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  1. Dupe-A-Day!

    he run, where to? nobody knows
  2. Mezz oni art *hugs*

    You got Boo down perfectly if I'm honest! Thank you so much for drawing m kids they look great in your style ^^
  3. I'd be perfectly fine with that!
  4. A contemplating Beav Either that or she's staring off at something again
  5. Dupe-A-Day!

    Boo loves to eat dupe meat
  6. go ahead man, just credit me somewhere XD
  7. Nah, Smiffy's no dupe, Alexia's my dupe sona anyway XD Thanks, i'm very happy with their design
  8. oh XD Forgive me I'm very blunt, I don't realize things till they happen
  9. there's actually nothing there I just found the idea of something on their back funny
  10. They're a mug of hot chocolate given the pow er of limbs The shell on their back is just a big bit of chocolate They're very tiny.
  11. They do have colors! Quickly colored that doodle of em hahah
  12. Dragonmage is right! It's m persona! Their name is Smiffy and they like to eat mints and cry a bunch about things.
  13. you think I dont already have something like that?