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  1. Sure. OnFile Decker: I think his ability is a little underrated to be honest, but at the same time it isn't really the kind of thing you go out of your way for and dedicating an entire agent slot strictly to daemon sniffing is a bit underwhelming. I have several ideas: (1) To keep him in line with his security-circumvention mantra, I thought about buffing his augment so that he can pass through lasers without triggering them. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to do this with how laser.lua is set up. (2) Switch his item and augment: give him a special cloaking augment and make his starting item a scan chip. Not sure how I would work this, but it was an idea. (3) Change his daemon sniff to a daemon kick, so essentially he gets a local "Taurus" effect. This is probably the one I'm leaning towards most. Even though its technically a change in how he works, its still serves the counter-daemon purpose. Archive Xu: His ability is actually good, but... I feel like it puts him in a weird spot, mainly because you can only get one bonus per turn. Want to cloak so you can melee a guard? You'll miss out on a PWR bonus for the disruptor. Hamstring yourself to one item per turn and you can end up with some awkward situations. Run item combos and you're potentially missing out on precious PWR, which at that point I might question why you aren't just running a good generator or OnFile Prism. Then, of course, you have the issue of trying to make sure you have enough items to use if you're running higher cooldown items (Cloaking rigs, EMPs, etc.,) so wasting bonuses can become even more problematic. My thought is to extend the max PWR bonus per turn to 3: get 2 PWR for the first item usage, and 1 PWR for the second should you choose to use it. This gives him a little more flexibility with item combos; it still isn't as efficient as waiting, but the "pick-your-poison" strategy might be a little better balanced. Olivia: Its simple... Olivia's ability is the only one that is directly nerfed by playing on Expert or higher. With the universal -1 KO time for all agents, she goes from generating a base +3 PWR bonus to a base +2 PWR bonus. That's actually a pretty huge difference in my opinion, and when you consider how infrequently you can attack sometimes (guard numbers + cooldowns,) I again would argue there are better PWR generators out there. You could also argue that she scales horribly on Endless with all the KO resistance and potentially having to invest in piercing augments over KO augments, but I'm more looking at her early-game/campaign viability then that. If you can get Titanium Rods early she could get pretty busted? I'm not sure yet what I want to do with her. One thought I had was to make her PWR bonus based on the target's armor level. Or maybe she's not meant as a PWR generator so much as a unit who can offset her own Volt/Thermal Disruptor costs? Hmm. Edit: What if I buffed Olivia's augment so that her melee attacks also ignore a guard's KO resistance? Its situational but it could make a nice "quality of life" improvement to her overall viability.
  2. Hey all! Newcomer here! I just found Invisible Inc. earlier this year and immediately fell for it. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I don't have a problem saying this is my favorite TBS game of all time. The gameplay is just so rich and intelligent. AAAAH. Anyway, being the tactician that I am, I began to muse about different ways the game could be played and how even more depth could be added to it. However, despite being a programmer by trade, I tend to have an aversion towards trying to understand other people's code. For the hey of it, I decided to start digging into Invisible's scripts this past weekend and, hey, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be! Klei writes some really nice code. So I thought I'd pop on and share the prototype of my first mod. -------------------------------------------------------------- Manta Mod 0.1.zip Little is known about codename "Manta" except for the stories that claim she was once an undercover saboteur for the corps. Even if it were true, she is shackled to them no longer, now working for Invisible for reasons as mysterious as her past. Besides starting with Lvl. 2 Anarchy and a personalized Buster Chip (read: Buster Chip I with no skill requirement, even though she'd meet it anyway,) her augment is "Atrial Capacitors," a sharp full-body boost that Manta must maintain a strong focus to control: Door peeks always have full vision At the start of each turn (except the first one,) gain +3 AP if no attacks were performed on the previous turn Manta is focused on a more stealth/pacifist style of play. AP bonuses allow her to move quickly while closed door peeks can give her info without compromising her position. Once she's where she wants, she can sabotage mainframe objects with her buster chip. Finally, the starting boost to anarchy means she can steal key items (like security cards) while, again, not alerting her foes. There's still a bit of work to do. Manta is still using the "Bryant" models from the example mod I built off of (if anyone knows where I could get artistic help, that would be appreciated,) but I wanted to put this out here in case anyone wanted to fool around with her and give input. My vision for her originally was simply something of an AP-centric agent (I figured an AP-boosting ability would be an easy place to start) and it sort of morphed into this. Though it isn't hard to get the AP on a consistent basis with her, AP isn't exactly a premium resource in this game like, say, PWR. After some thought, I decided to give her the "360peek" ability as a way for her to wage a stronger type of information warfare. I feel like she could be the kind of agent that, while her individual boosts aren't super impressive, the sum of her parts can reward consistent, intelligent play. Hopefully we shall see. Thanks for reading everyone.
