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  1. Could it be used in a crockpot? Maybe to make Mac n cheese or something. Nice idea btw
  2. It doesn't seem that dark to me. Idk though. My dusk is like that too, I think your game is fine but maybe it's darker than it seems on this photo.
  3. Okay thx a lot I'm not playing RoG but I do have two lightning rods
  4. okay its nice to know there is still hope for all my wood and grass. Ill try to get Koalefents in there.
  5. i was going to herd beefalo in there but then I learned they can break walls during mating season so now its just something I have that I dont know what to do with.
  6. Thanks, I'll do that. I'll also bring my blankie. Then I'll trip on it. Yes. Ok I'm done typing random stuff out.
  7. I didn't create the challenge so I'm not the one who said OVER 9000!! ... yeah ... maybe it is easy or maybe you're just really good at the game idk but yeah
  8. I'm talking about pocket edition on iOs should I still move it to Android or nah
  9. I sometimes play Don't Starve PE and it always frustrates me how when you try to place ex. a wall or a sapling it doesn't have that little blue image to show you where it will go when in PC it does. This always makes me place my walls randomly and I can never make rows of anything in my farm. I think Klei should add this to PE as it gets really frustrating and I always waste my walls on this.
  10. I found a page with lots of challenges I'll list them here then give the website if you'd rather look at the original post: Challenge No. 1: Sparse Challenge Difficulty: Not Too hardCharacter Requirement: RandomIn the World Preset, set everything to less and the seasons to very short.In this world, everything is limited, so you should use your resources carefully and depending on the character, wisely. I suggest making tree farms and berry farms soon, and building pig houses for fertilizer. Challenge No. 2: Darkness Challenge Difficulty: HARDCharacter Requirement: Willow/TheFireStarterIn the World Preset set the Day Option to "Night Only"You can do whatever you want with the other options.To cut down trees when in the dark, DO NOT equipped your axe, you must drag it from your inventory bar to the tree. Be very quick! Once you are done, equipped your light quickly!MAC: Mac users must set their mouse to secondary button in the System Preferences application! Challenge No. 3: Insanity Challenge Difficulty: EXTREMELY HARD Character Requirement: WX78/The Soulless Automon In the World Preset, go to Day and select "Day Only", rain will be selected as "Lots" (don't worry, you don't loose damage too fast), lightning will also be selected as "Lots", flowers are also selected "Lots". You will not loose damage too fast from the rain (-1 every 3 seconds), but your sanity will slowly decrease. The lightning will make your sanity decrease drastically, but it will make your health go back up to 100. The flowers are there to help you, but your sanity will be 0 most of the time. Challenge No. 4: Frostbite Challenge Difficulty: ULTRA HARD Character Requirement: Willow/TheFireStarter In the World Preset, set the season to "Only Winter". If you want to make it easier for yourself, you can put "Only Day" if you want. You can barely go anywhere without freezing to death, you can use Willow's lighter to set stuff on fire to keep warm, but it will most likely start a forest fire. Challenge No. 5: Chaos Challenge Difficulty: OVER 9000! Character Requirement: Wendy/The Bereaved or Wolfgang/TheStrongMan (Reign Of Giants DLC recommended!) In the World Preset, all creatures that will attack you must be selected to "Lots", Day must be selected to "Dusk Only". When I played this, I couldn't even get passed Day 1! But I had the Reign Of Giants DLC on, so that DLC is definitely recommended or else it will probably will not be as hard. Challenge No. 6: Limbo Challenge Difficulty: LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE Character Requirment: Any Everything is set to NONE... This is impossible to survive! There are no resources anywhere, only some trees near special things. Website:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=348766699
  11. I've finished all I wanted to do in the surface world and now I'm thinking about tackling the caves. What should I bring and what do I do once I'm down there?
  12. that should be a mod: "attack of the crazy rabbit missiles"
  13. Ok thank you I thought my world was broken for a second
  14. So, I'm in a RoG world and I stumble upon a grass biome with all the rabbit holes collapsed. Does it have to do with it being spring or is it just random and is there a way to "uncollapse" them? It seems all the rabbit holes in my world are collapsed. ??
  15. thx a lot and it just so happens I have two HUGE forests next to my base so thx