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  1. Allows you to spawn any item you want. Press (T) to open spawn menu
    Side notes:
    - Might not contain all items (placable items aren't possible yet)
    - If you are missing an item, lets me know!




  2. Ok, i suscribe on the deluxecampfires mod in steam workshop,
    but when i load the game this say "RECYPE_GAME_TYPE" crash 
    ok i fixed the mod  and load here for the standalone gamers
    (I know what it feels to not download a mod when you're standalone )
    credits to the original author Mark Pick
    (Better to up the willow's sanity regen!! and winter)




  3. Attention!
    We recommend that you also install the MemSpikeFix mod. This will lower the normally heavy memory load that occurs when you have multiple large mods activated, or many many small mods activated. If you are experiencing crashes or extremely long load times while having multiple mods activated, the MemSpikeFix mod may fix or alleviate these issues.
    The MemSpikeFix is available both as a forum download and as a Steam Workshop subscription.
    You know, you're a hard worker. Life in this desolate land is tough. You've got to fight to survive, scratching out a living in the dirt, clinging on by whatever means necessary. Just hoping that tomorrow will come.
    What if I told you there was more than this out there? That right above your head, up there in the sky there was a whole new world? A paradise unlike any other.
    Would you like to see it?
    I ask very little of you. For a small sum, a kingdom can be yours. The very land you tread is as soft as any mattress. There's food wherever you look. A veritable buffet of the sweetest treats you'll ever enjoy.
    Doesn't that sound good?
    Animals of all shapes and sizes will flock to you. Weird and wondrous sights a-plenty. What about a giant mushroom? What about a giant mushroom made entirely of jelly? There's all that and more.
    You don't have to stay here, jumping at shadows and living off bark. I shall wait for you on the road as rain falls. Come, come find me and I'll give you your freedom.
    Why not go Up and Away?
    Up and Away adds an entirely new world to explore. To get started, you must find the Shopkeeper, a suspicious fellow who will spawn along the brick road during the rain. Among the new content added, there is a new tech branch, new mechanics, and much more. For those in a rush, a preset has been added to simplify the process of gaining access to the land above.
    The mod is currently in alpha, and so there may exist bugs and incompatibilities with other mods. If you find any, do report it, as fixing any possible issues is a priority. Feedback is welcome and encouraged!




  4. Ru
    Этот мод добавляет статус здоровья у монстров и нейтральных мобов!Этот мод был вдохновлен от Мода Tell Me About Health (DS)Удачи ребята не идите на существ с высоким здоровьем!
    This mod adds the status of the health of monsters and neutral mobs!This mod was inspired from the Fashion Tell Me About Health (DS)good Luck guys don't go on creatures with high healt




  5. Shard configuration mod
    Shard configuration mod allows server admins to make migration links between their individual servers/worlds/shards.
    This mod is made for dedicated servers and has no use in standart Don't Starve Together worlds created in client. This mod is also not needed if your dedicated servers run only two worlds/shards in one cluster (default connections works fine for 2 worlds/shards). If you are server admin and you want more than 2 connected worlds this is mod for you!
    After all servers are set up and online and simulation on them is paused, when first player connects to any server and simulation is unpaused the mod will set up portals in the world to be linked to other worlds.
    This mod uses standart 10 sinkholes generated in the world. If you manually create more, they will be used after server restart. If you want more than 10 connections from/to one world you have to create new sinkholes/stairs. Sinkholes not used are turned off and plugged.
    Steam workshop
    Mod is available on steam workshop
    How to setup this mod
    I will explain how to set up this world. I will be connecting 4 server to each other. All setting files won't be shown, but they are pretty similar. I want the shards to be linked like this (two lines between 1 and 12 mean i want two portals to be active between these worlds):

    Formating here doesn't allow enough indentation so actual tutorial is on Github. (mostly functional, unidirectional connections aren't covered by this tutorial)
    Since mod version 1.10 it is also possible to create single directional connections. New mod setting called "OneWayConnections" was created which contains world that should be connected unidirectionally. Example mod overrride settings below:
    ["workshop-595764362"] = { enabled = true, configuration_options = { ["Connections"] = { ["1"] = { "11", "12" }, -- bidiractional between 1-11 and 1-12 ["11"] = { "12" } -- bidirectional between 11-12 }, ["OneWayConnections"] = { ["1"] = { "12", "12" } -- two unidirectional connections from 1 to 12 } } }  
    Worldgen and shard config util
    I created an util to create worldgenoverride.lua using GUI. Choose a preset, change what you want and save it. There you have easily generated worldgenoverride.lua!
    There is also second tab where you can create modoverrides.lua that configures this mod. Create shards, set their shard_id. Create connections between shards and set connection count. Save it and you have modoverrides.lua which will work with this mod. You still have to include other mods you want to use.

