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      Rhymes with Play - Don't Starve Together (Update 217524)   05/25/2017

      Be sure to join the Klei team on our official Twitch channel, where we will be playing and talking about the recently released Update 217524 for Don't Starve Together! As always, the stream will be going live on Thursday, May 25th at 3:30 PM Pacific (10:30 PM UTC), only on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast. Where is it?
      On our official Twitch channel here:
      10:30 PM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
      6:30 PM ET (East)
      5:30 PM CT (Central)
      4:30 PM MT (Mountain)
      When is it?
      Thursday, May 25th at 3:30 PM Pacific (10:30 PM UTC). Here's a handy tool to figure out what time that means for you:
      http://www.worldtimebuddy.com Check out the update thread for more details and for discussions!


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  1. Oh, thank you for replying instantly. I'm glad there is one, I usually check in the dont starve together section only
  2. I would Love to have a fan art section on the forums, where we can send our fan art!
  3. I have checked every other post yet still haven't found what I wanted. These are my current issues: 1): Cant find "Save" In "Do Not Starve Together" Folder 2): when I use the search system in windows 10, I can only find "Survival_1" (I DO have a world in slot one, but I want the main world which is in slot 2) How does this work exactly? Are all slots saved in survival_1? Are all slots saved in donotstarvetogether -> Client Save -> Server temp? All the methods were different, thank you for your time.
  4. Oh wow, I didn't see this. Is there a way to change it after the world was spawned? Via coding maybe?
  5. How about a mod that would remove mating season? I can't seem to find one, and any help would be amazing because I am terrible at coding.
  6. Is there this mod? I have seen it in a server but I have no idea how they found it/did it!