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  1. Ok yeah I agree it was stupid to suggest the RNG freeze thing. Idk how else he would be balanced (which he is balanced I feel) Maybe instead of just making Wolfgang or wicker or Wx weaker, why not buff the characters that are actually underpowered. Give woodie his original werebeaver, give willow fire immunity back. Character balance is hard to do, and I'd personally rather have characters be stronger rather than weaker. Heck, they already reduced how quickly Willow will freeze, so it's a step in the right direction edit: not sure why there's a blank quote there
  2. Sanity is a non issue, you can keep it up at any time during important fights with bundles of green caps or cactus flesh. Maybe instead of him dropping his weapon, he could freeze in fear for a second when near monsters with insanity aura, and have the same percent chance scale based on sanity level that you suggested. When frozen in fear, he can't craft, move, or access inventory. Similar to mind control, but with shorter duration. That would make staying insane more dangerous, especially if you're caught in the dark.