    This util is running in .NET 4.5 and won't start without it! The util is available for download from these forums by "Download this file" on the right.
    Need help of other modders
    This mod needs to have shard_id to properly connect worlds. For now shard_id of this world is taken from mod configuration. If anyone have idea how to get this shard_id directly from game core I could remove one mod setting, which would be great. (TheShard:GetShardId() didn't work for me, but maybe I'm just bad at lua scripting) Already fixed it.
    Also setting Connections is pain in the *** to copy to every shard. So if anyone have idea how to load Connection table in some clean and don't-copy-something-to-every-shard way I would probably implement it.
    Thank you




  6. A mod that adds 2 more players
    Detail description here:




  7. Tired of trying to describe that you just found beefalo south of the spawn, just to the east of that weird rock and those trees? Me too, so I created my first mod to show your coordinates.




  8. This mod adds bundling wrap, wax paper and beeswax (from DST)

    Compatibile with base game and both DLC.

    Bundled Supplies  
    Food items are stored inside Bundled Supplies indefinitely without spoiling. Unwrapping it will cause all the items stored inside to drop on ground, in addition to 1 Wax Paper. 

    Bundling Wrap
    It allows the players to create Bundled Supplies by wrapping up 4 item stacks. Just click on it, put your food inside and enjoy. You need Waxpaper and Rope to create this.

    It requires 1 Beeswax and 1 Papyrus to craft. It can be used to craft Bundling Wrap. When unwrapping Bundled Supplies, the Wax Paper is returned.

    To make beeswax you only need Honeycomb. Don't worry, it wont melt near fire or on the ground!
    Did Parusoid




  9. Disables transition animation on hunger change




    Instructions: Start game with mod,
    save and quit (in your SW world),
    then disable this mod and it will reset the seasons in your SW world.




  11. Ru
    Много разных пожарных замен за игру, теперь кораблекрушение совместимы! 
    Множество вариантов конфигурации, в разделе модов для вас, чтобы возиться с 
    Посмотреть видео о том, как все это работает здесь -
    Прежде чем кто-либо замечаний на большой хитбокс над этим модом - я попытался восстановить, но он всегда возвращается. Я думаю, что это связано с анимацией, когда его преобразуется с Spriter. Просто поверните камеру, чтобы получить то, что за этим стоит.
    Lots of different fire replacements for the game, now Shipwrecked compatible! 
    Lots of configuration options under the Mods section for you to tinker with 
    View the video on how it all works here -
    Before anyone comments on the large hitbox above this mod - I have tried to fix but it always returns. I think it's to do with the animation when its converted with Spriter. Just rotate camera to get to what's behind it.




  12. This is a DST client-only mod and this mod only works if you are the host of the server. Parts of the code were done by Rezecib, CarlZalph, and Leonardo Coxington.
    Steam Workshop Page:

    Turf Editor: 
    Use the Numpad keys to place turfs. Turfs are placed under your mouse pointer. 

