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  1. I want that- she could slide on the surfboard instead of walk, it would be faster, but would use durability on the surfboard. But that might not make sense though. Ah, whatever, I still want it.
  2. Hmm, I think the thing to do for Walani is just to replace the surfboard, or completely redo it. I mean, sleeping on it is ok, but that's not exactly a great perk. I think a good way to make or rewrite a character is to find their skill relating to personality, and fault also relating. Maybe less sanity drain but also less damage when attacking? Or maybe, she would need to sleep in order to stay sane, but could sleep on surfboard. So she'd be pretty reliant on the board, but would always have sanity.
  3. Well all the characters look neutral unless you use an emote, but ok, I'll see if she looks ok smiling.
  4. And as to you, I honestly can't tell if you're serious or not. Either you're being sarcastic or you say 'truly' in everyday speech. Either way, I don't know what to say to you.
  5. I did a pretty decent fan art of Willa, or at least decent considering that I can't draw. I know it's not great, but it's OK, so...
  6. Hey people, sorry if I didn't alert you, but I have Chapter One written! So it's not perfect, but I'm willing to accept criticism. Check the main post, I edited it into that. Sorry if you already knew it was there. But I posted it day before yesterday and no one said anything, so here is an official announcement for you!
  7. Who else thinks there should be a special skin for us tablet players? I dunno how they'd confirm it, but still.... maybe enter your Apple ID & it senses you purchased it? That might not work. Well whatever.
  8. Interesting! Great ideas there- I had the thought of having an acrobat character, as we have a strongman and a clown, that could finish the circus trio, and leaping could be his/her power.
  9. Ok thanks! If you want to mod any of them, I'd love that! So you're saying I should cut out Willhemina's parasol and robe? I worry that leaves her a little underpowered. But I'm open to the idea, certainly.
  10. I will once it's written! I'm almost done, sorry if this is taking a while but I have very little time. By later today or tomorrow afternoon for sure, I'll have it done.
  11. Yeah, that's what I said. Walani doesn't fit in, I just like playing her the most of the SW characters. I agree- a new character would be great, and I'm very curious about Winona.
  12. But none of the SW characters even make sense in DST anyway, so it's unlikely they'll be implemented anyhow. I mean, imagine having a monkey running around. Doesn't exactly fit in, now does it? So, I basically chose Walani because she's cool, I don't really want any of the SW characters in DST. Sorry to the people who do, but they were made with a theme, and that theme doesn't go with the theme of DST.
  13. Looking for some one who can draw all of the DS and RoG characters, I have a plot for a fanfic, but I reeeally want it to be a comic, so who can draw? (Cause I really can't draw) My main characters will be Wilson, Wendy, Abigail, Wigfrid, Webber and Maxwell, although Charlie will also appear a bunch. If you're interested, show me how you draw these characters. I would like some one who's pretty flexible, because I can be kinda particular and that can come off as rude, unfortunately. In advance, if I'm like 'I don't like how you draw their nose' or something, just say I'm being petty and I'll probably stop. I promise I won't take offense, since I know I am petty. Please let me know if you'd like to help! Seems like I've found someone, thanks Minespatch! *Please note, this is just a first draft of the very start. If my writing isn't it's best, I apologize. Also yes, Wigfrid is supposed to be overly dramatic* the script for the very beginning is done, it is inclosed below, and more is on the way. I'm going for pretty short chapters, that way I can probably write 1-3 a week. And #2 is here as well! Because of the completely maddening formatting, you have to click though two spoilers to get to it, my apologies!
  14. @_Q_, hi there. I'm not good at this game. I actually kinda suck at it. And you know what? If it was made harder, I wouldn't survive to day 10. I am not a whining noob, I've never made any complaints about the difficulty of this game. But I am not an experienced player, I rarely make it to winter, much less through it. I am generally low on food, I never remember to trap rabbits, I sometimes run around for days trying to find a rocky biome. And I enjoy it. But what I would really like to do, is get to the stage where I can build a giant base, take over a biome, move to the Ruins maybe. Was there a point to me telling you all that? Maybe not. But I wanted you to know not everyone shares your views and experiences. And I get that you're bored. But this is going nowhere. You keep complaining, so why don't you go play something else? You clearly don't like this game anymore. Fine. Move on. And leave the forums. Please. If you won't accept my suggestion, then no one can help you. And no one is going to listen to you complaining. I will not reply, neither should anyone else.