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  1. Oh, thank you for replying instantly. I'm glad there is one, I usually check in the dont starve together section only
  2. I would Love to have a fan art section on the forums, where we can send our fan art!
  3. I have checked every other post yet still haven't found what I wanted. These are my current issues: 1): Cant find "Save" In "Do Not Starve Together" Folder 2): when I use the search system in windows 10, I can only find "Survival_1" (I DO have a world in slot one, but I want the main world which is in slot 2) How does this work exactly? Are all slots saved in survival_1? Are all slots saved in donotstarvetogether -> Client Save -> Server temp? All the methods were different, thank you for your time.
  4. Oh wow, I didn't see this. Is there a way to change it after the world was spawned? Via coding maybe?
  5. How about a mod that would remove mating season? I can't seem to find one, and any help would be amazing because I am terrible at coding.
  6. Is there this mod? I have seen it in a server but I have no idea how they found it/did it!