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  1. I think it's because dupes can already carry so much because of their multi-tools. To carry more, they would need another multi-tool.
  2. There needs to be a better explanation as to what is causing circuit overloads, and how to avoid them. My power production far exceeds use, and none of my regular wire has more than 1000w drain on it. So what am I missing? Do I need a transformer every time I bridge off heavi-watt? That seems excessive, given the gi-normous size of the transformer. What exactly does the transformer do? It's not really explained in-game. The only thing that works is splitting up my grid, but why can't I have one humongous power grid if I want to? If heavi-watt can carry up to 20kw, why, does it seem, can no power grid come close to using that much power?
  3. I think gas geysers should work the same as steam geysers - that is, after they are over pressure, they should stop adding natural gas. I opened up a geyser for maybe half a cycle to make some changes, and it flooded every available gas tile with 14kg of natural gas. If I had checked, I would've seen that the inside pressure was about 400kg/m² of natural gas. Maybe it could just turn into liquid natural gas after a certain pressure.
  4. I totally agree! In the thermodynamic sense, geysers bring a lot of energy into the system, and there aren't a lot of ways to remove that energy. That's been the bottleneck for me in long term games - water retains its heat for too long, despite any attempts to cool it, and everything starts to heat up. The only heat sink in the game is the cold biome, which is perishable.
  5. ikr? They, and morbs, die way too easily. It makes using them nearly an impossibility.
  6. Lol. That is a great idea. I was just thinking how it's a little two-dimensional that the massage table is the only active way to relieve stress (no pun intended). Weight bench is also a great idea. Dupes need a way to strength-train anyways. I think the game needs a lot more end-game leisure activities like this that relieve stress or dupes just do for fun. I also think it would be cool if, when a dupe performed a task related to their profession, it lowered their stress.
  7. - Hunger response is completely ridiculous. With that face? Come on. Maybe, maybe, if they're starving to death, they should make that face... but to do it all the time? It's not believable. - Bladder response is ridiculous. Maybe, maybe if they're about to wet themselves they should make that face, but not all the time. - Dupes don't smile anymore! It used to be nice: they would smile on their way to do something, then have a serious face when they were doing it. That's believable. And relateable. Now it's just so bleak. Why, again, am I working to sustain these creatures if their lives are so dismal? I'm starting to forget.
  8. Agreed - scrolling wasn't obvious in build menus. Agreed - the raw mineral selection is something that took many playthroughs for me to be remotely familiar with, and I'm still fuzzy on it. I think it selects the most nearby mineral to build with?... which is cool, but not intuitive. I assumed it would just stick with whatever I built with last. Very frustrating to have unbuilt structures awaiting obsidian delivery when "I never selected friggin obsidian!" A tutorial is needed. Agreed - num keys for priorities.
  9. That is a good idea. It would definitely make the "amphibious" perk more relevant. The pathfinding limitation would make more sense if it only applied vertically - as in, after a certain point, the pressure would crush their little skulls XD
  10. Can dupes seriously just pathfind through water, please? I mean, I know there's a reason behind them only being able to pathfind through 9 blocks of water - like, they don't want to put themselves in grave danger - but I know for a fact that, when they get close to that point, I can click on them and move them a little further, and then a little further, etc., which just leads to a lot of tedious micromanaging when I absolutely need something done under water. So can they just pathfind through water the same way they pathfind through noxious gasses? I mean, either way they just have to hold their breath. Just walk to the ladder!
  11. I think duplicants' stress reactions should be hidden when selecting them. It's too easy to stack the deck with vomiters and then run them into the ground. It would be more interesting if you didn't know how they were going to react until you pushed them over the line.
  12. I think what you're suggesting is already a thing. If you press deconstruct while in an overlay it will select the right thing.