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  1. One Mod didnt work since today so i tried to cancel and reactivate the mod wich didnt help. The Client Mod was in the Server Mod Rubrik with an red arrow going down and the Statement: *Compatibility unknown* like shown on the Photo i made. The i clicked *update all* wich resulted in all my mods beeing in the Server Mod Rubrik again having an red arrow showing downside and the statement *Compatibility unknown* like shown on the photo. Someone suggested deleting the folder, wich DOESNT WORK since i get the message something like admin rights are requiered. Even when im in steam clicking on my files-abonnierte Objects deactivating them, the mods stay in the game and in the folder with the red arrow downside and this statement of beeing incompatible. How on earth can i solve this problem???
  2. We are pretty new to the game. Currently we are past the second Winter and doing very well. We have a great Base/Infrastruktur. Also we defeated a Deerclops and an Bearger wich was an epic fight for us. Since we wanna explore the caves for the first time we want to know the following: Wich are important items for exploring caves like the Miner Hat? I guess we need this hat for having free hands for fighting down there? My other question is about taming Beefalos. So i readed this guide But he is too much in detail for me. Can someone explain on an simple way how i can tame a beefalo. Like how much grass and so on?
  3. Whats the difference between "caves" and "caves plus"? And wich one should we pick for more content?
  4. Hello, Me and my Girlfriend are playing DST and enjoying it very much. My question is: Wich options do i have to activate when i create a world at the begin, for getting the maximum content out of the game? I mean we are currently playing in endless mode(since we die quite often lol, we aint that bad we have bee farm fridges wather thrower and so on). We didnt activate the caves to begin so we play without them. -Is it worth starting a new game with caves enabled? I mesn is there much content and interesting stuff we are missing? -Is there more game content in survival or wilderness compared to endless mode? Also we saw videos were players made big bases with animals(bunnyman for example) trapped behind walls and doors like an zoo. -I cant find any options to build doors, do i need a mod for it? -Also is there a guide how to catch (for example) a goat wich we can keep in the zoo?