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  1. And why don't they flee when covered in water in the hopes of finding high ground?
  2. IE no cold temperatures complaints, no stress increases and no risk of hypothermia. Looking for a specific ℃ number that is the threshold.
  3. Can't you use valves to ensure even distribution?
  4. While the electric switch that toggles on and off based on ambient temperature is nice, I wish there was a water and gas valve that you could program. It would check the temperature of the gas/liquid inside the pipe. You could program it to block the flow if the temperature was above or below a specific temp. So "Block liquids if temp is > 70℃" would block any liquid too hot, but let anything under that flow normally. Thoughts?
  5. Close. I'm thinking of making a freezing cold room for hatches and polluted water. The theory is to freeze the polluted water into polluted ice, have the hatches eat that. Then take the super-cold coal to storage near my coal generator to help a bit with the heat.
  6. "Wuffs" Look and move like shaggy dogs, but have no eyes. You build a food bowl and domesticate them and assign a dupe as owner. They eat 500 kcal per day but act as a huge stress reducer. Other dupes can pet the wuff for minor stress relief. Massive stress penalty if the wuff dies.
  7. I'm working on an idea that involves keeping hatches in a room at a very low temperature. Is there a point where they freeze to death?