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  1. OMG ! didn't notice that, thanks, I will give that a try, but I'm sure it will work, I guess that answers my question about the gas pumps too, lol.
  2. I am having trouble getting the scrubbers working, they will not take water in the intake for some reason? Any one else notice this? Even on a dedicated water input pump, it just says 'empty pipe', also, if I connect the water intake to a major water line, it stops the whole line from moving. I can not really go much further if I don't have air scrubbers.
  3. If people are going to use the work bench, are you going to be in debug mode, or do you need the dups to do the work? So far I have been assuming that everyone will be in debug mode, but if not, let me know. I have two labs going, one is geared for gasses and the other for liquids, how does that sound?
  4. that is what the plan is, but first wanted to see if anyone would be interested in it, or if I could get more feed back on what the bench should have.




    that is what the plan is, but first wanted to see if anyone would be interested in it, or if I could get more feed back on what the bench should have.


    p.s.  I am in the general forum?


    1. Ted n Emily

      Ted n Emily

      Well after many hours, I have figured out, the whole thing is going to have to be a lot bigger, lol.

      can anyone give me feed back on what materials they would like to see in the lab?

      I have good water, bad water, several gases....

      All the materials you need to build pretty much what ever you want..


      Input would be appreciated


  6. Would any one be interested in loading a workbench to do some lab experiments? I assume most of you know how to access debug mode, but I was thinking of using a stock lab for test. It would have the following (so far) 1. 2 decaded 1,800 watt lines, (there is a third but it is for running the pump,...etc.. to maintain the lab 2. 2 tanks of clean water, two tanks of polluted water, both with build in pumps and switches at the top (with ON indicator lights) 3. Several sealed rooms with various gasses with build in pumps. 4. And more, if anyone is interested or can think of something else to add, please let me know via this post, thanks
  7. I see there are two machine for research, novice and intermediate , which suggests to me that you are going to be adding an 'advanced research, a third tier of you like. So I was thinking.... for the 'advanced' research the all new cray 1024 computer,( it is 1024 super computers) cooled by liquid hyrdogen or helium . So you would have to make a liquid gas for it to run, I will leave it to you guys to figure out what new machines you could build. Maybe some super wire that can handle 10kw instead of the current 2kw. And "expanded vision" that would add three or four of the already visible field of view you have if you get my drift, the fog of war thingy. there are so many things you could put in.
  8. and while we are on the sound subject...
  9. Yep, just tested that, get out your crayola crayon and color me thick, sorry for wasting your time on that one, after 24 hours of non stop playing, I shall refrain from posting more question, ugg
  10. yep,... O geez, after I just put that file in here I figure it out, alpha 7 means the 7 on the top row of keys and not the keypad, I think.
  11. I didn't really choose to buy it, the old one died and I just replaced it for 30 bucks, but thanks for the advice, it will be a long time before I can afford a real machine. BUT... thanks to the advice from 'lifegrow', I started a new game and kept up with the sweeping (actually I let them do it them selves, I didn't know if you do not check the 'sweep only' they would do that), I found that I had to make probably 40 or more storage units by cycle 100, which means before ,I actually had upwards of a million Kg of stuff lying around, I can now play the game at speed two at cycle 130 with no lag (well, no real problems anyway) it still can not handle full speed, but given my processors, it's no wonder, thanks lifegrow, you made the game way more playable for me. There is SO much to learn in this game, I love figuring out solutions to the problems that come up, routing pipes and wires, etc.. (thank gawd for autosave) There are still some bizzare quirks in the game, but that is to be expected in alpha release I am sure. And I know they will address them and fix them soon. Playing with the debug stuff is a blast, I noticed there are hot keys you can set for 'plan 7' etc... 'alpha7' what is the alpha key? ok, went on a rant here, sorry, bought the game about 20 hours ago and haven't stopped playing it. Sleep? What is... Sleep? forgot to mention, setting the priority to high in task manager helped, usually doesn't in most cases and causes more problems then it solves
  12. TOO funny, that is exactly what the landlord said, hhahah (only she wasn't very nice about it)
  13. Having the same problem with blossom seeds, and as a bonus another bug about the storage compactor indicator, including a screen shot. Mooo Cycle 72 (1).sav
  14. I have noticed that as well, walk right by the nice shiny lav and head for the stinky outhouse.
  15. Yes I agree that a 5 watt light on a low scale wire connected to the larger capacity wire shouldn't over load the whole system, lol. How about being able to research breakers?