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  1. NOTES: If you spawn after server-day 10, you have to solve 5 days on the server to be able to open chests/chesters/crockpots/backpacks or to dig out bushes! This affects all chests/chesters/crockpots/backpacks, also your own set-up ones. You'll also drop all on quit, till you solved your 5th server day. This is a simple protection feature! Keep your game and mods up-to-date. The server will update the game and mods on every restart. You have to join the steam group, otherwise you can't connect to the server!
  2. Hi you're looking for action and fun. Just join our [DST]How 2 Survive steam group. SERVER: server: [GER]How 2 Survive search for it under: Server-List Therefore type: How 2 Survive for your search, to check the ONLINE / OFFLINE status. server settings: mode: endless cooperative high loot PW: none (yet) / access ONLY for steam-group members max. players: 12 large/huge world with caves resets from time to time PVP and raiding is allowed! Drop all on quit and death during the fist days on the server! It's not allowed to steal personalized chesters -> results in ban! mods: a lot (check the linked client & server mod collection inside the forum) special griefing protection (no fire spread, simple griefing protection, personalized chester, no chest-protection or chest-ownership -> but buried treasure) server online times: check the forum announcements for further informations NO GRIEFING, CHEATING OR HACK using allowed: cheaters will be banned permanently! Don't forget to read the RULES before joining! no abusive language! Stay fair and connected! Hope to see you soon on our dedicated server!