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  1. any examples of a polluted O2 cooling system that i can see?
  2. What is the best way to deal with the heat produced by the NG generator/ fertilizer complex you have to make?
  3. Too much heat

    is Klei going to introduce any tools for water cooling in the future?
  4. I am having trouble finding a way to cool the water from geysers effectively. Any suggestions?
  5. That would solve a lot of issues
  6. a creative mode would be grand!
  7. I found a Natural gas geyser, being the total newb that I am I have no clue on what to do with it other than hook a pump and generator to it., I went to over pressure on my vents no matter where I place them. what is the solution
  8. OK I think i got a handle on the very beginning of the game. My next major question, MY dups are happy fed and as long as I have resources from the start zone I'm sitting pretty. What Next? How fast do I need to expand to other regions of the map? What general strategy do i need to follow? etc..
  9. This is the information I am looking for. do you have a screen shot of things needed to to clean up a single generators output?
  10. O2 is ok I keep them away from water as much as possible I pick starting guys that are low levels mostly to start the massage table was not needed until well after i completed all my research the dupes sleep thru the night I run 6 dupes now I was not paying enough attention to the decor. and trying to rush things to quickly (basic newb mistake, I think) Now trying to figure out how to properly exploit a natural gas geyser this time around I am at over 60 cycles with a stable colony so far.
  11. Great advice, I have been playing ONI a lot after i bought it. the learning curve is steep. this thread has helped a lot. I actually got a colony going with zero stress this time. now I am free to go and find other surprising things. like how do you deal with overpressure in the waste vents on my natural gas gennies. problems problems, i like this game. .
  12. I am still new to the game, so am still trying things out on my strategy, I try to accumulate resources quickly keeping my base orderly with in 3 turns i have my outhouse, microbe muncher and research stations up and running. i then research food then decor then put up my 6 algae terrariums then start with cots,paintings and statues. ! only turn on the muncher when needed. I am currently trying to operate with 3 dups only Dupe stress is my biggest issue right now. I cant seem to get my decor up as quickly as I need it.
  13. I usually keep my dupes around 6 in number. mi am finding it very vexing that i can not get over 50 turns even with all the advice i have been given. I'm usually good at games like this... this is frustrating!!!