    Numpad 1 = Deciduous Turf 
    Numpad 2 = Desert Turf 
    Numpad 3 = Marsh Turf 
    Numpad 4 = Savanna Turf 
    Numpad 5 = Grass Turf 
    Numpad 6 = Forest Turf 
    Numpad 7 = Ocean 
    Numpad 8 = Barren 
    Numpad 9 = Rocky Turf 
    Numpad 0 + Numpad 1 = Mud Turf 
    Numpad 0 + Numpad 2 = Guano Turf 
    Numpad 0 + Numpad 3 = Slimey Turf 
    Numpad 0 + Numpad 4 = Cobblestones 
    Numpad 0 + Numpad 5 = Scaled Flooring 
    Numpad 0 + Numpad 6 = Cave Rock Turf 
    Numpad 0 + Numpad 7 = Wooden Flooring 
    Numpad 0 + Numpad 8 = Carpeted Flooring 
    Numpad 0 + Numpad 9 = Checkerboard Flooring 
    Numpad Plus + Numpad 1 = Blue Fungal Turf 
    Numpad Plus + Numpad 2 = Red Fungal Turf 
    Numpad Plus + Numpad 3 = Green Fungal Turf 
    Numpad Plus + Numpad 4 = Dark Runic Bricks 
    Numpad Plus + Numpad 5 = Dark Runic Tiles 
    Numpad Plus + Numpad 6 = Dark Runic Trim 
    Numpad Plus + Numpad 7 = Runic Bricks 
    Numpad Plus + Numpad 8 = Runic Tiles 
    Numpad Plus + Numpad 9 = Runic Trim
    These images will allow you to memorize these hotkeys easier... A, B, C

    Press F1 to save the current world. This saves the world manually, the game automatically saves every dawn and when you exit to menu. 

    Press F2 to save and restart the server. This also restarts any server or client mod you may have, so this is useful for testing mods. 

    Press F3 to load the last save. Be warned that this reverts any unsaved changes made on the world after the last save. 

    Change Character: 
    Press F4 to go to the character selection screen. Be warned that this deletes all items in your inventory, resets your prototyped recipes, and unreveals the minimap. 

    Cut, Copy, and Paste: 
    Press Ctrl + C to copy the entity under your mouse pointer. If no entity is under your mouse pointer, then it copies the turf under your mouse pointer. 
    Press Ctrl + X to copy and delete the object under your mouse pointer. You cannot cut turfs. 
    Press Ctrl + V to paste the entity or turf that you have most recently copied or cut. It is pasted at your mouse pointer. 

    Delete Key: 
    Press Numpad Del to delete the entity under your mouse pointer. 
    You can hold it down then hover over entities if you want to delete large quantities of entities in a short amount of time. 

    Creative Mode: 
    Press Numpad Slash (Numpad /) to toggle Creative Mode on or off. Creative Mode enables god mode and free infinite crafting. 

    Press Numpad Asterisk (Numpad *) to telepoof your character to your mouse pointer. 
    You can hold it down then move your mouse pointer around the screen to travel long distances within a short amount of time. You travel slower the closer your pointer is to the center of the screen, and you travel faster to closer it is to the edges of the screen. 

    Reveal Minimap: 
    Press Numpad Hyphen (Numpad -) to reveal the entire minimap, completely eliminating the fog of war. 

    Meteor Strike and Lightning Strike: 
    Press Numpad 0 + Numpad * to cause a meteor strike at your mouse pointer. 
    Press Numpad 0 + Numpad - to cause a lightning strike at your mouse pointer.
    Alternative Hotkeys: 
    Go to the mod's configuration settings then set "Use Numpad?" to "No". This allows you to use the mod even if you don't have a numpad on your keyboard. 
    Turf Editor: Press J and K to choose. Press L place turf. 
    Delete Hotkey: Delete 
    Creative Mode Hotkey: F5 
    Telepoof Hotkey: F6 
    Reveal Map Hotkey: F7 
    Meteor Hotkey: F8 
    Lightning Hotkey: F9




  13. [outdated]

    Potions! Yes! :3

    Important note regarding Legendary (permanent) potions:
    This mod is completly save.
    If u deactive the mod, u will have your normal max stats back.
    Playing with the mod or disabling it will not destroy your savegame.
    It adds the value u gain with the potions when the potions component is loaded,
    if the mod is deactivated, there is nothing more to add. ^^
    Hope that thought didn't scare you off in the first place.
    Update to V1.9
    - Own potions menutab added to keep mouses from being violated. :3
    - Spanish translation uploaded, created by @jaimedpb, thanks!
    - French translation uploaded, created by @kiopho, thanks mate!
    Update to V1.8 - Last legendary potion and Demonic Protection (invulnerabilitypotion) added, check it out.
    Update to V1.7 - Legendary potions (2) added, check it out. More coming soon!
    Update to V1.6 - Important bugfix regarding large potions!
    Update to V1.5 - Large potions added, check it out.
    Update to V1.4 - Update to improve compability with other mods.
    Update to V1.3 - Small tinned Sunray (lightpotion) added, check it out.
    Update to V1.2 - Another bugfix!
    Update to V1.1 - Small Rupture of Time (timepotion) added, check it out.
    So... mention a game with a.... alchemy station and no potions at all... ohwait!
    I just didnt want to wait any longer, so i created some potions already.
    Did i forget anything? Oh yeah, the potions:

