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  1. Transformers and all generators does not put any strain on circuit, its been like this since heavy watt wire was out. I dunno if Klei see it as a bug, its been a while.
  2. I though hatches die if they dont borrow. And how did you put them there?
  3. Why this game is lag?

    Yeah next time will be art. Also a stream before latest one, Yog were talking about how dupes will snatch jobs if they are close to it rather than wait for dupe to come from north pole to do it.
  4. Thank you recap guy, but are you sure about this? Makes no sense if its going to evaporate in bottles rather than when its free.
  5. Why this game is lag?

    That darkening effect for example, there is none if you go into screenshot mode (Alt + S). Would be nice if it was in options/graphics as well.
  6. Why this game is lag?

    Give it time, optimization will come, slowly.
  7. You watched the stream? Estimate delivery date was mentioned.
  8. I remember item dropped had physics...
  9. Hydrogen Leaking?

    Doors are quite bad at keeping the heat out, all the metals we have right now have far better heat conductivity than water. If heat transfer is your best concern, water is the solution. I just dont like how long it takes to navigate water airlocks and the debuff it gives.
  10. How cool down magma biomes?

    I have similar setup down below the map, takes so long too. And i dropped tons of ice in there, much steam, very wow.
  11. Hydrogen Leaking?

    Why you even have a door there if there is a water air lock? You can still use the "door bug", but maybe you want to play legit, up to you.
  12. Hydrogen Leaking?

    See for yourself, it goes down to miligrams.
  13. Hydrogen Leaking?

    You are wrong, i just made a tunnel with doors and 3 block spacing between doors, i placed 10k kg oxygen in those spacing and let dups run back and forth. Oxygen vanishes, it does not get pushed to the sides. And please don't tell me 3 dupes used 30k kg in 1 cycle.