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  1. No a good way, it adds another gestion point ^^ , because to be honest when you've got your 10/12 duplicants that's it you can run your base. And you never see new faces
  2. I wonder how it could be interesting to propose a system where duplicants get old. By doing that you fully use the concept of graves, you will have to manage your team by minding their ages : an example, a duplicant who got 100cycles is less faster than a young 20 cycles duplicant, and so on. And eventually at the end, they died because of time ^^ , and then you also fully use the system of new duplicants coming, How many duplicants we rejected because we already have our full team operationnal. What do you think about this ??
  3. Yeah maybe i should deconstructe the tile
  4. 5Kg of water in the farm tile, so i suppose it's ok ?
  5. Why my pepperplant doesn't want to be irrigated ? The bubble of water stay next to the plant and wait, but the plant needs 35Kg/cycle of polluted water. Any ideas?? thanks
  6. I just tested the Agriculture update and well .... a lot of challenges!!! But i'm not sure about electric massage table, it's very difficult to handle stress with those tables.... 100% of stress all of the time at bearly cycle 30 ... i don't know... i'm not convinced by this change. Any feedback about this problem ?? or reactions ?? But still excellent job KLEI, you rock.