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  1. i start my base close to the savannas, 1 biome away from it its usually the pine tree biome or the birchwood idk wht they are called though why? Grass, rabbits, beefalo maybe more idk
  2. Not sure, a friend says you can charge WX and it last 90 days but I wanna make sure, and how to do it. I see people using the Telelocator staff.
  3. @Rellimarual how do you know they are going to announce it today?
  4. Yeah uhh, I have tons of beefalo and I'm about to make a few jerky racks soon, and get that meat up on the rack. I'll try Bacon and Eggs soon, never tried it.
  5. Yep, I know where a lot of frogs are and I've killed a few and making meatballs out of them. Although that cannot be my only food source because winter is soon and I believe frogs don't come out in the winter.
  6. New game? darn i got no money someone bought dst for me
  7. Yeah uh, my friend said his friend said that there would be an update with a new character and islands.. I highly doubt this but I'm not sure. Someone please tell me if this is wrong.
  8. I'm thinking about going solo on wigfrid, although I'm not sure how I'll survive the first few days since I wont have much.
  9. Thanks for the fast replies @Donke60 @Quyzbuk
  10. I want to practice killing the deerclops, I died from it last time I saw one
  11. @PillsStealer Just wanted to see what people liked better, also to see uses of each, since I'm sorta new. EDIT: I thought you were asking me why, so nvm
  12. Uhh Juicy Berry Bushes are good for crock pot recipes since you get 3 per bush and you can start a farm, just don't pick them when you don't need them.
  13. Which one do you like the best in your world? I like berry bushes better.
  14. Yeah.. I've never done it and probably wont ever do it. I have 3 friends that have DST so I just play with one of them.