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  1. So like title says, could we get bigger capacity pipes? For example not first base i build, my resources like fresh water is far from base and i need a lot of water, so i build 2-3 lines of pipes, but then when you want to cross these pipes, its hard, as you need to leave gaps and such. So like heavy watt wire, we could have heavy pipes maybe?
  2. Yes, i just made a isolated zone and put in 2-3 weezworths and then ration box with all food and then storage box for seeds to save. Temperature in my isolated room is now at -40 one side and -8 at the entrace. Food remains fresh all the time
  3. Probably going to Toilet I saw that some dupes do that
  4. Just make a door and open one tile, Simple
  5. I now in a game have a gas geyser that emits 121g/s. So can fuel 2 generators. As has extra gas in his spawn area i fueling 3 now. Saw another one, but dont need it yet, but will dig to it to check output
  6. Had same bug.
  7. Thanks for answers, it was such a nice though
  8. Need help, had a nice idea. I just cool down air and send it at the bottom of my water geysers tank. But what happens it says it's overpreassurises, why? Air should go up and out of water. I builded gas perm. tiles.
  9. OK i started a new game and now limiting oxygen production and building air scrubbers now. If i get the base stable, i will try hydrogen bubbler to purify po2 later. Now try not to open pockets with po2, were pressure is very high like 5-8kg.
  10. Had bug were duplicants teleported or fallen into rock. So probably it is it. I reported it from my game.
  11. Need tips, what u do with gasses in base and suroundings. Now i making o2 and h with electolysers, using gas power and coal power. That also produces a lot of co2. Also found a lot po2 and preassure near all places now is 2kg per square. Gas pumps stop working, gas generators dont work as preassure to high. Started to build and try to freeze co2, but what the general idea to deal with too much preassure?
  12. Duplicant was digging and needed oxygen. Started to run to main base and stuck in rock (not even close were he digged). before big liquid co2.sav
  13. Some duplicants got stuck when digging ladders. Then i free'd them and they runned to get oxygen. Then i got message that duplicants died and now when clicking the message it shows they are in slime. No corpses are visible. Attached screenshot and save file. Darkest_moonbase_going_not_so.sav
  14. Figured out. Shot piece of pipe was missing :/ Pump could tell that is not connected