    All potions can be crafted with common/rare ingredients.
    I need 1. more ideas and 2. maybe a little bit help if it gets complicated.
    Take a look and leave your thoughts.
    Link to the Forum:

    My heartfelt thanks to Heavenfall, who fixed a major bug, explained to me how
    to handle imagefiles correctly and helped me with the own potiontab. <3




  14. Привет, ребята, как многие из вас просили я решил сделать деревянные заборы из не голодать вместе совместим с кораблекрушения, господство гигантских и даже ванили! Мне потребовалось несколько часов, но я думаю это того стоит! 

    Так что вы теперь можете строить деревянные заборы, но система сборки не работает как в летнее время, здесь вы должны повернуть свой угол камеры для woodfence тоже очередь, прежде чем положить его. 

    Вы можете найти их в разделе структуры. 
    Деревянные заборы стоимость 6 веточек 1 веревка, и вам понадобится науки аппарата, чтобы разблокировать ,каждый билд даст вам 6 из них. 
    Деревянные ворота стоят 2 доски и 1 веревка, и вам понадобится для алхимии двигателя, чтобы разблокировать его. 


    Этот мод еще в Альфа, так что некоторые ошибки могут произойти, если вы обнаружите какие-либо ошибки/аварии пишите здесь, пожалуйста, так я постараюсь это исправить. 

    Вы должны знать, чем Ванильно-система настенного размещения Рог уже устарела по сравнению с одним из SW и ДСТ, так что делает прохладный база с деревянными заборами будет немного сложнее. 

    Этот мод имеет возможность конфликтовать с большой модник "геометрическое размещение" для неизвестная reaons. 

    Также анимация деревянные ворота немного прослушивается в Рог/Ваниль по той же причине, но это не имеет большого значения. 

    Я не нашел звуки из подворотни, так что будем использовать те из древесины вместо груди. 





  15. This mod has been abandoned for a long time but rezecib made an up-to-date version of it, combined with another mod.
    Displays health, hunger and sanity values at all times. It's also possible to monitor naughtiness (Krampus) and temperature. There's also a beaver meter for Woodie.
    RoG and SW compatible.
    Mechanics   Temperature and naughtiness are hidden automatically when inside the caves since it's always at 20°c and none of the creatures increase your naughtiness. These mechanics exist in the game and weren't created by me. This mod just monitors them.
      Naughtiness :
      The naughtiness threshold for spawning Krampus is set to a random number between 30 and 50 as soon as you kill an innocent creature. Killing certain creatures increases your naughtiness. Once the cap reached, naughtiness is reset to zero and the new threshold is automatically set to a random number between 30 and 50. And Krampus spawns of course. There's a chance to spawn 2 or 3 Krampii after day 50 and 3 or 4 Krampii after day 100.
      Temperature :
      Thresholds and limits are not the same whether you are playing RoG or vanilla DS. RoG introduced overheating, which occurs at 70°C (154°F). That's second degree burn territory. So I halved the displayed temperature (temp°C/2 then converted to °F) so that it feels more natural in RoG. See below for details.
    * Vanilla game : The temperature ranges from -20°C (-4°F) to 40°C (104°F). If it goes under 5°C (41°F) you'll start shivering and under 0°C (32°F) losing health.
    * RoG & SW : The temperature ranges from -10°C (14°F) to 45°C (113°F). Over 35°C (95°F), you'll overheat. If it goes under 3°C (38°F) you'll start shivering and under 0°C (32°F) losing health. So careful !
    Compatibilities - Not compatible with RPG HUD Neat unless you deactivate the custom badges (for RPG HUD Neat, not Always on Status).
    How to install this mod   It's better to disable the Steam Cloud feature for the game. Always backup your savegames, profile and saveindex before installing a new mod or you'll be very sour if something goes wrong. They are usually located in "..\Steam\userdata\<your steam ID>\219740\remote" or "My documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\save". Backup all the files found in those folders.     Extract the folder located in the archive to "...\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods" or the equivalent if you use the standalone version. Once in game, head to the mods tab and activate the mod (the Neat version requires a restart) then configure it.