  3. I'm looking towards pushing out the first version of my "starting loadout plus" mod soon. It'll probably only have the Power Drip and Faust changes to begin with, but I think that's fine. I also think I'm going to bump up Power Drip's bonus threshold from 14 to 15: being guaranteed +1 PWR per turn with no drawbacks is still pretty useful (even if its a bit vanilla and boring by itself,) so the bonus needs to require some significant effort to get and maintain. I hope this also balances it better in comparison to Dynamo and Faust, the other "+2" generators. Once I've got that out, I may shift focus to adding a couple of new programs or modifying some agents (hence the title using "loadout" instead of "programs.") Like the default starting programs, I'm not so much looking to redo anybody so much as I want to enhance/tweak their abilities in line with how they already operate. The agents I've currently got on my radar are OnFile Decker, Archive Xu and Olivia.
  4. I had this big long post I was gonna write with all these examples, BUUUUUT this is more succinct and to the point. With the time you spend waiting to get its cost down, there are several other programs that could be doing what it does (or close to it) more efficiently. Even if you save it until 0 PWR cost in its current incarnation... well, even Mercenary can give you more bang for the buck at that point (and doesn't require an upfront waiting time.) I thought about making a version where the cost doesn't fully reset every use, where instead it only gains +2 PWR cost per use and caps out at the base cost. But waiting and subsequently having a 0 PWR, 2 firewall breaker every other turn could be a bit too extreme, not to mention it makes it even MORE similar to its counterpart Mercenary. Though I think patience is the key strategy with Golem, I'm now thinking I might go for a condensed cost drop. My thought is to instead halve the power cost each turn (rounded down,) going from 4>3>2>1>0 cost progression to a 4>2>1>0 cost progression. Alas though, I'm not sure about this either, as I think even that makes it too powerful: you could use it twice per turn and still have the same costs as Lockpick 2.0. I'm not sure, even the small tweaks seem to sway its balance pretty hard. Its not a bad program... its just sort of mediocre.
  5. How do you guys feel about the two programs Golem and Mercenary? I've come to understand better how you can use them, but when I look at the two of them they seem far too similar in that they both rely on sparse and precise usage to be the most effective. The differences in how they change (total turns waited vs. alarm level) give them a little more flavor, but not enough that they feel like two super distinct programs in my eyes. Which of those two do you use/prefer? Which one, if either, would you like to see changed?
  6. Yes, that's essentially what I have now. But if I correctly understand the code Cyberboy referenced, after Alarm Level 6 "TRG_ALARM_STATE_CHANGE" goes off every turn to keep the max countermeasures continually triggering. I do not think spawning daemons every turn, despite it being Alarm Level 6, is even close to being balanced. On top of that, the Faust description would either have to be slightly misleading or be convoluted/excessive to explain the special technical circumstances that occur after Alarm Level 6.
  7. Thanks for the insights guys. I think the required change here should be pretty simple: as soon as I hit Alarm Level 6, I switch on a boolean variable to stop Faust's daemon spawning. Even better: if there is an engine variable or something similar that indicates maximum alarm level, I could use that for the check so compatibility is maintained with other mods that change the alarm level count.
  8. That doesn't sound like fun to you? Edit: Wait, if what you say is true, wouldn't that mean Archive Internationale generates 12 PWR per turn at max alarm level? I mean, maybe that IS how it is, but it sounds a bit over the top.
