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  1. I ship Wendy and Wilson's voxola radio
  2. You should display the Rose collection's rose spear skin
  3. Now if only we could get a bumble walking stick
  4. I'm glad more skins can be used on more things.
  5. I thought you meant it was a skin for firepit, I didn't know.
  6. I could've sworn you liked Webber...
  7. They can never get the coloring right. Broodling
  8. First of all, I know threads like this have popped up millions of times, but the lasts threads I found were from a year ago, so I started this one. Who's your favorite character to play and the reason you like them?
  9. But Obsidian Firepit was a really neat firepit that had a huge light radius and burned way longer.
  10. I like it when everyone is working together and helping each other to do tougher things, like exploring the atrium, fighting toadstool or dragonfly, etc.
  11. So we can have Bowlerhatitator
  12. I sense something else....