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  1. lol i could dis u so hard right now. but ill simply state that YOU are not included in THEY and you self exiled yourself from people who did buy the game. also you seem pretty knowledgable about how well its being distributed and ive seen your profile pic before on file sharing websites. basic human spychology and hypnosis. p.s. you still havnt denied it so that shows guilt. have you seen scoprion kings steam profile? not that hard to google your username genius.
  2. gravitube transport high pressure dams loose electrical wires lava energy dams volcanoes high speed turbines 15 miles of surface and dirt shiney fullbright tiles glowing nuclear material jumpscare aliens kreepy goo tentacles :
  3. just fyi i worded this trap to catch flies to honey. we all know its you whos doing it.
  4. i personally would enjoy this game more if it was retooled into an endless game, designed to be tough at first >its already a perfect level there< but the expand into full automation and lead to permanent bonus stats for restarting and or expanding onto another asteroid colony with perks, different plants and monsters ,:) et cet ah ra i wonder if anyone else feels this way?
  5. Please improve optimization

    the time slices are too thin for each duplicant so its not so much lag as it is nanopauses as each duplicant flies through its decision gate. it would be more effective if the ran on pulse logic using while branches instead of if then statements. then if a dupe rins into an already active task it just grabs the neerest task and loses 2 cpu cyclesinstead of whatnot.
  6. ps i already own the game but id be willing to pay twice as much for alot of the suggestions in the forum to appeer in game.
  7. without causing people to go to do that which is forbidden ::every single release version is apeering on certain dirty websites. ::steams security failed about 2 years ago. you should obfuscate or randomize your programs code every release and add high level protection such as enigma software protection system. and or let enigma do all the options for you.. im going to put it out here that there needs to be a new type of software security, something that reaches out online to google email every time a game is launched to garuntee you know the user paid for thier copy of the game. the need for hacking and theft is over guys. time to let it die. #betterworld
  8. 99% of all the games bugs have sprung from incomplete and toggling percentiles. for instance whenadupe reaches 50% on the massager and gets interupted by a power brown out. and the plants are actually creating enough food by a trainwreck of a glitch- if they pass certain maturity levels fast enough and or run into a patch of bad pressure at a mature level, they rapidly toggle maturity levels causing it to drop its seed (or direct kalorie source in the case of mealwood) Directly on the ground. if the game used rounding and clamping such as that featured in all high speed games on playstation 2 -kinetica- for instance, then the pipe line would clear out like canola oil in burritoes. geniusthemaster aka gunmaker aka hyperdyne aka gefluzafix
  9. i think geezers should have a digestion period at the game start to give the old farts time to warm up the bagpipes Xp~~~~