  16. Ru
    Этот мод добавляет в игру нового боса Королеву Пчел в игру не голодать.Эта модификация работает на рога и УВ. Добавтье себе нового боса для хардкорности))))) Если есть ошибки пишите мне если что Удачи.Пусть вы попробуете вкусный мёд хардкорной пчелки.
    This mod adds a new barefoot Queen bee in the game don't starve.This modification works on the horn and SW. Add new boss hardcore))))) if there are bugs email me, if you're lucky.Let you try the delicious hardcore honey bees.




  17. This is not my mod!It comes from DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta. I just made it compatible with DoNotStarve!
    This is not my mod!It comes from DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta. I just made it compatible with DoNotStarve!
    This is not my mod!It comes from DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta. I just made it compatible with DoNotStarve!


    MOD设置为双语 默认是英语 (根据自己选择啦)

    Blue Mushroom Hat: 
    20% rain-proof sanity regenerate 6/min insulator(winter):60 s Shelf life:6 days 

    Red Mushroom Hat 
    20% rain-proof emit a weak light when equipped Shelf life :3 days 

    Green Mushroom Hat: 
    20% rain-proof sanity regenerate 6/min insulator(summer):120 s Shelf life: 6 days 

    Hats will product different color spores! 
    You can also give it to pig man!! 

    Mushroom Farm: 
    Now you can plant mushroom or spores on the Mushroom Farm and a few days later you can harvest more mushrooms 
    It still works in winter.
    You must use livinglog to refresh it.

    Different hat will product different color spores. 
    Spores will move around you and emit a weak light. 
    It can be caught by the bug_net. 
    If you plant it in the mushroom farm ,you will harvest six mushrooms at most!(there is a chance it will release one spore when it hits max level) 

    Mushroom Light: 1*4 Fridge !When it has spores or light_bulb inside ,it will emit white light
    Four squares are filled with the most bright!

    Mushroom Light 2:1*4 Fridge !
    light_bulb→→white reds pore→→red light 
    blue spore→→blue light green spore→→→green light

    Scarecrow:You can put poop in it and it can also help you to harvest crops!

    20%防雨 回 sanity 6/min 保温60 s 保质期6天 

    20%防雨 戴起来或者丢地上会发光 保质期3天 

    20%防雨 回 sanity 6/min 降温120 s 保质期6天 


    不同的帽子会产生不同颜色的孢子(大约90 s) 
    孢子会发光 会围着你闲逛 
    你可以用捕虫网将它们捕捉 然后种在蘑菇农场里面 你最多可以得到6个蘑菇(整个生长周期比用蘑菇种植长一点,完全长成的时候有机会产生新的孢子) 

    普通的:四格冰箱,当里面有荧光果或者包子的时候会发光 而且只会发出白光(四个格子都放满,光最亮)
    第二种:四格冰箱,根据里面的东西发出不同的光 荧光果发白光 红蓝绿孢子发出对应的光 当然你无聊也可以各种搭配着玩。。

    16格(可以放便便,草 树枝 和有新鲜度的东东)
    有个收获键 点击之后帮你自动收集周围的作物!

    fix the bug which mushroom_farm will made your game crashed in the winter
    Livinglog is needed to refresh the mushroom_farm 
    use the scarecrow will cost 20 hunger



    Welcome any feedback and suggestions!! 
    Just have fun!! 
    In order webber12345




  18. Hi Everyone, this mod brings the moondial from Don't Starve Together to make it compatible with Don't Starve and his 2 DLCs.

    The moondial is a special structure able to predict the coming moon! 
    Very useful to prepare yourself for the fullmoon especially.

    To build it you will need a prestihatitator and then go to the magic table, the recipe is different for each sort of don't starve because they do not have all the same ressources.

