll many screens around my map to check many things every cycle. Can you make Press Alt + 1-9 to travel to saved viewsavepoints through Strg+1-9 or similar to opt that scrolling, when i use ultimate zoom Alt+s my system lags bad for the rest of the game (restart) Parasitebox Build a cage, place it at the monsterlocation, storing temperature and everything that little creeper needs for 5 cycles, i want to have a zoo! To complicated to lure them together and they die quick while on route 666. Screen overlay for energy or a value you want. Place it in the cirle (gas/energy) and you can get info on HUD. Thank you for this nice game