  9. I've been running two different campaigns lately: one for testing Dolphin on Expert and one for my "Power Drip" revamp on Expert+. With the latter, one of the things I've noticed is that vanilla Power Drip seems boring in part because its so static: its just +1 PWR forever with no pros or cons. By adding the +2 threshold, there's a new incentive to play strategically with your PWR. To further elaborate: the starting loadout I ran with the new Power Drip was Rapier, Archive Prism and Archive Internationale... with that last agent choice being something I considered pretty mediocre at one point. So many synergies: Maintaining a +2 threshold on Power Drip essentially means I can keep the Projection Mesh up indefinitely. Rapier keeps early PWR usage more economic, meaning I have a better chance to hit the threshold early. Not only does Archive Internationale help offset late-mission Rapier, but it can also let me splurge on PWR costs near alarm level increases without having to sacrifice the Power Drip bonus. In other words, I'm having a lot of fun with that playthrough. I picked up Abacus 1.0 too, so you could say I'm psuedo-testing it for Expert difficulty too (-1 starting PWR difference from vanilla Expert starting PWR.) I still want to push a "Starting Loadout Remix" mod at some point. I'm less keen on making some of the other changes I mentioned earlier, but based on my conclusions with Power Drip so far, I have an idea for Faust: Faust : +2 PWR per turn. Spawns a random daemon every time the alarm level increases. Statistically, this is actually a nerf: 20% chance of spawning a daemon means 1 in 5 turns, which is one alarm level's worth of turns. However, if you increase the alarm level faster than normal, statistically you'll be seeing more daemons. But with the change you get more predictability, and I'd say this also gives more incentive to play in a quick, stealthy manner. Thoughts?
  10. On that note, Net Downlink was another augment I thought might be really strong on her. With that and Torque Injectors, she could potentially do some crazy stuff... not that there aren't crazy-busted combos already (ever tried Subdermal Cloak and Chameleon Movement?) They make for a nice punch that make the game more fun; nonetheless, I still think the attack consumation is a smart idea, as even with that restriction I'm fairly confident she'll still be useful. Probably not as straightforward as the Anarchy-Econchip change I wrote up. Since buster chips aren't character-exclusive, the change would probably be in the requirement checking code. Then I'd have to somehow check for the Dolphin augment, verify the item in question is a buster chip, make sure the item tooltip changes appropriately from agent to agent, etc. I'd rather keep things consistent anyway since, as stated, the buster chips aren't character-exclusive.
  11. Ah, didn't know about that one... this is what I get for showing up so late to the modding party. The attack consumation isn't something I'd thought of, and its actually a pretty good idea. I did have some concerns that late game she could become a firewall-breaking monster, especially if you run her with Torque Injectors (Buster Chip III's with range and 2 turn cooldowns? Yes please.) Making it consume an attack could prevent her from going completely ham, even if it might slow her down in some of the late-game dilemnas I mentioned above.
  12. I've been playing around with Dolphin, and so far I'm really happy with her. This is the starting loadout I ran: OnFile Nika, Dolphin, Fusion, Parasite. The camera busting point I made earlier does a great job of covering one of Parasite's primary weaknesses (stagnated movement.) Running this synergy can also mean plenty of PWR for Nika's attack-happy antics. It'll be interesting to see how things progress as I add more programs (might try running both Parasites) and look into diverting PWR into other avenues (Subdermal Cloak, higher-tier Volt Disruptors for Nika, etc.)
