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  1. Isn't it funny how the normal DS doesn't have achievements but still it had a XP system to unlock characters? but yeah, I now feel that DST shouldn't have achievements...
  2. Somehow, they still added in game achievements on PC, what about the unlocking of characters with the XP system?
  3. Sigh... you are right still, the normal DS could have achievements, but this is not the right forum, bye
  4. Yeah, I know, but they added a lot, like they wanted to add them... and also this for the "giant edition" DS: http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/dont-starve-giant-edition/achievements/
  5. Why, are there achievements on PS4 and not on pc? I mean, I know that you NEED to submit achievements for your game on the PS network but they didn't add 1 or 2 or 3 to just be able to publish the game, they added like 20 damn achievements, sorry. I'm feeling really sick right now
  6. Look at this... https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5296-dont-starve-together I know why devs hate achievements but... I WANNA CHOKE A BABY AND THEN CHOKE MYSELF could somebody please explain this? Please?
  7. Alright, now that I found this im really upset http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/dont-starve-giant-edition/achievements/
  8. So I was searching info about this and now I know they didn't want to add achievements because we were going to get them all and then stop playing, but then I found this comment, it makes a lot of sense to me, read it please. That article doesn't make sense. He's argued "once they reached the goal, if we didn’t write another goal, they would stop playing." Yet, they put in an XP LEVEL UP SYSTEM, with UNLOCKABLE CHARACTERS?! That defeated the entire POINT of his argument. I completely understand where he's coming from with Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic achievements. Nothing good comes out of Extinsic achievements (especially really hard farfetched ones that you have to go out of your way to get). But nothing is wrong with adding steam achievements in the game for things that are ALREADY goals in the game. Achievement for unlocking Willow, or Wendy, or Wes? Reaching level 5? That doesn't seem that extrinsic of a goal to me. I really hope the developers rethink their stance on this. Being honest, he is right, I stopped playing DS after unlocking everyone, and then I moved on to DST.... can the devs reconsider this?? *ALSO, sorry for this necro
  9. at first I hated the vote spammers. now that is been updated, now I hate people who spams server veterans to spam votekick somebody who was spamming "where´s base"?
  10. oh, well too bad for me... guess my items are gone... thank you anyways, there isnt a way to at least make the item tradeable so I could transfer it manually?
  11. hi, I wanted to ask something that has been molesting me for a while: in 2015, I had an old steam account, in wich I had the bottomless pit and now timeless tragic torch, and I would like to know if I could "transfer" them to my new account that I made on 2016, but I just bought DST for that account like a month ago. yeah, I still have access to my old account, and I changed to a new one for "private reasons". could a mod tell me if there´s a way to do this manually? because of course, this new account wasnt on the DST beta, but the old was, and im actually using this new and I wont use the old again for buying games and such... thank you
  12. oh, alright, thank you
  13. so... I just opened steam and my two ancient items where turned from "loyal" to "timeless" is it normal?
  14. the website has been updated, but there is nothing "new" besides that the walls are gone