    - Vanilla: 2 blue gems, 6 marbles and 12 nitres.
    - RoG: 2 blue gems, 6 marbles and 6 ices.
    - SW: 2 blue gems, 6 limestones and 6 ices.





  19. Ру
    Я скачал мод со стима.Я решил не у всех есть Лицензия и вот я закидаю этот мод сюда.Я немного модифицировал там добавлены следующие игроки : Вудлегс, Вильбур, Веббер, Валани и Варли не работают сообщайте если будут проблемы с модом помогу просите какие-то моды я скину))))) Всем удачи и проживите 1000 дней с другом в не голодать и мод поддерживает с СЖО 1 и набора dlc2
    У 2 и 3 игрока есть  Призраки при смерти но только у Wilson's, Willow's, Wolfgang's and Wendy Что бы призрак превратился в человека на положить сердце на пол и за призрака нажать CTRL+Shift
    I downloaded the mod from Steam.I decided not all have the license and here I go in this mod here.I made a few changes, added the following : Treeless, Wilbur, Webber, Varley Valani not work to say if there is a problem with the mod that will help You make some mods I'll do))))) good luck and live 1000 days with my friend don't starve and mod support with DLC 1 and DLC 2
    2 and 3, the player has Ghosts at death but only at Wilson's, Willow's, Wolfgang's and Wendy That would be the Ghost went to put a heart on the floor and the Ghost press CTRL+Shift




  20. shipwrecked

    New version of the previous Display Food Values mod, now compatible with Shipwreked.
    Enjoy ^_^




  21. Do you find yourself confused over the many recipes the crock pot offers?
    Do you need to check online before cooking?
    This mod alters to Crock Pot to show you what you're going to cook,
    without cooking it, saving you the time and from unfortunate mistakes.
    See upfront even the expected spoilage.
    in the game, when multiple recipes are available, the cooking product is chosen at random- now you can see every option before gambling.
    --odds display as percentages removed due to critical bugs.
    Compatible with DisplayFoodValues, for you to see the values of your cooking.




  22. Thread:

    Required QuestsAPI Mod!

    Hunt Quests Mod:
    This mod adds hunting quests for nearly every mob that exists on the surface to pigking.
    Eg. "Kill 5 hounds". The mobs do not spawn, you have to find regular ones to kill them.
    The difficutly from those quests gets higher the longer the average player survived and the quests fit to current season (eg. walrus only in winter).
    Work in Progress GitHub:

    Other Questmods:




  23. Thread:

    Requires the QUESTAPI Mod!

    Serps Quests Mod:
    This mod adds several quests to pigking I already developed:

    - Show pigking emotions
    - Build some pighouses
    - Build wall
    - Show pigs with hats
    - Show teenbird
    - Show critter
    - destroy maxwellstatue guarded by merms/guarding pigs

    I will add more quests of course

    This mod will be added to steam as soon as it is out of Beta.
    Work in Progress GitHub:
    Other Questmods:




  24. Thread:

    The API Mod:
    Every QuestMod needs the API mod to work.
    I developed the API mod, to allow every modder to create custom quests/rewards/shopitems (so I don't have all the work creating quests :D).
    The best way to start if you want to create content, is to look at my questsmods and how I did it. There is also explanation in the modmains.
    Basic mechanics:
    Go near to the pigking and he will tell you what task he has for you. Go up and down to hear more about the quest.
    There are 5 difficulties (1 to 5, esay to hard). The text of diff 1 quest is dark green. 2 is green. 3 is organge. 4 is red and 5 is dark red.
    Do what the pigking wants and visit him again to get your reward.
    If you don't want to do the quest or it is impossible, you can do the emotion "annoyed" three times near the pigking. This will skipp the quest.
    Next Quest (default 1 day):
    In modsettings you can choose, how much time should pass, before the pigking is offering you another quest after solving/skipping previous quest (half time when skipping quest).
    Loop Quests (default enabled):
    The questlist of pigking contains a finite number of quests. After every quest was active, the pigking will offer no more quests. But if you enabled the modsetting "LoopQuests", the questlist is again filled with all quests and you can do them again for reward.
    Number of Quests:
    For some quests, like "Emote" and "Hunt", you can choose in modsettings of questmod how often you want those quests be added to the questlist.
    All other quests are only added once. So choose the number of emote/hunt quests according to how often you want to get those quests relative to other specific quests.
    Shop Mode (default enabled):
    In the modsettings you can choose if you want to enable "Shopmode". If enabled, you will get coins as reward for doing quests.
    The shopkeeper always spawns near the portal and you can buy some basic items from him. In modsettings you can enable chance to find coins when looting something.
    If you disable Shopmode, you will get random items instead directly from the pigking as reward.
    Blueprint Mode (default disabled):
    You can enable it in modsettings. This is a mode where you can't build any researchlab. Instead you have to find blueprints to be able to craft stuff. You will get blueprints and few coins as quest reward, but can also enable in modsettings a chance to find blueprints when slowpicking/working. Every found blueprint is also added to the shopkeeper, so every player can buy any found blueprint for 1 coin at the shopkeeper.
    I think this mode as potential, but at the moment I don't think it will be very famous. Maybe you have ideas to improve this mode?
    Adding/Removing Quest/Questmods after game start:
    It is no problem to add/disable a questmod to an already running game. The questlist of the pigking is updated accordingly.