  13. Just icebreak. Wireless shopping would be interesting though! Like, you could have an augment where an agent crafts shop items by downloading a nearby fab's schematics or something (if we're trying to make sense, at least.) Now that I've got everything pretty much working, I'll elaborate a bit more on this new agent I've been working on: Dolphin. Her story is that she was a former university student whose ambitions were more or less taken advantage of: Dolphin's entire toolset revolves around her "Dolphin Transmitter" augment, supposedly the last of its kind, which allows her to use Buster Chips from range (currently thinking in the range of 4-5 tiles.) She also has a specialized "Mask Buster," which simultaneously breaks 1 firewall and reveals hidden daemons. The thrust is that she's a local firewall buster with the ability to get around some trickier mainframe defenses. As I've been playing through Endless and thinking about agent ideas, the question in my mind has been to the effect of "If I made this agent, would it actually change the way I played the game?" I think with Dolphin, she has several things going for her that, though somewhat situational, are noteworthy in distinguishing her: She is the only agent in the game that can safely "Buster Chip" cameras without the help of other items (cloaks, holorig, etc.) This versatility extends to other situations where adjacent-space hacking may be difficult (drones--especially Null Drones,-- barrier units, etc.) Her "Mask Buster" not only differentiates her starting loadout from Archive Prism, but it gives her a ranged daemon scan. Again, this flexibility could be big if you aren't running the Sniffer program. She could make for a soft Porticullis (2.0) counter. I look at her a bit like Banks and her Crypto Computer augment: its situational, but when you need it, the impact it can have is monumental and well worth it. That being said, even when the range isn't necessary Buster Chips aren't particularly useless either! We'll see how testing goes: pairing her with Internationale is an obvious choice but I might want to explore less obvious synergies instead.
  14. Ah! I'm not overly familiar with Lua, so based on what I'd seen I just assumed that colons were the syntax for referencing functions. Oops! Thanks!
  15. I'm afraid I'm not following you. The agent never was an owner of icebreak, so I don't see how this applies. This augment is NOT like Tony's EMP; there is no "manual" icebreak going on. Its all through items, just like icebreak should expect.
  16. Some clarification: the new icebreak is not attached to the agent augment. The augment works in the same way ones like Sharp's do: the ability checks for the presence of the augment and then modifies its functionality based on that. Its a bit long, but I'll just post the scripts if anyone wants to look at them. Bear in mind this is my general purpose test mod, so modinit has some extra stuff in it: mod_icebreak.lua modinit.lua
  17. My new ability is pretty much working now, but as a standalone ability. Its tied to the pre-existing ability "icebreak," so I need to apply my altered function calls directly to it. For some reason, I can get the new function calls to hook up but its not working right. "userUnit" is now coming back as "nil." This function starts the exact same way the original "acquiteTargets" for icebreak did. Help?
  18. Thanks! I'll give this shot.
  19. I don't think triggers are what you want. I would think the simplest approach would be to override the "getCpuCost" function for the program. This is what Rapier does:
  20. I'm trying to work on a "wireless" skill for an agent so they can interface with devices from a distance. Essentially, the ability to interact with a device should work in much the same way it does with Incognita programs: as long as you know the location of a device, you can interact with it. I've more or less gotten this down except for drones. Whenever a drone moves out of sight, you have to re-establish visual before you can directly interact with it again, even with Incognita. I haven't figured out the checks I should be doing to make this happen. For my skill, if the drone moves out of sight but is still technically in range of the agent, the tooltip will appear over the drone's location even if you can no longer see it. Internationale's augment helped me along, but its "searching" functionality isn't 100% similar to the way that, say, Incognita programs work. Any ideas? Anyone know where the target acquisition logic for Incognita is?
  21. Ah, OK. I was assuming you were going to replace code in the original "jackin," but since its isolated to only one item that's probably easier.
  22. I think it was in Draco's augment that pushed me in the right direction. Also, something occurred to me: I think the change I made would actually apply to regular Econchips as well, so you might have to come up with a specialized check for Banks' chip. Maybe add an item trait, like "useAnarchy."
