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  1. It seems to mount to a critical point and then crash the game. Usually around 200 cycles. Then every few minutes after the first crash.
  2. Every now and then as a session draws on I start getting brief flashes of red text in the lower left screen. It's too quick and random to read but i'm sure it's some programmatic issue. After a while this starts to cause the game to force close all together. Anyone else experience this?
  3. It's working now. One of the transformers was glitched and caused a memory leak.
  4. Reconstructing the transformers seems to have solved the issue. -_- Also I learned that connecting the generators directly to the heavy wire with normal wire works fine. It also prevents the dupes from constantly trying to recharge the 1kW supply of the transformer and instead directly monitor the battery levels. It works fine for me. I also am inclined to believe the wire bridges will work fine connecting heavy wire too, but I will test that now to be sure. Edit: The glitched transformer seems to have also caused a massive memory leak. Had to restart my PC.
  5. I've rerun the test without using wire bridges on heavy wire. Now this really SHOULD work properly; but it doesn't. If you unpause this save and observe the energy consumption tabs you will see the second transformer is eating up random amounts of power. The dupes will require nearly twice as much time to charge the batteries as they should. Crashpad.sav
  6. The purpose of this test is to measure the time it takes for dupes to charge the 4 empty batteries. I've run this test with both the direct connection of the generators to the batteries and the "legal" connection through a transformer. In both tests the results are approximately the same. If only the first transformer is connected then the batteries recharge at the expected rate. However if both transformers are connected then the batteries are drained nearly twice as fast even though the second transformer is not "in use". The attached save will load the game with the generators connected to the batteries through a transformer and set to recharge them to full. The batteries are empty, both transformers are connected. There is a deconstruct order on a heavy wire connecting the second transformer. If you cancel the deconstruct order and run the test with both transformers connected, you should experience the ridiculous power drain. Recharge time will be nearly doubled. If you do not cancel the deconstruct order and run the test, the batteries will recharge appropriately with only the one transformer connected. Thanks again for your help everyone. Crashpad.sav
  7. Yes I am. I'll remove them and re test.
  8. Even if they did thats a LOT of decay. If you unpause and let the system run out of power you will notice the first transformer goes dark with 0.0J Power Available requesting 1kW from the network. The second stays at full charge indefinitely. I don't see decay especially not at the rates exhibited during power flow. In short this network is sending 360-720W of power into the void..
  9. Okay. Thanks for your help Xuh, in this .sav there are not machines consuming power on the second transformer. If you view the energy tab of the battery network you will see that the second transformer will demand 360/400W of power in short and long bursts. If you click the second transformer you will see that its Power Available is already 1kW. If no machines are drawing power from the transformer, and it's internal storage is already full, how can it be sucking up 360-400 power every few moments? Please load the save view the networks unpause and monitor. Thanks for your help! PowerTest2.sav
  10. You may be right, let me run more tests. Another issue I had with connecting the generators to the battery network through a transformer is that the dupes would run the wheels constantly even though all batteries were fully charged. It may be that the batteries were consuming the storage of the transformer and thus called for immediate recharge. Either way I found that connecting directly to the network allowed wheels to monitor when battery was low and act appropriately. It's worked well before, but this seems to be a different issue.
  11. Below is the .sav file. PowerTest1.sav
  12. I've disconnected the manual generators entirely, I'm not sure they are the issue and have connected them directly in the past. In the image below the batteries are connected to the transformers and then output through normal wire. The issue persists without the manual generator connection.
  13. I disconneted the normal to heavy, but the issue persists. The first image shows the heavy watt network consuming 1.1kW of power. 720 and 400 The second image shows the second transformer only consuming 240W at the time.