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  1. Yep, except we can try over.
  2. No, Sixth time's the charm.
  3. I hate this puzzle.
  4. Here's the new code.
  5. Here's the new code.
  6. Here, do I have it the same as yours?
  7. I sent you a friend request, and here's my second set of tiles. I'm not completely sure on what to do for this part, so let me know what it is that you want me to do.
  8. Thank you! I put them in!
  9. Well, now I'm looking for someone to do this with again, people keep bailing on me.
  10. Here's my code.
  11. I'll do it, just let me know your code, and I'll show you mine.
  12. I need a partner, I'll do the black code. I just need someone else to do the gold code.