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  1. Ok yeah I agree it was stupid to suggest the RNG freeze thing. Idk how else he would be balanced (which he is balanced I feel) Maybe instead of just making Wolfgang or wicker or Wx weaker, why not buff the characters that are actually underpowered. Give woodie his original werebeaver, give willow fire immunity back. Character balance is hard to do, and I'd personally rather have characters be stronger rather than weaker. Heck, they already reduced how quickly Willow will freeze, so it's a step in the right direction edit: not sure why there's a blank quote there
  2. Just thought of this as I'm typing, but what about some skins for monster drops. The way I think it would work is that you can go into your collection, and enable the certain skin for an item. I'm going to use the tam as an example. Say you have the tam skin enabled, and you get the killing blow on that mactusk who happens to drop a tam, then the tam will have the skin. But if you're friend does not have the skin enabled, and they get the killing blow, then the skin will just be the default. So whoever gets the killing blow decides the skin. Just an idea, this could be applied to the spiderhat, tam, bee queen crown, bone armor, etc.
  3. Sanity is a non issue, you can keep it up at any time during important fights with bundles of green caps or cactus flesh. Maybe instead of him dropping his weapon, he could freeze in fear for a second when near monsters with insanity aura, and have the same percent chance scale based on sanity level that you suggested. When frozen in fear, he can't craft, move, or access inventory. Similar to mind control, but with shorter duration. That would make staying insane more dangerous, especially if you're caught in the dark.
  4. Oh really? I didn't realize it was like that. I also had some problems attacking non hostile monsters nearby, thanks for the advice!
  5. I've been playing a lot of Solo Dst recently as Wolfgang, and couldn't help but notice how bad auto attack is compared to singleplayer don't starve. I have about 350 hours on singleplayer don't starve, and about 50 on dst. DST auto attack has delay between switching targets, which means after killing a target, you can't attack a new target for a short period of time. Say you have 2 spiders on screen, as Wolfgang you can one hit kill a basic spider. So you kill one of them, and while still holding control+f, Wolfgang will stand still for about a half second before attacking the second spider. This makes the DST combat system super clunky. The fix doesn't even require that much work, just port over the auto attack from regular Don't Starve, which has no attack delay. Now, I'm not quite sure if this attack delay was added to balance PVP, but at least when fighting NPCs, we don't need this delay because it's a pain to deal with after being used to the normal auto attack.