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  1. It finally works!! Thank you! (I don't really know how to set the rules so I put all traffic in both inbound and outbound) I havent really try this server with my friends yet, if i see some lag, i will upgrade it to t2.medium as well or may be switching to digitalocean, vultr, or similar cloud computing system depending on the price. Thanks again!
  2. I've been trying to figure out how to set up a dedicated server on amazon ec2. (since they provide free tier so why not.) and the thing is their t2.micro (Ubuntu 1 core 1G) isn't strong enough to run both overworld and cave, so I launched another t2.micro just for the cave and now I've finally figured out how to put up my old save files and mod on it, the only problem left is that the cave cannot connect the master. please help. these are my setting for cluster.ini (L:overworld; R:cave)