  23. Hmm, I'm pretty sure that's what the example mod was using. What should I be using instead?
  24. Noted. Still might try to come up with a different name though, since Power "Drip" doesn't seem quite as fitting now. I find it interesting that you think its too powerful for the early game. It still requires getting to Alarm Level 3 and starting with no PWR gain until Alarm Level 1. It is, no doubt, a straight-up buff to the program though. Maybe I just don't see it because it doesn't fit my playstyle. At lower levels of difficulty, yes, but I'd argue you could get away with a lot of things at that level. At higher levels... is a 2-3 use per alarm level icebreaker really that effective when your program lineup is so important? Maybe with the extra program slot in the extended DLC you could better afford it, but still. I can't think of many programs that would pair well with. Hey, thanks! I do have some ideas of my own for the icons, but I haven't even touched the "kwad" stuff yet, ha. Couple questions: What are the PROGRAM_LIST and PROGRAM_NO_BREAKER_LIST variables? Are those what place them in the starting program lists? Is there a reason Nosferatu doesn't just make a call to simquery:isUnitPinning()? Or is that because you want to account for all units in a cell being pinned? That's actually a technicality I haven't quite decided on yet: whether the bonus is per guard being pinned or per agent that is pinning. The situation where multiple units are down on the same tile is rare, but it can happen and could lead to some "cheese" bonuses.
  25. So, I've started working on a new mod idea : a rebalance of several of the starting programs with some potential new ones. The idea is to take several programs and tweak them while still maintaining a function similar to its original form. This will hopefully give some more viable and diverse options to starting loadouts. Its very early but I thought I'd share some of the ideas I had for feedback. Tier 1 Programs Power Surge (formerly Power Drip) : [PASSIVE] Generate 1 PWR per turn, or generate 2 PWR per turn if at 14 PWR or higher. Power Drip was OK as a beginner program but it just doesn't scale well even at moderate difficulties; portable servers easily outclass it. What I've attempted to do here is give it a unique twist by rewarding PWR micromanagement. Whereas a starting program like Seed encourages high-cost programs, Power Surge could potentially have a niche as small-cost friendly. I'm currently testing this one in an Expert DLC Campaign. I paired it with Parasite, and the initial synergy that I expected to be there definitely showed itself. It could also potentially make the Abacus programs more relevant as well, immediately pushing you into the "bonus" PWR range. It could also make hitting consoles more strategic too (especially with Internationale.) Dynamo : [PASSIVE] Per turn, generate PWR equal to the alarm level (Max: 3 PWR per turn.) A program that is dead weight for two alarm levels just seems pretty "eh" to me. Then again, I'm more of a "pacifist" player so I could be biased. Feel free to correct me. By simply scaling it with the alarm level, at least the "dead" time is theoretically halved. Letting it get up to 3 PWR per turn could be a bit much, but that remains to be seen. At any rate, my thought was that this makes it more practical to use while maintaining its risk-based nature. (New) Nosferatu : [PASSIVE] Per turn, generate 1 PWR plus 1 extra PWR per agent that is pinning enemy targets I briefly experimented with a pin-based augment but quickly came to the conclusion that it was too situational and not all that gratifying to use. By extending the "bonus" to all agents though, I think the flexibility of such an ability could be greatly increased and therefore much more usable. There aren't many pinning-based bonuses in the game right now, so it could cater to a unique playstyle. Tier 2 Programs Mercenary (Cost = 1 PWR) : Breaks 2 firewalls. +1 PWR cost per use. Cost resets each alarm level. I tried using Mercenary once and gave up on it. When you compare it to Lockpick 2.0, they both consume the same power after 4 uses (Mercenary's 0 + 2 + 4 + 6 = Lockpick's 3 x 4.) After that, Mercenary is woefully inefficient. I tried combining it with Seed (use another program first then use Mercenary) and even that didn't seem worth it: there are just better "brute force" icebreakers you could be using. Though I'm not sure this tweak is enough, it at least increases its Lockpick equivalence to 5 uses instead of 4 (Mercenary's 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = Lockpick's 3 x 5.) Even if you do go past five uses its much more efficient than its previous incarnation, though that's not necessarily saying much. (New) Rally (Cost = 2 PWR) : Breaks 2 firewalls. 1 turn cooldown but cooldown is reset when KO'ing or killing a guard. Sort of a companion program for Nosferatu, though certainly not limited to it. Its pretty straightforward: you get a cheaper Lockpick 2.0 but you must stay active to use it repeatedly. Nika synergy, anyone? Feedback is welcome and appreciated. I'm thinking I'll only do the rebalances for the first version of the mod, but we'll see.