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  1. For Internet Explorer users it is.
  2. Walking Cane can't be consumed by using, therefore none of us soaks Lazy Explorer in lureplant's gastric acid, so I don't know how it disappears unless it disintegrates into atoms after being unstable at 5%, but then I wonder how our characters & other items aren't affected by it? Better than nothing but still refuel option would be more convenient as it wouldn't require grinding and visiting Ancient Pseudoscience Station. Each time you have 99.98% chance to get something else, so it's all up to RNG Gods. Also I summed everything else that it feels more like grinding than exploring when you need to craft it from the scratch every time.
  3. Is it logical that something made of indestructible item (Walking Cane) can be fully destroyed? Orange gems that were enchanced with nightmare fuels can wear out - which could be refuelable in the same way. 0.02% chance and you need 2 "Lazy Explorer" sounds more like "Lazy Grinder" this way.
  4. I always thought of Lazy Explorer as a waste of orange gems & The Walking Cane (well it still can be used as one when it reachs 5% of durability but tought of it being 1 miss-click away from disappearance is annoying). How about making it refuelable with nightmare fuel like Bone Armor & Shadow Thurible?