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  1. Yup, the rerolling 1000000 times is just time wasted
  2. I know this is a single player game and alpha and all that. But am i the only one who feels annoyed, angry and depressed when i see people playing the game by exploiting? Like, Hydro bubler in vacuum with water / Door bug, where dupes ignore the doors, but the doors still have effect / putting storage in vacuum to not use power ?
  3. I think this is going to be in DLC 1 year after release
  4. YES , Please
  5. I mean it makes a lot of sence. Just make plant that can make oxygen out of CO2 if you give it light and poluted water From the last stream poluted water to plants is already there. Also the hanging plant is in the next patch as well. Maybe that is it
  6. I think the guaranteed thing would be Nuclear with Uranium biome and special costumes to enter it.
  7. Yeah same for me i5 7XXX (Something) GTX 1060 , 16 GB RAM. To improve loading times consider SSD - its magic Windows loads in 5 secs. Game 1 sec. mmmm....SSD.... Especially lag comes in with ~ 100+ cycle, ~ 8 dupes and in the Overlays of gas or anything else moving.. Alpha...
  8. I kinda get what you want, but imagine you use all your gold for random item because gold is closest to your bulding item ? is that what you would really want ? What i would like is to have default material set to the one which you have the most maybe.
  9. I am with Eggzotic egg here. There are ways of making this kinda work, but its really not efficient. You definetly cannot get reliable energy from electrolyzer now and its jsut annoying. I mean Hamster wheels work fine ~ 2 Wheels / 4 large batteries u get all you need. But i want to progress from that and Hydro Generator works, but not all the time, only 50% max, when you got enaugh Hydrogen. Which in IMHO is annoying.
  10. Hello Guys, After Playing a lot of ONI, I got one question left to answer. What End game should be ? Anno style - Mega economy / research ? Rimworld - Combat/ defense ? Tropico - Politics ? Factorio - you all know what its about The question is probably starting with this: 1) Should they copy one of those styles or 2) Should they combine them / make something new ? - Like Alchemy system, where you create unimaginable materials and build unimaginable items, Gas Cars / Stone Water etc. to make a world where all the normal world physics/chemistry rules do not apply or are opposite.