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  1. It is possible but the problem is gas doesnt exactly move that fast (Unlike in real like where it would be rapid in this case.) But I think the issue is that we want the gas is pipes so we can use it.
  2. Ah oops, well there you have it XD
  3. At the moment I think since the game is under development it is neither a bug nor unintended, Insulated pipes etc are the same since a pipe made out of abyssalite does the exact same job. Over time I think it will be tweaked so that using said pipes and Heavi-Watt wires will be needed for such larger power-houses. At least thats what I hope XD
  4. I didn't think that either of those would be possible without having to rework large parts that is why i went with explaining how I would exploit it if it was done the way I had mentioned. That's me assuming that what i mentioned also wouldn't require large amounts of rework. I would also love a smaller pump, I could run 4 pumps at the same time in separate areas of my base to clean my air, heck id even be alright with 80W if they implemented it, would give me much more adaptability.
  5. I don't think it's exactly impossible to do with the current games mechanics, but there is a massive exploit which could be used that would essentially break the game. For this example please refer to the following; IV = Intake Vent, Pump = The New machine which "sucks gas" through pipes, Please note that I don't mean literally sucking, just to make things easier to understand. Lets say the IV vent is able to be aware that their is a Pump connected and it is powered. Then yes it would be possible to do what Buldric wants. Similarly a wire can tell if it has a battery connected (Different systems but same concept) Congrats. Now that's great but there are a very massive exploit that can and would be taken advantage of here. If we made a pipe branch off before reaching the Pump the packets would be split evenly between the two pipes (This means half of it can be put to whatever devices you want. Now for how to break the game. If you put a valve before the Pump you could literally put its allowed quantity to zero, and create a loop using whatever gas is in the pipe to circulate whatever small quantity of gas you leave in the system, this would mean the Pump is always ON & CONNECTED which would then tell your IV to keep sucking up the gas which never actually gets directed to the pump. Connect multiple IVs and you have 1000g/s of gas flowing all for the cost of 1 pump, and if you do it correctly then you could have multiple sections which are all seperated by valves. I really like the concept of having a vent suck up gas if their is a suction pump connected to the same pipe system. But if you do loop the gas and lock it off as long as it is connected it wont know the difference. Thats my thoughts on it anyway, I will provide an image of what i mean when I am home.
  6. All i got from this is basically he wants to be able to build a pump in its own room away from the "Source of gas" that sucks up gasses. (From input pipe device 1x1 vent for example) A vacuum cleaner is a good example, the point of suction isn't the tip like a current pump but the engine which is at the beginning of the pipe. That way he can power it, and have the clunky machine not sit in a place that he wants to look nice Is that correct?
  7. A lot of players have brought this up and I also wish for it to exist, I think like you mentioned with a feeder animals should have a hunger requirement which forces you to either provide them with what they require, Pufts (Polluted oxygen) Hatches (Anything really) The other things (Unknown?) Otherwise players would just multiply hatches and pufts (Unilimted Po2 removal) and coal generation XD. Yes please XD for the love of all that is holy. Then we can have pets in our rooms and make use of their decor value XD
  8. Dont forget they also trap themselves through burial, or someone else does it for them! Or they mine the tile below them and plummet into a deep pool of water.
  9. If you are worried a good wee thing that I always do is let the pump run without any plants, this way all the farm tiles will get irrigated and you can see there are no "Gaps" in the water flow. I dont think it makes it any more efficient i just like to prime the pipes before i grow my plants.
  10. Ive always made my storage tanks 3 walls, so then chances are ill be fine haha
  11. Portable Ladder

    That would just delete the point of a ladder altogether you know. Unless it had limited range or required power or something.
  12. Your early game food is mush bars I think that the Mushrooms will require less resources so there will probably be more of a tiered food tree.
  13. Well no, because then everyone else would have walked in on her too, then they would all die except for her, unless from embarrassment. If you used Ctrl + Q Sometimes dupes will focus their attention to that area, I had my game crash after having 30 dupes all run to a hatch i moved once.... it was horrendous
  14. So 1 plant being fed solely by a pump will get its share in 4 seconds, 10 plants would be done in 40, 100 plants in 400. so in theory in 1 day you could water 150 plants. Personally I have 1 pump for every 35 plants, but that was just due to me being overly cautious... very overly cautious
  15. I think if it were air pressure it would force it down since the air if lighter it would want to be on top whilst the water wants to be on the bottom due to being heaver, But I have never tried or experienced it