    Only surface:
    For now only surface is supported. Quest completed in caves do not count, since communication between caves and surface is not eays.

    Work in Progress GitHub:
    Questmods that require API mod:




  25. This should work with all versions of the game (vanilla, Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Don't Starve Together). Also available on the Steam Workshop (single-player, DST).
    Snaps objects to a grid when placing and displays a build grid around it (unless you hold ctrl).
    Credits to zkm2erjfdb and Levorto for writing the original single-player versions (Architectural Geometry and Assisted Geometry). This mod is a replacement for those mods; if you have one of them enabled as well, unpredictable things will happen.
    Description of the options:
    CTRL Turns Mod: "On" makes it so that the mod is off by default, but turns on while holding CTRL. "Off" does the opposite, temporarily disabling the mod while holding CTRL. Options Button: By default, "B" (for controllers, right-stick click in single-player and left-stick click from the scoreboard in DST). Brings up a menu for changing these options. Note that it cannot save these options in-game like it can on the configuration menu, so if you find new favorite settings with this, you should make those changes in the configuration menu too. Toggle Button: By default, "V" (no binding for controllers). Toggles between the most recently used geometries (it will guess if it doesn't know, which should only happen if you just transferred between the caves and the surface or joined the game). In-Game Menu: If set to "On" (default), the options button will bring up the menu. If set to "Off", the button will simply toggle the mod on and off (like it did before the menu was added). Show Build Grid: Determines whether it shows the grid at all. Grid Geometry: The shape and layout of the grid. Square is the normal one, aligned with the game's X-Z coordinate system. The hexagonal geometries allow you to do the tightest possible plots. Walls and turf always use the square geometry. Refresh Speed: How much of the available time to use for refreshing the grid. Turning this up will make the grid update faster, but may cause lag.  Hide Placer: If set to on, the ghost-version of the thing you're about to place is hidden, and instead the point where you'll place it is marked. Hide Cursor: If set to on, the item you're placing won't show up on the cursor while you're placing it (sometimes it gets in the way of being able to see where you'll put it). Fine Grid Size: The number of points in each direction that it uses for things with a fine grid (most things). Wall Grid Size: The number of points in each direction that it uses for walls. Sandbag Grid Size: The number of points in each direction that it uses for sandbags. Turf Grid Size: The number of points in each direction that it uses for turf/pitchfork. Colors: Red/Green is the game's normal color scheme. Red/Blue should be more readable to players with red-green colorblindness. Black/White is there for fully colorblind players, or players who want the grid to be more readable at night. Outlined uses black and white with outlines to give the best visibility in all situations. Tighter Chests: Allows chests to be placed more closely together. This doesn't always work in DST. I keep this only as a legacy setting because the other geometry mods override a special case the game makes for chests. Controller Offset: Allows you to disable the usual offset that rotates around the player when placing objects. Defaults to off. Hide Blocked Points: Instead of showing red/black points where you can't place things, this can set it to hide those points instead. Show Nearest Tile: In addition to showing each of the points, this can set it to show the outline of the nearest tile, making it easier to align placement with the turf.